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Chantel Ray:

The big thing for me concerning coffee is, you know, some coffee, you have to be careful about the mold. If you’ve got some gut issues, coffee sometimes just doesn’t do well with certain people. If you start seeing you’ve got skin issues that come from it, or you don’t feel great when you drink the coffee, cut it out. I’m a big fan of coffee as long as your body tolerates it well and you feel great when you do it.

Unfortunately, I just I don’t feel great when I have coffee, and it’s too much of a caffeine rush for me. So then I get on the high and it makes me crash. And so I do a green tea with a hibiscus tea. So, non sugar, no sugar or anything but I take one leaf of green tea, one bag of organic green tea, and then I take one thing of hibiscus tea and I literally just put those together and have it and I’m just good to go.