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Chantel Ray:

So the one thing about doing a tea or a coffee fast is that caffeine is so good at making you not feel hungry. So for me, if I fast without caffeine verses with, caffeine is an appetite suppressant. So it really can take the edge off. And if you’re used to having coffee or tea and then on top of that decide that you want to just get rid of caffeine, I see people do this all the time and I’m like, why are you doing this?

It doesn’t make sense to me. Meaning if you don’t drink caffeine at all, then fine. Obviously, you don’t need to add caffeine, but if all of a sudden you’re drinking 4 cups of coffee per day. Now all of a sudden you want to go straight to fasting and without, you know, weaning yourself off? That’s just a recipe for disaster! Don’t do it! Whatever amount you were drinking before, just keep that. But just drink either black coffee or drink, you know, black tea. And sometimes people say, well, I can’t do that. Like, if I’m going to have a cup of coffee, I need cream and sugar and all of this. And what I say to that is I used to have cream and sugar in my coffee, too, and I don’t now. I used to not be able to drink unsweetened tea. I now can’t drink sweet tea.

So it’s all about training your brain, what you can and can’t do. I just weaned myself to the point where I was like just having less and less and less and less. Same thing with the cream and the sugar in the coffee. First I took out sugar. Then I put less and less cream. Now I just have black coffee and now I don’t drink coffee at all coffee. And I just don’t do well together. I do have a little bit of green tea and that’s all the caffeine that I have, an organic green tea, and I feel great with that. But if I need a boost to help me make it through, I will tell you that green tea really holds me over and gets me to go. And the other trick that really works well for me, if I’m dying on the vine. I’m like sitting here like, oh my gosh, I’m about to eat something. I’m just can’t do it anymore. I literally go for a walk. Even if you’re like, “I’m dying, there’s no way I could take a walk!” Go for a walk and you literally turn into a new person. Those are kind of my real big go-tos. I take that salt, I take a teaspoon of pickle juice. I take bone broth, or I will go take a walk. All of those. And I’ll pray and listen to worship music and stuff like that. But those are kind of the big things that get me to go. If I feel like I’m about to give in right now, I don’t think I can do this any longer, I get my butt outside and go for a walk and get in some sun and I’ve become a new person.