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What is minimalism? Why would I want to be a minimalist? And, how does it relate to intermittent fasting?

Well, in the words of Waist Away podcast guest, Heather Aardema, “I was born a maximalist. I was born to buy, buy, buy, consume every day. I never wanted to miss out on anything, so I had FOMO, the Fear Of Missing Out syndrome and I was just super active and involved in everything. And then my auto immune conditions kind of hit me and I had to slow down and I had to recalibrate and think about doing life in a different way. And so there was an identity shift for me. So I like to say that I’m an aspiring minimalist, because I was born a maximalist, not a minimalist.

But it’s something I’m aspiring too, because I see the benefit of minimalism. It can mean so many different things. And so for me, it’s all about quality over quantity. And so, you know, if we relate this to food and intimate investing, like…imagine walking into a house and the house is cluttered.

It’s chaotic. There’s stuff everywhere that’s just cheap, not good quality. How do you feel when you walk into that house? Right. It’s horrible. Now, imagine you walk into a house and it’s clean and there is white space and there’s nice soft music playing in the background and it’s harmonious, like, which house do you want to be in? The nice house, right? And so for me, that’s minimalism. It’s having really nice things that are good quality, but not a ton of them.

Because when you have so many things, you can’t even see what you have in front of you and with food it’s like, imagine our bodies, like we have these primal bodies and it’s so easy to just stuff ourselves. It’s like a conveyor belt of food going into our mouths right when we are eating on autopilot. And it’s like the first house that’s so cluttered and chaotic. That’s what it looks like inside our body, it’s cluttered. It’s chaotic, it’s cheap ingredients, like how are these things making us feel?

And then if you take the second body, it’s the body that is intermittent fasting. So they’re giving their body a break. They’re resting.

And that body is going to look so much healthier on the inside, unlike the body that’s stuffed with food, and stuffed with discomfort and stuff, the shame and stuff with all of those emotions we have when we’re disappointed that we indulge in ways that we do not want to.

And so minimalism for me, it’s all about finding the foods that are really good quality, that have quality ingredients that are not like crazy chemical combinations that our bodies don’t even know how to read. And so it’s simplifying. It’s not only the way I eat and nourish myself, but it’s how I want to live my life. And so we just kind of know, when we bring things into our house, we make sure there’s a place for them and if there’s not a place for them, then it’s clutter and it’s time to get rid of it. And it’s the same with food.

So that’s that’s how it is for me. It’s the idea that less is more. And it’s making space for the things that matter most to you. You’re getting rid of the chaos and the complexity so that you really can live into the best version of yourself.”

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