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What are the most common parasites? Which groups of people are affected the most? Bringing the answer is today’s Waist Away podcast guest, Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, Queen of the Thrones!


Let’s talk about the top three parasites that you kind of see the most right now.

Yeah. The biggest one is, you know, in our pediatric population is pinworms. Those are typical, classic, you know, kids, whenever they touch themselves, they can spread them to all their friends. And those are often the cases when little kids come in and they’re having like irritation around the bomb or they’re waking up in the middle of the night. That’s really, really common. The other one that we tend to see a lot is roundworms. And we’ll actually visualize them many times in our colon hydrotherapy systems, which are is pretty impressive. Basically, it’s a system that flushes water up the intestine and it cleans up the intestine. And so oftentimes you’ll see strands of worms that could come out of these colon hydrotherapy sessions. The other thing that is quite common actually is tapeworms. And these are often more self-reported that patients have eliminated them out in the bathroom. But there’s been on an occasion when we’ve actually tested them, we’ve done the parasite and ova test the proper way, which is I’ll speak about that in a moment and we’ll actually identify them. The reason I say the testing needs to be done properly is because when you’re dealing with parasites, it’s a very specific way of testing. Oftentimes, doctors will only test one stool sample, one ovine parasite stool sample. But to actually get a true measure and to really find out whether or not there are parasites and it doesn’t always give you the true answer, you actually need to do it three times consecutively. And you need to give yourself something to actually create a laxative effect so that you can clear out your own test time. So what we often do with patients is we’ll actually have them do colon hydrotherapy sessions before we actually even test them for their parasites. So then we’ll give them also an oral laxative. Sometimes it’ll be magnesium or it could be a caster oil, which is one of my favorite oral laxatives. We’ll have them take that and then collect three samples in order to get the proper testing of it. Oh, and there is one more parasite. We see a lot, which is giardia. And Giardia is often passed around from vacations in tropical countries.

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