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358: What Should Your Poop Look Like, How To Have The Perfect Poop, How To Do A Liver Gallbladder Flush, Why Use An Infrared Sauna, and more - with Tim James!

July 13, 2021

Welcome back to the podcast! In today’s episode, Chantel got to speak with Tim James, the founder of and host of the health hero show! After suffering from multiple health issues, including rectal bleeding, two separate skin issues, chronic acid indigestion and surgery to remove one of his organs due to serious digestive issues, Tim knew something had to change. But it was only after watching his closest ones die of cancer and the untimely death of his younger brother that he finally decided to take action.

Tim’s journey eventually led him to a shocking discovery which helped his friend beat cancer and transform every area of his life. This led him to producing his own chemical free food products and organization, the ‘Chemical Free Body’.

Now, he seeks to help others with the knowledge he has gained on his journey, sharing what he’s learned with anyone that will listen.


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***As always, this podcast is not designed to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any condition and is for information purposes only. Please consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your current lifestyle.***

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