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Today, Chantel discusses her weight loss journey and the difference between eating like a moose and eating like a bird.

Hey, guys, today I want to answer the question can you lose weight in a twelve-hour eating window?

Well, first, I want to give you an analogy that I heard someone tell me and I think it’s so good. It’s called stop being a moose and graze all day long and fast instead and be skinny like a bird. So I lost weight when I stopped grazing all day. So I used to just graze and graze. And when I understood what grazing was and how it was working against me to reach my healthy weight, I just can’t even imagine going back to that again. When I look back at the 20 years that I was overweight, I just made things so complicated and the harder it was for me to lose weight. So one of the very first things I did was stop grazing all day long. And it made a world of difference when I was 30 pounds heavier. I started just doing all these diet rules and tips and tricks. And it just meant that I just was constantly obsessed and thinking about food all day long. Well, let me give you an analogy about mrs. Did you know that mooses are the largest member of the Deer family? They can weigh up to fifteen hundred pounds. They tend to graze on leaves and bark and pine cones and twigs, and they just eat all day long. That’s all you do is just graze. Now a bird. Did you know that birds can they have extraordinary fasting habits and they could have fasting where they just don’t eat for weeks or for a month. And so ask yourself, do I want to be as skinny as a bird or do I want to be as big as a moose? This is just a good analogy. When you find yourself grazing all day long.


The question we’re answering today is can I lose weight in an 8 in a 12-hour window? Now, for me personally, I eat in a six-hour window for me to be able to maintain and to lose weight. But you can try incorporating a twelve-hour window. And this is the only way how that I’ve seen people do it. So if you eat at seven o’clock and then you wait until 7:00 a.m. before eating anything else. Now you’re eating in a 12-hour window. But the only people that I’ve seen lose weight if they’re only eating at a twelve-hour window. Is there still only eating two meals. If you look in my book, 70 percent of the people that I interviewed, they eat only two meals a day. Ten percent of them really just one meal a day. Another 10 percent of them ate sometimes one meal, sometimes two meals. And then another 10 percent did eat three meals. But those three meals, two of them were small and one was a large meal. They weren’t meals, they were just snacks. So they had maybe a small something in the morning. Then they had something else in the afternoon again, very small. And then again, one meal. But they are not grazing all day long in a 12 hour period. So I’ve seen the biggest weight loss with people who are just eating a meal and a tasting. So one meal is a medium-sized full meal. And the second meal is just a tasting. Try it out and see how you do. Now, we’re having tons of success with people who are doing coaching with some coaching people how to limit their eating window. So if you’ve ever thought about doing coaching, if you’ve ever thought about being a coach, we’ve got some amazing coaches on staff.

I do some coaching myself, but that is where you’re going to see extraordinary weight loss. All right. Well, go to for more.

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