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Today’s guest is Dr. Guillermo Ruiz. He is passionate about advancing naturopathic practices with an evidence-based medicine approach for issues like Auto-Immune Disorders, Hormone Balance, Thyroid Disease, Heavy Metal Toxicity, and infectious disease. He practices medicine at Integrative Health in Scottsdale, Arizona, with Dr. Alan Christianson, who many of you have probably heard of. He also hosts a podcast called “30/30 Health” where he interviews the most influential personalities in the health movement. It’s such an honor to have him with us today!

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Dr. Ruiz Site:

 Starter Questions:

Tell us about yourself, how did you get your start in medicine, and where did you find your passion for naturopathic practice?

One of the things I know you are really passionate about is research, what is one of the projects that you have going on right now that you are really excited about?

I first head of you through your work with Paleo FX, and we have a lot of listeners who eat Paleo, or mostly Paleo, because of different auto-immune and hormonal issues. Is the Paleo diet something that you are passionate about for everyone, or are you on more of a case by case basis with that, depending on their issues?

Before we get to listener questions, tell me about your diet, I always like to ask my guest to walk my listeners through a day in the life. What did you eat yesterday, and when did you eat? Yesterday was the Super Bowl so that could affect your answer!

Listener Questions:

Q1 – 21:49

I am always trying to figure out what is wrong with me LOL! My thyroid is functioning a lot better- I’ve been eating 95% Paleo, and also fasting in about a 6-hour window. But I am still feeling some of the symptoms that I attributed to my thyroid issues, like being constantly tired and constantly cold. My most recent bloodwork showed my iron as being really low, and borderline anemic. Do you think this could be at the root of my issues?  And if so, what are some of the best ways to improve my iron levels?

– Shannon in Northern Virginia

Q2 – 29:18

Q: I have had three Urinary Tract Infections in the past 6 months. I have been seeing someone new and heard that can cause the infections, which made the first one explainable. But they keep coming back! Is there such a thing as chronic UTIs? Or am I doing something horrible to my body that could be causing them? I feel like I am spending the majority of my life going to the bathroom, or in pain!

– Anonymous

Q3 – 34:21

Q: Everywhere I turn, I am hearing about celery juicing! I remember you talking about it a few months ago, and since then, it has become such a trend! Can you talk some more about the benefits of celery juice, a vegetable that I thought until recently, was mostly water! Also, I can’t stand the taste of the juice, but I don’t mind eating it.  Will I get the same effects if I eat celery instead of drinking it/?

– Madeline in Chesapeake

Q4 – 42:18

Q: My friend had me give myself an at home iodine test to check my levels, where I applied something to my skin, and it soaked up all the iodine, which meant my levels were low. Iodine is something that has never been on my radar as something I need to be concerned with, and now I am like “great that’s one more thing”! Why has my doctor never talked about this, and is this something I should be worried about? What is the function of Iodine, and what are some ways I should get more of it? The most obvious is iodized salt, but there are so many mixed reviews on salt these days!

– Melissa in Fresno


Closing: Where can our listeners follow your work, and check out your podcast?


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