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Hey guys, welcome to this week’s episode. Today we have Mama Z back again, who is now Mrs. Georgia! We are so excited for her. In this episode, she talks about getting her body into shape for the pageant, using essential oils, and the positive results of sugar detoxing. Enjoy!

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Chantel:            Hey guys, welcome to this week’s episode. And I’m so excited. Today we have Mama Z, who is now Mrs. Georgia. And we are so excited for her. Welcome to the show, Mama Z.

Mama Z:           Hi. I’m so excited to be back. Oh, my goodness. And it’s such an honor to be able to talk about one of my favorite topics, beauty and health and pageants.

Chantel:            Yeah. So talk to us about … Mrs. Georgia just happened. And so this is just such an exciting time for you. But talk about for us if you wanted to get ready for Mrs. Georgia, what did you do differently? How did you prepare for this show, and how did you get to be the winner?

Mama Z:           Yeah. So first of all, our regular eating regimen that we talk about in the essential oils diet is how we eat a much more plant-based diet. We do have eggs and fish and all that. But when I’m getting down to the nitty-gritty about 60 days before my competition, then I go on what we call the fast track. And the fast track is really very simple. It’s very simple eating. And it is all plant-based, except for I do have egg whites. And I eat a ton of greens. In fact, my hairstylist, I went to go get my hair cut right before the pageant. And she says, “Oh, my gosh. Look at this picture. Your hair grew six inches.” My hair grew six inches in two months.

Chantel:            Wow.

Mama Z:           And she goes, “What are you doing?”

Mama Z:           I go, “It’s all the greens. I eat so many greens.” And so I do a protein, a full complete shape. It’s called Living Fuel. But in our book I also give my recipe for a super greens blend that we use. So it’s all amazing super greens like [proella 00:01:55], spirulina, all the things that you’d find in the deep sea as well as hemp protein. It has chia seeds and cinnamon and ginger, so it’s good to balance your blood sugar. It’s good for your digestive system. And the living fuel has the same elements in that.

Mama Z:           So a lot of times what I’ll do is I’ll have that for breakfast. And then I’ll have that for lunch, but I’ll also incorporate … I use unsweetened vanilla milk, almond milk, or coconut milk. I love the Califia Farms. That’s my favorite. It’s so creamy.

Mama Z:           And then I’ll have nuts. My nut recipe is I do raw, organic sprouted nuts that are the pecans and almonds and macadamias. I’ll get as creative as I want. Whatever nut combination that I get, I just blend it all together. I put just a touch of pink Himalayan salt, a touch of cinnamon, and just almost like a drop or two of the manuka or raw honey and only to tie it together so that it kind of … It doesn’t all crumble apart. And that is-

Chantel:            So you buy them raw. So you buy them raw?

Mama Z:           Yeah. They’re all raw.

Chantel:            All raw. You put a tiny bit of the manuka honey, a little bit of pink Himalayan salt …

Mama Z:           Yes. Yes.

Chantel:            … And then bake it in the oven and roast it.

Mama Z:           No. I leave it raw. Because all the nuts, they’re not only organic, they’re raw and sprouted. I think it’s called Blue Mountain Farms is the company that it is. It’s Blue Mountain something or other. And the recipe is in our book as well. It’s so funny because I always say … Like the other people in my family, I call them normal people. But I mean people that don’t normally eat this way, that they eat the traditional, standard, American diet, that’s usually my benchmark. Normal people per se like it, and if they do, then we’ve got a good recipe here. And it just so happened I was at a golf tournament, and I had a big basket of my nuts. And all these people started coming over. And I had gone somewhere and came back. And all these people were eating my nuts. And they’re like, “We love this recipe. What is it?”

Mama Z:           And then I explained it. And the key ingredient that I haven’t told you yet is just a touch of cayenne pepper. And that touch, it brings it all together, and it’s good for your digestive system. It’s good to get those calories burning, but it adds this flavor component to it, that it makes it like a sweet and spicy, but it’s not that spicy, kind of blend together. So I recommend that for people who either are trying to get-

Chantel:            How much honey do you put in there?

Mama Z:           It’s only just a touch. So if I have a huge bowl, I might just do four drops, and that’s it. Just enough to turn it. And I put all the dry ingredients first. And then that’s the very last ingredient I do. And I stir it all in together and just to hold it together. Because I have had some nut blends that do add raisins and lots more honey, and it’s dripping with honey. And that’s not this mix. But it’s a perfect blend. And the neat thing is even if the store has … They have apricot seeds that day or they have something else, you can intermix whichever ones are your favorite: walnuts, pecans, almonds, macadamias, pistachios. And then whatever you do, you can just change it up just to make it more fresh.

Mama Z:           But to always have those on hand … Because sometimes it’s not the snacking per se. Sometimes it’s just that people need to know if they do get in a place where they’re super hungry or they bottom out or their blood sugar gets unbalanced, they need to know that they have something there that will do all of that. And the best thing that does that is a combination of your cinnamon, a protein, and a little bit of that sweet factor. And so all those components are in there. So within 20 minutes if somebody’s really having an issue, they should balance right out unless they recognize their signs early and then go ahead and do that.

Chantel:            Awesome.

Mama Z:           The other thing I focus on is lots of water, lots of good water. And I do what we call our essential oil water concentrate. So I use essential oils. I use the bright apple cider vinegar, fresh-pressed citrus together and make combination. And I put just an eyedropper full of Stevia really to take the essential oils and dilute them some, so that they can be more throughout the mixture. And then I use what’s called Ultima, which is an electrolyte that’s Stevia-based. And then that gives you our trace minerals, your potassium, your selenium, magnesium, calcium. There’s eight of them in there. And so I’ll add one scoop to that in one liter, and I fill that half way up with that concentrate that I already mentioned and then the other half with distilled water. And I drink about two to four of those a day.

Chantel:            Wow. That’s awesome. So as far as if you had to describe in detail the different between just your standing, regular weight, would you say maybe … Did you lose like five pounds or did you not lose any pounds at all getting ready for the Mrs. Georgia pageant?

Mama Z:           Believe it or not, I never get on the scale. But I know how things fit.

Chantel:            Okay.

Mama Z:           And I would have to say it’s got to be at least 10 pounds because the last two weeks is usually like transforming because once you’re on this fast track for a while … Because my diet in the evening is I eat one whole container of egg white protein, which is about like six eggs worth of just egg whites. And I’m really limiting my extra fats and the extra carbs, and then I’m focusing a lot more on the protein, which is not my normal at all.

Mama Z:           But in that timeframe, what happens is you get down to six weeks into it, and that last two weeks is shredding for the body. And sometimes it’s so funny. I’ll tell either the teacher or … Because I do my own workouts for the second time. But I have a coach for the first part. And I’ll be like, “I’m really into the shredding phase because I’m feeling every part of this workout.” And your workouts just bless and multiply.

Mama Z:           And my massage therapist was like, “So did you lose some serious weight over like a two-week period?”

Mama Z:           And I’m like, “Well, it’s an eight-week period, but the last two weeks are just so shredding that it just takes every last little sinew and tightens it all up.”

Chantel:            Okay, so let’s talk about in those last two weeks what did you eat? Let’s really describe it for people. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, what did you eat?

Mama Z:           Sure. So I start out my day with a salt water flush. The theory is from the Master Cleanser book from Stanley Burrows that you want to clean your insides like you clean your outside. So I make sure my insides are very, very clean. So I start the day with that. I do oil pulling first with essential oils. I use peppermint, and I alternate peppermint with an immunity blend just to keep-

Chantel:            So explain to people what that is if they don’t know about what oil pulling is.

Mama Z:           Sure. Yes. So oil pulling is an Ayurvedic method. Being that my dad was a scientist, sometimes the only way to extract an oil is to use an oil to extract it. And most of the toxins in our body are oil-based, not water-based. So we’re not going to flush them out.

Mama Z:           So it’s important because as we know when we go to the dentist, they can see things that are related to our heart within our mouth. Our mouth health is the key opening to the gut and every other place in our body. So what I do is I take … You can take a teaspoon to a tablespoon. I use raw, organic, coconut oil. In my different cultures they use sesame oil, olive oil. I personally, for this, love the coconut oil because it’s watery enough that you can … Once it melts, you think of it like mouthwash.

Chantel:            So actually if you take it when it’s in its form that’s more of a solid, will you take it and put it … Like warm it up a little bit so that it liquefies?

Mama Z:           It liquefies right in your mouth. And so what I do is I take a silicone tray, actually, they’re little hearts. And I put the coconut oil all in there. And the I do the drops of essential oil. So if you do a teaspoon of the coconut oil, you use one drop of essential oils. I use a tablespoon. So you can go up to a tablespoon. So I do three drops of essential oils. And then I pop that in the freezer.

Chantel:            And which essential oils do you do?

Mama Z:           So I alternate it. And they say it’s very good to alternate it. I have some that I do that are mainly just for teeth. It’s like myrrh and clove and peppermint. And then I have an immunity blend. Now during the allergy points of the season, I’ll use lemon, lavender, peppermint, and tea tree. So if you have a blend, you already pre-mix your blend, then you drop your drops in there so that you’re not putting 10 drops of oil in a tablespoon. You really only want maximum three drops.

Mama Z:           So then you’re swooshing in your mouth. So what I tell people is … Because people are like, “Well, I can’t do that, that’s like putting oil in my mouth for 15 to 30 minutes.” So I say, what do you normally do in the morning time? So for me, like I make my bed. I put away the dishes in the dishwasher. I get out the breakfast dishes. This is all before I go to my workout. I lay out the stuff for breakfast. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes. So in that whole time, I’m just swooshing this around while I’m doing it.

Mama Z:           Then the key is you never want to spit it out in your drain. You always want to spit it in the trash because we have had friends that have had to replace hundreds of piping in their house because it was solid coconut oil.

Chantel:            Wow.

Mama Z:           Because under the ground it’s so much colder, even if it’s hot there. So what you do is you just spit it in the trash. I even take a paper and I pat dry my tongue. And then that’s my first phase.

Chantel:            So how long do you keep it in your mouth for?

Mama Z:           15 to 30 minutes.

Chantel:            That’s a long time.

Mama Z:           It is, but that’s like the sweet spot right there. So if you do it five minutes, you’re not going to get maximum benefit to draw those impurities out through your mouth. So by doing that it really allows it to just completely suck it out.

Mama Z:           So then from there-

Chantel:            And are you literally gargling the whole time? Are you like … You know?

Mama Z:           Yeah, pretty much.

Chantel:            Just sitting there kind of gargling each-

Mama Z:           Yeah. And then on all the days that I workout, the six days a week that I do my early morning workout, I actually pre-make my saltwater before I leave, and I set that in the car. And then I go to my workout. And on the way back to my house, I drink my saltwater. And basically, I’m an O blood type, so I actually require more salt in my diet. But for people who are normal, a salt water flush would look like two uniodized teaspoons of sea salt, and then it would have to say on there not a supply of iodine because it’s the molecular weight that actually empties out through your bowels. You’re not going to urinate this out. And then you do four cups of as hot as you can stand purified or distilled water.

Mama Z:           So I have that ready and in the car. And then as soon as my workout’s done, that’s the first thing I drink.

Chantel:            So you said it’s two teaspoons?

Mama Z:           Mm-hmm (affirmative), of uniodized sea salt.

Chantel:            Uniodized sea salt.

Mama Z:           Yep.

Chantel:            And you just literally chug it down. How much water do you put with it?

Mama Z:           So that has four cups.

Chantel:            Four cups of water.

Mama Z:           And for me because I’m an O blood type, I do a double dose. And then within an hour it cycles through your body. But again, you don’t want to eat late at night because if you do, number one, if you work out in the morning, you’re going to have to take a break from working out in the morning and visit the restroom or, B, it’s just too much for your system. At night you need that fasting time in order to really let your body rest and then to do a salt water flush, just really helps to just tighten it out and clean anything out that’s not what your body needs. So I do that, and then-

Chantel:            And is that good for constipation, for people who are suffering from constipation.

Mama Z:           Yes. And I have an even deeper blend for people who really have not gotten on the track yet where they’re normal. That includes a detox bath. So that’s one cup of Epsom salt, a fourth of a cup of Bragg apple cider vinegar. And then in your hand you put a teaspoon to a tablespoon of olive oil or jojoba oil, one to two drops of lemon, and six to eight drops of lavender essential oil. And then you stir that up, and then you run it through the bath. And you mix those together so you don’t end up with oil droplets on the tap of the water because it’s going to be too much for your skin. So that dilutes it. You put it in the bath. You soak for 45 minutes in as hot as you can stand. And then the last five minutes, you want to sit, then kind of go to your knees, and then for the last minute you want to stand in the tub because a lot of those toxins come out of your feet.

Mama Z:           And at the same time, you can also drink Epsom salt, not on a regular basis. But let say you knew you were allergic to dairy, you went somewhere, you did not know that there was dairy in something or gluten or sugar preservatives or whatever, and you started having a reaction, your gut is really bothered, then one of the methods that we use for our liver gallbladder cleanse from the Dr. Hilda Clark method is you can take two tablespoons of Epsom salt in two cups of as how as you can stand purified or distilled water and dilute that and then drink that. It’s not your best blend there. You’re not going to pick and choose out of the refrigerator that you would want to drink this ever on a regular basis. It does not taste good. But if you’re in a place where you’re really constipated, you haven’t gone to the bathroom in days, this is something that’s really going to get your body moving.

Mama Z:           And of course it’s always good to use any digestion oils and lay on your left side when you’re sleeping if you have issues with your bowels. And any of those digestion blends are good from your favorite essential oil company, or you can use peppermint, ginger. I do lots of different things with peppermint, ginger, and fennel. So those are some of the best oils that you can of course use.

Chantel:            So let’s talk about the liver-gallbladder flush. How often do you do it? If you kind of Google the liver-gallbladder flush, everyone kind of does it a little tiny bit different.

Mama Z:           Yes.

Chantel:            So describe yours in detail and how often you use it.

Mama Z:           Sure. So when you’re first doing it, it’s recommended to do it once a month for six months and then be off of it a year. You can do it as often as once a month. There’s been many seasons that I’ve only done it once a year because I was nursing or pregnant, and I never do it while I’m pregnant. I always wait six weeks to six months afterwards. I wait until my midwife or my nurse midwife says it’s okay to do a cleanse or a flush. And then I usually always start with a parasite cleanse first. I use the Kroeger herb method, and those not like the store you go grocery shopping. It’s K-R-O-E-G-E-R, the Wormwood kit. I do that. It’s about a two-week process. And you’ll know right away because some people are like, “Well, I don’t eat meat. So I can’t have parasites.”

Mama Z:           And I say, “No, no, no.” What do you think happens to your food from when it’s picked? Do you think that every single person that picked your food maybe washed their hands after they went to the bathroom or that it wasn’t just sitting in manure or all this stuff before your food comes to your table? So you’re going to have parasites. And some of your body needs a balance of parasites and bacteria, but we don’t want it to get out of control, and that’s the biggest thing.

Mama Z:           So I do the parasite cleanse first, and it incorporates clove and wormwood and a tincture. And then I do that for two weeks. Now when do your method … The Dr. Hilda Clark method incorporates a lot of fresh-pressed apple juice and some other things. The apple juice is almost too much sugar for me. My dad does do a fresh-pressed cider that is not pasteurized. And of course you can fresh-press it at your house. I usually only do one glass of that the day before. I can’t do multiple days because it’s just … I’m so not used to having massive amounts of sugars in my body. And I’ll get a negative response from it. So I only do one, and it’s always fresh-pressed or my dad’s unpasteurized fresh-pressed cider.

Mama Z:           Then that day, even if you’re not plant-based, not a vegan, you need to make sure that you only have fruits and vegetables, and mainly just vegetables that day, so vegetable juices, salads, greens. You want to eat until four o’clock. Then you stop. Then at six o’clock, you do one tablespoon of Epsom salts to one cup as hot as you can stand purified or distilled water. Two hours later, you repeat it, then two hours later at bedtime.

Mama Z:           And I already have fresh-pressed the citrus. My favorite combination is one tangerine, one grapefruit, one lemon, one lime. All of that, you want to be organic, which is non-GMO because you don’t want any sterile seeds in there. You want all seeded citrus. And then it usually comes out to 3/4 of a cup. If not, I always have lemons and limes. So I’m going to fresh-press lemon and lime juice to get to 3/4 of a cup. And then you want to use a very virgin olive oil; a fresh-pressed, a first-press, all of them have different methods. Make sure your olive oil is real olive oil. There is so much fake olive oil out there. It is disgusting. There are options that are organic. I recommend that too. But you’re going to take that 3/4 of a cup you already have in that measuring cup and take it all the way up to two cups. So that’s 1-1/4 cups of olive oil. You will never quite look at olive oil in the same way again. And it separates, okay. So I take a Chinese chopstick and I whip it up as fast as I can to get it as homogenized, and you just down it.

Mama Z:           And I’ll tell you, sometimes you’ve got to plug your nose on that deal because it is not your favorite tasting beverage. But what it’s doing is you already cleaned out your digestive tract. So with this combination, then the citrus is helping purge the bio, and it’s helping purge the stones that are in the liver and the gallbladder. Then the olive oil, the weight of the olive oil is pressing it down. You will get out thousands and thousands of stones. And the very first time I did it, I had sapphire color stones and emerald green stones, like a thousand of them.

Chantel:            Wow. Did you take a picture of it?

Mama Z:           You know what, I did at the time. I took a picture a couple weeks ago. And I’ll explain my method, and when I took the picture. It wasn’t as impressive. I should have taken a picture two toilets before that because it was really impressive.

Mama Z:           So then I schedule a closed system colonic after that. So if this is seven o’clock in the morning, I’m probably going to have my colonic at nine o’clock in the morning. I need to give it an hour to cycle through so that I’m not stopping everywhere on the way to my colonic place. And then they’re going to hookup to your bottom and then flush special water in and out in order to then remove the rest of those. Because what’s going to happen is if you don’t cycle them out, if they don’t make it to the digestive system, your body’s just going to reabsorb those stones.

Mama Z:           So the first month that I ever did it, I had blue stones and emerald. The next time I only had like one blue stone and all emerald. Then the next time, I had half and half off-white and like green stones. And then by the end of the six months, I only had a few green stones. And then the next month I found out I was pregnant after that. And I was about as clean as you could possibly be to be pregnant. That’s probably why I got pregnant. But then I was off for a year until after I had the baby. It was about … I think that one was six to eight weeks after I had the baby, and then I did that just to flush out and balance after birth.

Mama Z:           So right now because I’m in a training cycle, every month I’m doing a liver-gallbladder cleanse to keep it as pure as possible. And I’ll tell you, it’s been amazing because different things have happened at different times. And especially really the second to the last colonic for the pageant this time was when I had these massive things going on.

Mama Z:           And one thing I do after I do a colonic is I follow it up with an infrared sauna and a foot ionization bath. I also like the vibration. If you have a vibration board. That will also stimulate other things but then right off the bat, I have beet juice because that will mark the end of my cleanse because you can tell when the beet juice starts making it through, everything’s red. That’s a good marker. And then right after that, I follow up with my living fuel shake or a super green shake, and then probiotics.

Mama Z:           It’s a very similar cycle, but it was so interesting. I had a little bit more tightening, like I felt like I still had some more releases to happen after my very last one. And it was after the vibration board and I had some reflexology done. I went into an infrared sauna. And then it was like two hours later, and I’m like, “Man, I’m still feeling a little full.” And it finally cycled through the beet juice, had not made it out the door yet. So as soon as that came, it was like massive amounts of green stones.

Mama Z:           And you’ll see around the edge of the toilet, you will see the oil come out because it’s going to come out that area. So you’ll see oil residue around your toilet. That’s normal. It’s just because it’s the gravity of getting everything out.

Mama Z:           And then I had another movement where it was the same. And then one more, and then that’s the one that I took the picture on because it wasn’t nearly as impressive. But I still had … At one point I saw meatball green stones, meatball-sized green stones.

Chantel:            Wow.

Mama Z:           So that’s all in your body. And I’m pretty clean. And I’m almost 41, so I could only guess if we haven’t cleaned out that area that we may need to do it for a series. And a lot of your body rests in between that series. And work with a professional that you trust, but that’s the method that I use. You can always follow up your cleanse before you do the beet juice if you still feel really compressed with one more round of Epsom salts, and then go on to mark the end of your cleanse with some beet juice, and then refill with all the good stuff.

Mama Z:           But as soon as it cycles through, you’ll notice your belly is flatter. You’re not feeling full of … Just where you feel uncomfortably like you’re tight in your digestive system. It’s a different feeling. When it cycled through, it’s amazing.

Chantel:            Wow. Now the shake that you get if you don’t buy the recipe that’s in your … Or don’t make the one that’s in your book, where do you buy that from?

Mama Z:           Yes. You can find that … So on our website,, you can type up living fuel. And it’ll pop it up. It’s also from our website. Go to Mama Z’s picks … Is my first pick for our articles, and it says the products and things that you can use in your house because so many people ask me about that and about other things or brands that we recommend. And I always joke around that I speak in Amazon links, and not because of any other reason, but the very first health book I bought had no pictures of anything, no brands of anything. I was in the store. I was in high school. And I’m looking for bok choy, and I have no idea what it is. And I’m looking for Chinese five spice, and I don’t even know what it is. So even if you don’t use the link that I have that’s there, I could care less. But at least you have a picture of it so you know what you’re looking for.

Mama Z:           And Living Fuel is our friend’s company. The Craichys, they live in Florida. I have not seen anything as clean as this on the market. They’re always stepping up their process. They are committed to excellence in everything they do, and the taste is amazing. Even people who aren’t into super green shakes … Mine is a pretty green shake that I make. But this is definitely one that you could just add water or unsweetened almond milk with and have it be an amazing meal.

Chantel:            And how much protein is in it?

Mama Z:           It’s quite a bit. And the carbs will surprise you too, but they’re so usable and readily available that you should see the difference of my body. I mean, I’m sure you can even see the difference looking at me right now from when we visited you.

Chantel:            Yes.

Mama Z:           And that was only a month and a half ago, but it’s such a turn because of the percentages that they have. And the thing that we always talk about in our book is not like the macro things, like the carbs and the fats and the proteins, but the micro nutrients, the bioavailability, and all of the phytonutrients, and bioactive foods, like essential oils. Have we ever heard of fiber? Well, that’s a bioactive food. And focusing on the things that really make our body go, because we can have the fats, the proteins, and the carbs, but to have robust health, we need those micronutrients to actually be able to thrive.

Mama Z:           And so they focus on the micronutrients so then you’re getting all of the flavonoids and the polyphenols and all the the different bioavailability from the things that they do because of the process that they use.

Chantel:            Now I know that … And I’ve been to your site. And you’re right. All you do is just search right in the right-hand corner, put in Living Fuel, and you can get directed there. So they have different kinds. They have super greens, they have super berry, original, they have the living protein. Which do you recommend?

Mama Z:           So when I first started out 60 days out, I do a scoop of the super greens and then the super berry and the protein. A scoop of each.

Chantel:            Oh, so you do a scoop of each one.

Mama Z:           Yes. Then a month to go, I switch over just to the greens and I eliminate the extra protein because I’m really focused on exactly what I need. And by that point I’m able to taper off because remember I’ve been on my normal regiment where I just have a shake at breakfast or I’ll do the matcha latte in the morning because I don’t need a lot of denseness. But because I do work out a lot, if I’ve had a really, really good workout, like I absolutely have to have a shake, and later on I’ll have my matcha. And so I usually have my shake within an hour of working out. So I’ve done my salt water, and then I go right to my shake.

Mama Z:           So I have that, but then I go down to a month out just to those super greens, two scoops, and then twice a day. And then when I do my egg whites, I use a ton of greens. And I’ll use spinach, kale, asparagus, brussel sprouts, broccoli, just tons of greens in it. It’s so green that it doesn’t even look like there’s eggs in it. It’s just like greens.

Mama Z:           And then I use herbes de Provence, my favorite blend of seasoning. Or you can use Italian seasoning as well. And then I do that with just pepper only because now I’m starting to eliminate any of the other salt that’s in my regular diet. Even though I require more salt, I get that taken care of in my salt water flush. So I’m just to pepper and herbes de Provence with that. And then of course if I feel like my body needs anything extra, because I do have extra workouts, a lot of times we think we’re hungry, and we’re actually thirsty.

Chantel:            Thirsty.

Mama Z:           So that’s the first place I go. And I know you do too. And then after that, then I’ll do our coconut whipped cream, which is very simple. It’s just the fat of the coconut milk, and then we put it in the refrigerator, turn it upside down just like the video that you and I did. You pour off the top and you blend that with vanilla extract and three eyedroppers of Stevia.

Chantel:            And we have that video, and we’ll share that to this link.

Mama Z:           Oh, perfect.

Chantel:            So if you haven’t seen it, we’ll have everyone watch that video of me and you making it because that was really fun, yeah.

Mama Z:           Yes. Yes. So I’ll have that as an option. I have the nuts as an option.

Chantel:            But will you have any fruit? Is there any fruit that you’re eating at all when you’re preparing for this?

Mama Z:           A little bit. But the super greens does have dehydrated, organic fruit already in it. So I have no problem with having watermelons. No problem having other fruits. But I’m just not as hungry for any fruit. I’m really more hungry for greens and protein. Your body … In that last 60 days, it changes by the one-month mark in. And you really are just craving greens and spinach. I know it sounds weird for some people. Like I would never have that happen, but even my best friend, she’s now lost 45 pounds and 45 inches. She still has 90 to go, but she goes, “Man, after that … You know, I went through sugar detox.” She had to. I was there. It was rough.

Chantel:            Yes.

Mama Z:           I mean, it’s seven times more addicting than crack. So she got through that part. It took her about two to four more weeks. And then he’s like, “It’s so weird. I’m like craving greens and organic vegetables and stuff.” And what you’ll find is if you end up going to a potluck and then they have carrot sticks that aren’t organic, you will taste straight up bleach on them. You’ll taste the bleach in there because your body, not only does taste buds change, but you are now super sensitive to the stuff that we shouldn’t be ingesting anyway. So once you get a marker in your mind, you need to go back and say, “All right. My body has made it to another level in my health journey, and we don’t go back there.”

Mama Z:           And then you stick to the clean 15 and the dirty dozen. It’s in our book, The Essential Oils Diet, but you can go on the environmental working group. So then you’re focused on the important organic ingredients because not everything needs to be bought organic. So you’re talking about your greens, your berries, any of those thin-skinned items that are mainly pesticidant. You want to buy those definitely organic. For some of the other thick-skinned things, for regular stuff, not liver-gallbladder cleanse, but then you’d want to just buy conventional citrus, conventional … Let’s see what else. Avocados and bananas, because those are thicker skinned things that don’t penetrate or they don’t need pesticides on. So focus on the clean 15, getting those. And then the dirty dozen, get those in organic.

Chantel:            Now speaking of, we are going to be doing … I’m going to be hosting a 30-day sugar detox where we’re going to be on our Facebook page. We are going to be helping you and kind of having other people. Anyone is invited to join us.

Mama Z:           Awesome.

Chantel:            So come check out our Facebook page because that sugar detox, like you said, getting the sugar out of your diet is so, so important because otherwise you’re just on this constant rollercoaster.

Mama Z:           Right. And you’ll trade one for the other. So at first you’ll get rid of your sugary drinks and your pops or soda, whatever you call it there. I’m so used to Michigan. It’s called pop in Michigan. And even though I live in Georgia where they call it Coke, I’m not used to that. And you’ll get rid of that, but then you’ll find that people will start to gorge in rice and pasta and quinoas and all this other stuff to try to trade one for the other, this boxed, gluten-free junk. And that’s what it is, folks. If you look at your gluten-free bread, there’s only a few gluten-free breads out there on the market that don’t use straight up sugar or multiple sugars in their breads. And anything in a box that says gluten-free is most likely junk. So you really have to make that stuff yourself because there’s so much stuff out there you have to sift through. And now they’re making it a billion dollar industry because we have all these sensitivities, and they’re trading those carbs for extra sugar in there. And so it’s just one for another.

Mama Z:           It’s unfortunate, but you’ll find in that first week your body’s going to give you some negative responses. So one of the things that I recommend every time before sugar detox, first of all, you want to detox from caffeine and sugar at the same time because it will feed on each other. Most people add some sort of a sweetener to their coffee, energy drinks, other things like that. But they feed together.

Mama Z:           So a key tool is I have everybody that has done one of our 60-day challenges go and research your top 20, 25 scriptures or motivational quotes, write them out on the computer, print them out. I punch a hole in it and I just put a keyring through it, so then I have my little chart that has all my little scriptures. And bring that with you because one thing that you’ll find is sometimes it’s a thing that happens because of your routine that you’re used to, and then it’s habitual. But other times stuff will happen in your day, and you’re automatically going to go for the sugar.

Mama Z:           So instead of, we need to replace that with something else. And we want to go to the Lord. We want to go to God, and we want to focus on the promises that He’s given us, and that we can overcome, that we are more than conquerors. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. God is perfecting all those things that concern us.

Mama Z:           And within that prayer, we also want God to perfect in us the things that concern him too. And so within that, we know that sugar is such an issue with how much … I’ve seen some of the movies and just the pounds and pounds of sugar that we’re consuming every year. And for someone like me who’s very allergic to processed sugar, I can taste it a mile away. And I have to ask questions all the time. So I always bring my Stevia with me. It’s in my purse. You saw it when we went out to dinner, I had Stevia in my purse. You know, it’s just a way of life. But in the process of that, you’re going to find what your triggers are that drives you to sugar, and you have to be cognizant of it. And once you see what it is, then you can make that shift.

Mama Z:           And so I’m so glad you’re doing that. You’re going to encourage your people so much, and they’re going to be so much healthier and more armed. And you know what, you’ll probably end up losing at least 10 pounds in that 60-day journey because there is 10 extra pounds that’s hiding there, filled with sugar.

Chantel:            All right. Well, we do have … I have to run because we’ve got some other people jumping on. But I want to thank you so much. This was absolutely amazing.

Mama Z:           Thank you.

Chantel:            Congratulations again on winning.

Mama Z:           Thank you.

Chantel:            I’m so excited. I’ve actually never been more excited for anyone winning anything. You know, I was praying for you, and I was just like … I almost felt like I won. I was like, “Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.” I was so, so happy for you.

Mama Z:           Well, our competition … So if you keep me in your prayers, it’s August 24th in Las Vegas at the [crosstalk 00:41:36].

Chantel:            I have to come. I have to come for that.

Mama Z:           Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh, that would be so awesome.

Chantel:            Yeah. I’m going to definitely do that for sure.

Mama Z:           Yay. So we’re pumped.

Chantel:            All right, well thank you so much for coming on. I really appreciate it.

Mama Z:           It’s an honor, always.

Chantel:            Bye-bye.

Mama Z:           Bye-bye.



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