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#76 How to heal joint and neck pain, the health benefits of Castor Oil, and what does poop color say about your health? With Dr. Marisol

Speaker 1: Hey guys welcome to this week’s episode and I’m so excited. Today’s guest is Doctor Marisol. She’s a naturopathic doctor. She’s the queen of thrones, she’s a world leader in natural medicine and we’re so excited that you’re here, welcome. Dr. Marisol: Thank you so much, I am super thrilled to be joining…

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Episode 67: A Clinical Pharmacist’s Thought on Metformin, Stop the Holiday Stress Eating, and Getting a Rash from Caloric Deficits? w/ James Lavalle

Chantel Ray:                 Hey, guys. Welcome to this week’s episode. Today, I am so excited. We have James Lavalle and he has spent forty years of his life passionately teaching all these natural therapies. He’s written twenty books. He’s taught in medical and pharmacy school and just has done an amazing job. We are so excited,…

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#51 – Eating When Your Stomach Growl

Hey guys, welcome to this week’s episode and I’m so excited I have Katie Abbott here, and she is an integrative nutritional health coach. Welcome, thanks so much for being on this show. Thank you so much. Thanks for having me. I want to talk to you about what … I always ask this, everyone…

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Episode 46

Chantel: Hey guys, welcome to this week’s episode, and today we’re talking about a very controversial topic. It’s CBD Oil, and we have a special guest with us. This is Alex Pennix, and he’s here with Arc Hemp, which is a brand of CBD oil. So, welcome today, Alex. I’m so glad to meet you.…

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WA 044: Best Supplements for PCOS, Anti-inflammatory herbals for headaches, identifying PCOS symptoms, the fasting mimicking diet and more with Dr. Gersh!

Chantel Ray:                 Hi. Welcome to this week’s episode and I am so excited to have Dr. Gersh with us on today’s show. Dr. Gersh, tell us a little bit about yourself. Dr. Gersh:                     Well, I’m a little unusual and that I’m board certified in OB GYN and I’m also board certified in integrative medicine. I’ve…

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Podcast 43 – Full Audio

Chantel Ray: Welcome to Waist Away, the intermittent fasting podcast. If you want to learn how to lose weight for life through intermittent fasting, burn fat, heal your thyroid, and autoimmune issues, and break the bondage of food, then this podcast is for you. I’m Chantel Ray, author of Waist Away: The Chantel Ray Way,…

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