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In this week’s podcast, we talk to Kristin Cuthriell. She is a clinical licensed counselor and specializes in eating and emotional disorders. Kristen explains how to determine if we’re eating when we actually need to or just to eat. She also goes over the importance of positive self talk to help us not revert to eating as a form of self medication.

To contact her to schedule a counseling session (via phone or video chat), visit or call her at (757)-797-5204



CRW Podcast Questions

Q1 1:43

After reading your book, a big thing I am trying to work on is only eating when I am truly hungry. I usually open my window around 12pm each day and I will eat a bigger lunch. I try keep my eating window open from 12-6, and I am finding that I am cramming that last meal of the day into my window and I am not truly hungry. I go out to eat with friends a lot, and find myself ordering food just because everyone else is eating. I like to be social, and it would make me said to just go home by myself and miss out. Do you have any advice so I can keep my social life, but not force myself to eat when I am not truly hungry?

-Erin in Greensboro

Q2 6:03

I’ve been following the Intermittent Fasting lifestyle for about 3 months now. I try to stick to a 6 hour window, with one small snack and one meal. Emphasis on the word TRY. I do a really good job healthy snack/small meal during the day at work, but when I get home around 5pm I am tired, stressed from a long day, and I just want to eat everything in sight! I don’t drink wine like a lot of people do to unwind. Eating is literally the only way I know how to unwind after a long day. I have had some success when I stick to my eating window and the principles in your book, and I really want to continue to lose weight! I just need some advice to keep me from getting de-railed in the evening.

– Katie in Massachusetts

Q3 – 9:29

I do a really good job at home with stocking my house with mostly “healthier” foods, and more natural treats. It really helps me stay on track! The problem is the people I work with don’t have the same mindset. They are constantly bringing junk into the office…Dunkin Donuts, pizza, candy….sometimes I feel like I work at a buffet! They will say things like “a little piece won’t kill you”…but I know that mindless munching is just a path I try not to walk down. Do you have any advice for how I can handle working in this perpetual potluck?

– Michelle in Hampton


Q4 – 11:54

I am a truck driver…female truckers REPRESENT! I really love my job, and I love listening to your podcasts while I am on the road to pass time. Which brings me to my issue…passing time. I’ve got a lot of time to pass which leads me to a lot of eating when I am not truly hungry. I try to switch things up and eat things like sunflower seeds or peanuts, but these still have calories and still qualify as food. Another career isn’t an option right now, but I really want to start living by the principles of healthy eating and need to stop my snacking! Any advice?

– Colleen – On the Road

Q5 – 21:42

My boyfriend and I broke up a few months ago. I know it was for the best, but I really miss all of the fun things we used to do together on the weekends. I am not ready to start dating right now, and don’t want to rebound. But since I am not dating anyone, I spend a lot of time alone at home on the weekends. Which means a lot of take out, cookie dough, and “ooh what should I order tonight?” I know this isn’t a good idea, especially since I will need to get back on the dating scene eventually! LOL. Any advice?

– Anonymous

Q6 – 23:24

I loved the podcast that you did a few months ago about emotional eating! I took the quiz you made online, and identified as a stress eater. No surprise there! I have three small kids that I am constantly chasing around, I am so busy feeding them that I don’t take the time to prepare myself healthy meals, so I just grab anything I can get my hands on, whenever I have the chance. My husband is deployed right now, so my stress is at an all time high. I know I shouldn’t be turning to food for my “fix”, but I can’t stop. Admitting I have a problem is the first step right? Now I just need some tips to help me stop! Please help.

– Constance in Pensacola

Q7 -25:44

A friend of mine that is really into fitness recommended that I try keeping a food journal and recording the food that I eat. I feel like this would cause me to obsess over what I eat, and it almost goes against what you talk about in your book with making food an idol. Have you ever kept a food journal, and do you recommend this?

– Carrie in Knoxville


Q8 – 28:30

I work in real estate, just like you, Chantel! As you can understand, it is very stressful. I spend my entire day trying to keep everyone happy, and in the evening all I want to do is unwind with some wine or vodka. I don’t go crazy binge drinking, but I find myself drinking pretty much every day. Where do I draw the line and how do I recognize the difference between drinking to unwind from my stressful career, and becoming dependent/borderline alcoholic?

-Becca in Virginia Beach

Q9 – 30:27

I was a size two when I married my husband. Fast forward ten years and a couple of kids, and I am now in size double digits.  He probably doesn’t realize how hurtful he’s being but he makes thoughtless comments all the time about the way I used to look, or makes comments about things I should or shouldn’t eat…talks about me joining the gym.. I know I should talk to him about how this makes me feel, it’s honestly just awkward. I find myself keeping my feelings inside and when he’s not around, I binge out on junk food behind his back. I know this is a messed up way of thinking! But at the time, I feel like I am getting back at him for trying to control what I eat. How can I tackle this tough situation and try to repair my marriage and my outlook on food?

– Anonymous

Q10 – 32:19

I struggle with crazy anxiety, but have been slowly weening off my meds because the side effects were getting to be too much. I have been doing a lot of things like yoga/meditation, Bible reading, going for walks, which you’ve talked about before, but I still have nights that I am crazy anxious, and all I want to do is eat. The other night, I found myself in bed with two Big Bite hot dogs from 7-11 and a 20 oz of Yuengling just to make me feel better! What are some other ways that I can combat my night time anxiety. It seems to be manageable during the day when I am keeping busy!

-Katherine in Baltimore

Q11 – 39:20

I really want to quit smoking for a multitude of really obvious reasons, but every single person I talk to who has quit smoking successfully has told me that it caused them to gain a ton of weight. It makes sense, and is easy to assume they are replacing their cigarette addiction with a food addiction. Which is the last thing I need! I don’t want this to be an excuse that keeps me from quitting though. Do you have any advice to help me stop smoking without packing on the pounds?

– Anonymous

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