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Posts by Chantel Ray

Daily To-Do List

Here’s a download link if you’d like to download it! Time IN:________ Day:__________ Date:___________ Time OUT:________ Daily To Do List M T W T F S S DO a load of Laundry Let the dog out Get Kyle dressed Feed Kyle breakfast Let the dog back in and feed her and let her back out…

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Citrus Juice Blend

Ingredients 1/2 lime 1/2 lemon 1/2 orange Instructions Use a citrus squeezer to squeeze the juice from each of the fruit halves Stir and enjoy

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Extra Green Smoothie

Ingredients 3 cups kale 3 cups spinach 1 cup each water 1 cup coconut water 1 apple 1/2 banana approx. 5 pieces of turmeric 2 teaspoons cleanse 1 stalk celery ice Instructions Blend kale, spinach, water and coconut water together in a high powered blender. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend till smooth.…

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Anti-Inflammatory Muffins

Ingredients: 1 small organic sweet potato, roasted (should be about 1 cup, packed) 3 tbsp. Ground flaxseed in ½ cup of water (let the flaxseed sit in water for 10 minutes; this substitutes your egg) ¾ cup organic coconut milk 2 tbsp. organic olive oil ½ cup pure maple syrup or unpasteurized honey 1¼ cup…

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