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Chantel Ray: Yeah, so I actually I am kind of a fan of dry fasting.

I don’t do it that often. You know, the biggest thing that dry fasting does is that people say that dry fasting, it strengthens the body’s immune system. And it just resets the immune system again, which fasting does, too. Right? By removing damaged cells and allowing the body to regenerate new ones.

But, you know, when you are not just limiting your calories and also not adding water, what I’ve heard people say is that the inflammation in the body is… It’s kind of at a new level. So it’s like, it really brings that inflammation down. So, like, if you did one day of a 24 hour fast versus one day of a dry fast where you had no water at all, there it is. It’s it’s kind of like having a three day water fast. So I don’t do a lot of dry fasts, but I have done a 24 hour and it it’s good but it’s…

It is hard for me. When I do my water fast, I did a 48 hour water fast and I worked out both days. So I enjoy working out. And so when you do a dry fast, there’s two types of dry fast. One is something called a soft, dry fast and one is called a hard drive fast. So a soft, dry fast is where you can brush your teeth. You can take a shower. You can wash your face. But on the other hand, a hard drive fast is like you just don’t touch your water. It’s like, you see water and you run the other direction and you know, you don’t take a shower. You just don’t have your body touch water, and I just think that’s just a little much. So I have done a soft, dry, fast. I’m not a huge fan of it, but I think that it’s good every once in a while. But my main reason for not doing it is because I enjoy working out. I enjoy walking. And when you’re doing a drive fast, you have to be very careful to, you know, not be working out and doing too many things. You kind of just need to really rest. And so for me, that’s why I don’t do very many of them. But I’m a fan of 24 hours or less. I’m not a fan of anything more than that. I just think it’s too risky. And I’ve never done one that’s higher than 24 hours myself.