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The Inspirational Way to Lose Weight for Life through Intermittent Fasting.

Freedom to eat what you want... while losing weight.

Lose the weight, gain the energy, start anew with the beautiful you.
These secrets are not for everyone.  This "get back what you lost" determination is for the one that has tried and tried, time and time again, wishing there was an easy, simple to follow, fit-into-my-life solution that shows results quickly.

It is about your future.  It is about you.

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Free yourself from yo-yo diets, time-consuming calorie counting, and forced work outs.


1. Get the Book

Available in Color or Black and White Get ready to get the book that everyone is talking about and see the results for yourself.
  • Learn How to Recognize True Hunger
  • Escape the Slavery of Yo-Yo Dieting
  • Melt Fat Away Despite Your Busy Schedule
  • Don't Sacrifice Your Social Life for Your Diet
  • Heal Your Thyroid Without Medicine
  • Reverse Your AutoImmune Issues

2. Get the Support

Chantel Ray Way Certified Coach For Less Cost Than A Personal Trainer, You Can Have A Personal Coach That Will Guarantee You Will Lose 10lbs Within The Next 4 Weeks
  • Hold you accountable for the goals you set for yourself.
  • Online: Courses are delivered online so there is never a need to travel.
  • Live: No pre-recorded mix tape. We are asking questions and getting you involved.
  • No Pressure: We are all here for the same reason. There is no pressure or judgement.
  • 30 minute coaching call each week, plus 5 days a week

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The results you are looking for are attainable. Check out these testimonies from real people looking for a real solutions.

"I am a busy working mom with two beautiful children. My life is so fast paced that it’s hard for me to take the time to shop and prep for “healthy meals”. I’ve tried many different diets, and I’m so glad to have finally found something that fits  my lifestyle. I have been Intermittent Fasting and applying the principles found in this book for 5 months now, and have lost 17.5 lbs. I love that I can fit into clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in years…my pants from last year are a size and a half too big! I definitely eat much less, have more energy and just feel better about myself. 

- Heather Roemmich

"I am in my late 20’s and have learned the hard way that you can’t eat the same way in your late 20’s as you did in your early 20’s and expect the same results! As the weight kept piling on, I began to feel hopeless in my fight with fad diets, cleanses, and detoxes. I was skeptical when I heard about Intermittent Fasting and swore I could never skip breakfast! But decided to give it a try. I have combined Intermittent Fasting with a lower carb lifestyle, and five months later, have lost over 40 lbs and have gained a new perspective on life! I love the control that it has given me over my food. The principles in this book have taught me to listen to my body to find out when I am truly hungry. I love the feeling of hearing my stomach growl, and telling it to wait. I control my food now, not vice versa! I have big goals to be in the best shape of my life when I turn 30, and with this lifestyle and the principles taught in this book, I know it will be possible!"

- Ally Hansen

"I have the pleasure of training Chantel. Everyone who knows Chantel knows that she loves to go up to “skinny” people and ask what they eat, how they do it, etc. She noticed that everyone in my gym was dropping weight, and I told her about the Intermittent Fasting lifestyle. I was in decent shape when I began, but I wanted to take my body to the next level, and get really lean.  Within 6 weeks, I cut 15 lbs and built a ton of muscle. I have been eating this way for about 6 months now. Not only have I seen great results personally, but I’ve seen this way of life transform many of my clients. I love the flexibility that Intermittent Fasting provides- myself and my clients are able to cut weight and build muscle without having the strictest diet. I never want to give up my sweets, I just have learned to eat them in their right time."

- Chris Sykes

"I have been doing the Chantel Ray Way for the last six months and I will never go back to my old way of eating. I do not like to deprive myself of the foods I love to eat. I love that I can eat during my window and not have to go without the foods I love. I've recognized true hunger and only eat when I’m hungry. I'm now in a size 4 pants and have never felt better! The rules in this book keep me in check and have made it more of lifestyle for me now. "

- Sherri Daron

"I went from a size 14 to 6 and lost weight with Chantel Ray Way! I never thought I could eat the food I love and lose weight at the same time. This has changed my lifestyle and relationship with food. I feel amazing and ready to continue my journey. I have never felt better until I got started with Chantel Ray Way."

- Malisa Hawkins


The Book That Is Changing So Many Lives

The secrets in this book were first proven to be successful by Chantel Ray herself.  She then shared her success with friends and family and became an instant hit.  Now her secret is going viral.

Meet the Coaches that have already changed so many lives!


Lindsay Kuhl

For someone on the go with lots of schedules to manage, the Chantel Ray Way has been a game changer!


Sherri Daron

My favorite part is that I never feel deprived! I always feel satisfied and I absolutely love the results!

Need Accountability?

For Less Cost Than A Personal Trainer, You Can Have A Personal Coach That Will Guarantee You Will Lose 10lbs Within The Next 4 Weeks

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In my first blog, I mentioned what I like to call my “Secret Sauce” to weight loss, which is Intermittent Fasting. When I came upon this way of eating, it literally changed my life! What is Intermittent Fasting (IF) you ask? It is a pattern of eating where you restrict the hours that you eat.…

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Welcome to my page! If your Google search led you here, we probably have a lot in common. I have spent far too much of my adult life trying diet after diet, detox after detox, and fad after fad! I have read literally EVERY book on the subject and watched the scale go up and…


Audio Book is also Available!

Looking to learn on the run.  You can now listen to the book featuring Chantel herself and learn the secrets to Intermittent Fasting.

Waist Away... The Chantel Ray Way PodCast

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Every week we answer YOUR questions about the Waist Away program. Whether it be about Intermittent fasting, healthy eating, exercise, supplements, finding true hunger and much much more.

No question is insignificant.  And remember if you send in a question and we don’t answer it right away on that week’s episode, don’t fret!  Due to the high volume of questions we receive, we can’t answer all of them in one episode.

Episode 67: A Clinical Pharmacist’s Thought on Metformin, Stop the Holiday Stress Eating, and Getting a Rash from Caloric Deficits? w/ James Lavalle

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What are the Top 4 essential oils to help with weight loss? With Dr. Eric Z

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Cutting out Sugar with Sour, Building Your Bile, The signs of Menopause w/ Best Selling Author and Nutritionist Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman

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#51 – Eating When Your Stomach Growl

Hey guys, welcome to this week’s episode and I’m so excited I have Katie Abbott here, and she is an integrative nutritional health coach. Welcome, thanks so much for being on this show. Thank you so much. Thanks for having me. I want to talk to you about what … I always ask this, everyone…

Episode 46

Chantel: Hey guys, welcome to this week’s episode, and today we’re talking about a very controversial topic. It’s CBD Oil, and we have a special guest with us. This is Alex Pennix, and he’s here with Arc Hemp, which is a brand of CBD oil. So, welcome today, Alex. I’m so glad to meet you.…

WA 044: Best Supplements for PCOS, Anti-inflammatory herbals for headaches, identifying PCOS symptoms, the fasting mimicking diet and more with Dr. Gersh!

Chantel Ray:                 Hi. Welcome to this week’s episode and I am so excited to have Dr. Gersh with us on today’s show. Dr. Gersh, tell us a little bit about yourself. Dr. Gersh:                     Well, I’m a little unusual and that I’m board certified in OB GYN and I’m also board certified in integrative medicine. I’ve…

Podcast 43 – Full Audio

Chantel Ray: Welcome to Waist Away, the intermittent fasting podcast. If you want to learn how to lose weight for life through intermittent fasting, burn fat, heal your thyroid, and autoimmune issues, and break the bondage of food, then this podcast is for you. I’m Chantel Ray, author of Waist Away: The Chantel Ray Way,…

Episode 42: Sit With Our Unease to PREVENT Disease (with Kristin Cuthriell!)

In this week’s podcast, we talk to Kristin Cuthriell. She is a clinical licensed counselor and specializes in eating and emotional disorders. Kristen explains how to determine if we’re eating when we actually need to or just to eat. She also goes over the importance of positive self talk to help us not revert to…

EP 41 – Do YOU know your Basil Body Temperature?? w/ Thyroid Therapist Kristin Savory

Chantel: Hey guys, welcome to today’s episode and I’m so excited about today’s podcast cast. It’s Kristin Savory. Did I say that right Kristin? Kristin Savory: Yup, it’s Kristin Savory. Chantel: Okay. And I’ve been a big fan of her podcasts, I just started listening it and so I’m so excited that she agreed to…

The Habits of a Thin Eater

Chantel: Welcome to the Chantel Ray Way, the inspirational way to lose weight for life through intermittent fasting.   Good afternoon, we’re here with another episode of Waist Away the Chantel Ray Way and we’re so excited, I’ve got Chris Sykes here and I have another guest with me [Christie Marshiter 00:00:17]. Christie, welcome.  …

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