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In this special episode, Chantel and Heather discuss a common and currently topical question: Is It Okay To Fast When You’re Sick?


Hey, guys, we are doing a special episode. We get asked this question all the time, so we wanted to answer it for you guys. So a lot of people ask us, what do you do when you’re sick?

Should you fast while you’re sick? Is it a bad idea? So like, for instance, people especially now are experiencing sometimes like cold or sinus infection. The doctor’s given them like a steroid shot or a Z pack and they’re starting to fast. But they feel terrible and they’re not sure what to do. So what do you like to tell people, Chantel?
Well, you know, you’ve heard the saying feed a cold, starve a fever. Have you ever heard that? Yes, I have. And so that basically refers to you should eat when you have a cold and you should fast when you have the fever. And so for me, if I’m sick at all, I feel like I actually am the opposite. I will… I actually will kind of do more like juicing when I have a cold. So like when I have a cold, I try to fill up on like vitamin C. And so I have lots of fruits and vegetables. So I might fast in the sense of either juicing or I might just have fruits and vegetables.

But if I have a fever or I think I have a virus, then I’m going to want to try to fast completely and just do like a water fast because fasting forces your body to rely on its own energy source to sustain normal function. And so if your body’s first choice is glucose, right? Which is sugar, if you had a cookie or if you had any kind of food that that glycogen in your liver is what it’s gonna go to. So what I suggest is I like to fast completely if I’m feeling like I have a virus or if I have a fever or my body’s aching, I’m going to go to straight water fasting.

Yeah, I agree. When I have a cold, well one liquids make.. like if you’re mucusy, liquids help thin that out so it can get out. Like you know, I know you don’t want your nose to run, but you really kind of want it to get out of your system. So the more liquids that you can drink when you’re having that congestion, the better. So I do.. I love to drink a lot of water, especially like I.. and it’s funny because your body craves what it needs to like, my body will crave orange juice during that time. And I love you have a really great mixture of water where you put a little bit of orange juice in it.

So you’re getting some of that natural vitamin C, but you’re getting a lot of water to help. That makes you feel better. And I love homeopathic things like zinc and like vitamin C that you can take to help your body. I mean, you’ll feel better like within 24 hours when I do that. That’s what I like to do. Yes. All right. Well, awesome. Thank you.


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