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Podcast Description

Today’s guest is the host of the La Vida Low Carb podcast, which I appeared on recently and had a BLAST! He is also the co- host of Keto Talk with Dr Will Cole, and the author of several books including Keto Clarity and Cholesterol Clarity, and the Complete Guide to Fasting, which he co-authored with Dr Jason Fung…it is one of my favorites! His most recent project is “Real Food Keto”, which he wrote with his wife, Christine. I am sooo excited to have them both on the show today! Please welcome Jimmy and Christine Moore.

Jimmy's Website:



For our listeners that don’t know you, tell us about both of your personal journeys, how long have you been Livin La Vida Low Carb, and what caused you to start on this journey? You’ve been “Keto” long before Keto was a popular thing, early 2000’s right?

In your new book, Real Food Keto, you talk about focusing on whole foods, which is something a lot of Keto people don’t talk abo. Tell us about what makes your book different from the other books written about the keto diet?

Everyone knows about the Keto diet as it pertains to weight loss, but your book digs into so many other topics like digestion and detoxification. Tell us some more about these other benefits that aren’t spoken of as much in Keto Circles?

Another cool thing about the book is that it has a bunch of recipes! Did you help develop these? Which are some of your favorites in the book?

What would you say some of the most common misconceptions about the Keto Diet are, and how do you combat them?

Let’s talk about Intermittent Fasting. I find that a lot of Keto people have been able to easily transition into Intermittent Fasting, and vice versa. How are the two related?

Before we get started with Listener Questions, I want to ask you a question I ask every guest, walk us through a day in the life of Jimmy and Christine. What do you eat on any given day, take yesterday for example? What time do you usually eat your first meal, last meal, etc.

As I talked about, you have a lot going on between your podcasts, books, Youtube, etc. What is the best one stop shop that our listeners can follow you to keep posted on all that you are doing? Also, you need to tell the listeners about your Low Carb cruise which sounds like a ton of fun!

Listener Questions:

Q1 - 10:44

I was talking about the Keto diet with my girl friend the other day and she told me she was doing something called the Modified Keto diet which is a lot less restrictive. Are you familiar with this, and can you please explain it? Is this something that you recommend?

-Samantha in New Jersey

Q2 - 15:14

I have been consistently intermittent fasting for a year now, typically in a 6 hour eating window each day. The longest I’ve ever fasted is 24 hours. I want to push myself to a longer fast, but want to be safe in doing so. What are some good ways to ease into longer fasts? What is the longest amount of time that it is safe to water fast?

-Cynthia in Myrtle Beach

Q3 -  31:35

High Cholesterol runs in my family, and the last time I had bloodwork done, my LDL was slightly elevated. Of course, the doc wanted to put me on medication but I am not ready to do that. What can I do to try to reverse this naturally? I am 40 years old, about 20 lb overweight.

-Tracie in Fort Worth

Q4 -  24:53

I read something the other day about the Keto diet treating fatty liver disease. I found this to be insane since the Keto diet is a high fat diet. This really got me thinking how counter cultural this diet can seem. For example, there are some people who think I should limit the amount of red meat, and steaks, while they are a staple of the Keto diet. In the simplest way, how do you describe the benefits of a high fat diet to people who just don’t get it?

  • Anonymous

Q5 - 29:30

I am in my first week of Keto and having severe aches in my arms and legs. I haven’t been doing anything out of the ordinary as far as workouts, so I can’t help but wonder if this was related to my diet change? I started googling and saw that this is common when transitioning to Keto, and one reason I read was that my salt levels could be low? My whole life I’ve been trying to limit my salt, I’ve heard its especially bad for women and weight loss. Now I am hearing that I should be adding more salt to my food and even into my water to avoid these aches. Is this true? And if so, why?

-Toni in New York

Q6 - 32:19

Can you help me settle the keto alcohol debate once and for all? I am told that things like whiskey and vodka don’t contain carbs, so to my understanding, if I drink them with soda water or something like Diet Pepsi or crystal light, it should be a carb free drink? So why do some people say you can’t drink alcohol and stay in Ketosis? I’ve cut out wine and beer, and felt this was a good alternative. Also, along these lines, I’ve been told that flavored vodkas don’t have carbs in them, but can’t understand how this is true. Something about the sugar being cooked out? How can I cut loose and still cut my weight at the same time?

-Jennifer in Lancaster

Q7 - 35:06

I started the keto diet and the first two days I had the worst stomach cramps on bright yellow diarrhea. I’ve never seen it this color before. It was the color of a highlighter. I went back to normal eventually, but it was still alarming. Have you ever heard of this and what is the cause?