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Have you ever wondered how laser fat removal works? Or maybe how to get rid off suborn weight permanently! Bringing the answer is today’s Waist Away podcast guest, Dr. Kirk Gair who has worked with Gold Medalists and world record holders striving to do the same!

You know, if you go back to your old habits, you’re gonna get the same results. So whether you do surgical liposuction or if you do laser fat reduction, if you don’t address the underlying dysfunctions like a bad diet, an under-active thyroid, some blood sugar dysfunctions. Once you’re done with surgical liposuction, that actually removes the fat cells and so you will never put fat on that area. But then if your diet is off, your thyroid is off, that’s when you can start to put it on under the chin or you get these balloon arms. You can get this appearance, like they say, it looks like the Miss Michelin Man. With a laser, it doesn’t destroy the cells.

So what it actually does is it causes a temporary pore to open up in the fat cell and the fat liquefies and moves out of that cell. And then it gets shuttled off into the lymphatic system where it gets broken down and burned as fuel. The lasers are FDA cleared. So the laser that I use is by Erchonia, they are the first ones to ever do studies and to get FDA clearance. And what they did is they took groups of patients and they did no other changes to their no diet changes or exercise changes. Did the laser only and in six sessions the average fat reduction was between 3.5 inches to 6 inches, just just from using the laser.

And again, that’s because it’s going to cause that fat to liquefy and move out of the cell. So like in my office, what we do with patients is we have them do a one session challenge where we’ll measure them. And then we put them on the laser and we measure them right afterwards. And you can usually see at least a quarter of an inch to half an inch drop from the midsection during that time without any side effects on them.

The problem in the laser community is that we have this device that’s a true laser. And the placebo that was used in the study to get FDA clearance was an L.E.D device. And the L.E.D device did have some results, but it was about one tenth as effective as a true laser on there. So you do have some locations that will sell a L.E.D. device and call it laser and you don’t get as good of a result as you do with the actual laser. And there’s no pain and no downtime with the lasers. But again, once you’re done with that treatment protocol, you want to make sure that you’re practicing a healthy lifestyle with exercise, with the right in order to maintain your changes.


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