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Chantel Ray:

So one of the symptoms that people get from water fasting is because they have low sodium levels. They might have headaches, lightheadedness, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, muscle cramps. And all of those are a sign that either, number one, they have a caffeine withdrawal, right, because they’re cutting out coffee. They’ve gone from, hey, I’m going to all of a sudden do it, and then they’ve got this coffee withdrawal, they’ve got that caffeine withdrawal, or they have that electrolyte deficiency. And so the nice thing about the bone broth is it has the sodium, it has the electrolytes. And so you don’t have a lot of that going on. One of the things I suggest is if you say, I really want to do the water fast, then try adding just a little bit of that bone broth, like a tablespoon or something, and it’s still considered a water fast. But if you say, you know what, I use bone broth as a crutch. So I would say, you know, OK, let’s do this for a little while. But we’re gonna do less and less to try to get me to the point of doing the pure water fast. And so the benefit of it, is…

It’s funny because, when I was doing my 21 day fast and I think I was on like day, I don’t know, 13 or something like that. And we had all gone to Nobu, which is a nice restaurant, and I really kind of wanted to participate. So I ended up getting… They have like this bone broth. It was funny. It was disgusting, so I had like had one bite and then got rid of it. It was so gross, but it made me feel like I was able to kind of participate. So that’s kind of fun and why you’d like to do that. But that’s really the major benefit. It also has some protein in it. So that kind of keeps you going. And it does have a tiny bit of calories. And bone broth is really good for you, except for people who have histamine issues. So if you have a history of histamine intolerance, bone broth is something I don’t recommend. And it actually will cause inflammation. So if you’ve got some issues with your gut, you know, obviously I’m like, bone broth is so good for your gut, right? The problem is things like spinach, smoked meats, stuff like that are not good for people who have a histamine intolerance. So that’s kind of my red flag for those people. And histamines are just chemicals in your bodies that produce like a response to allergens. And so when you have that, your body does not react well to it. So that’s if you don’t feel good on the bone broth, that means you probably do have a histamine intolerance. So those that’s the only thing I would look out for. For those people. But it’s a great kind of crutch to get you to the next level.