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Chantel Ray:

So the fasting mimicking diet is like a five day diet plan. Basically what it’s doing is similar to fasting. It’s fasting mimicking. And so what it does is it’s very low in protein and very low in carbs. And so it’s basically supposed to make your body feel like it’s fasting, even though it’s not.

And so my problem with the fasting mimicking, it was created by a guy named Valter Longo, not Walter, Valter Longo. And basically the only part that I don’t like about it is, is that it’s got a bar in it and it has pre-packaged stuff, you know? And so, I say if you are going to try to do a fasting mimicking diet, I’m a fan of trying that as a version, a first step to get yourself to fasting. It’s a crutch. This is not the highest and best use of fasting. I’ve actually never done the fasting mimicking diet because to me, I’m kind of like, if you’re gonna do it, do it.

If you need a little crutch, do a crutch. It does work. I’ve seen people people do well with it, but I think that you’re not gonna get as good results vs if you’re just going to do fasting. And it’s expensive. So, I’d rather see you doing your own version of the fasting mimicking diet, which is basically just reducing the amount of calories, reducing the amount of proteins and basically creating your own custom fasting mimicking diet.