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Waist Away The Chantel Ray Way PodCast


Get started with a little help from Chantel.  Check out this full featured podcasts for free! We go into what's and how's of intermittent fasting.  Talk about the 6 levels of hunger.  And even discuss ways you can enjoy wine!

So enjoy these podcast on us.

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We want to answer your questions on our podcast!

Every week we answer YOUR questions about the Waist Away program. Whether it be about Intermittent fasting, healthy eating, exercise, supplements, finding true hunger and much much more.

No question is insignificant.  And remember if you send in a question and we don’t answer it right away on that week’s episode, don’t fret!  Due to the high volume of questions we receive, we can’t answer all of them in one episode.

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#123 The Stress Factor – How It Affects Auto-Immune Issues – with Heather Aardema!

By Chantel Ray | October 29, 2019

#122 Functional Medicine vs. Traditional Medicine – with Dr. Lacey Chittle!

By Chantel Ray | October 29, 2019

#121 Is fluoride good for your teeth, how to get rid of yellow stain on your teeth, and what’s the best organic toothpaste to use? With Trina Felber!

By Chantel Ray | October 28, 2019

#120 – A Special Waist Away Announcement From Chantel!

By Chantel Ray | October 28, 2019

#119 Fight Thyroid by Detoxing, Natural Remedies for Parasites, and Top 3 Foods To Cut Out If You Have Psoriasis! – with Tina Christoudias Spyrou

By Chantel Ray | October 12, 2019

#118 The Gluten Free Warrior, True Gluten Free, and Can Someone Go From High To Low Thyroid? – with Dr. Peter Osborne!

By Chantel Ray | October 11, 2019

#117 Are You Missing Out On Healthy Hormones, Will Hormones Cause Cancer, and Most Helpful Foods For Estrogen? – with Dr. Lindsey Berkson!

By Juli Gaggiotti | October 9, 2019

#116 Is there a safe breast implant? With Sarah Phillipe

By Chantel Ray | October 4, 2019

Welcome back, guys! Today we’re switching it up a little bit and talking about breast implants. Our guest is Sarah Phillipe. Sarah helps women discover how to reverse breast implant illness and recover from hormone imbalances, auto-immune conditions, and chaotic symptoms. In this episode, Sarah explains her health journey, her personal experience with breast implants,…

#115 Rejuvenation Procedures, Botox vs. Xeomin, and the Best Way To Take Care Of Acne Scarring – With Rachel Varga!

By Chantel Ray | October 3, 2019

Welcome to the podcast! Today’s guest is registered nurse and BScN, Rachel Varga! As an Advanced Aesthetic Nurse, she has worked with thousands of clients and performed over 17,000 rejuvenation procedures since 2011. By blending both the inner and outer aspects of the SCIENCE of BEAUTY, she believes you can become your most beautiful and vibrant…

#114 Incredible, All-Natural Skincare Solutions, The Best Way To Fight Acne and Oily Skin, And What’s The Worst Thing In My Skincare Products?

By Chantel Ray | October 2, 2019

Welcome to the podcast! Today’s guest is registered nurse Trina Felber! When she was unable to find natural skincare solutions that fit her healthy lifestyle and high standards, she developed her own skin and dental care line to create wellness within the body that only a nurse can. Her products use only natural, earth-grown ingredients that…