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What is Lipoprotein (a)? How does it affect diet and other cholesterol? Bringing the answer is today’s Waist Away podcast guest, Dr. Joel Kahn, the holistic cardiologist!

Let me just repeat back what I heard you say kind of what I know about cholesterol, right? Yeah. There’s two types of cholesterol. There’s HDL, which is high density lipoprotein. And then there’s low density lipoprotein, which is LDL. Right. And as a general rule, HDL is considered the good cholesterol and LDL is considered the bad cholesterol. Perfect. And then Lipoprotein is a type of LDL.

Right. It’s actually it’s a it’s a third kind of cholesterol. It’s lipoprotein little a. It’s a funny little term. Whoever said lipoprotein little a is how you pronounce it, is even another kind of cholesterol that’s in your blood. If you’re one out of every four people and it can be sky high. And I have probably hundreds of patients that have had a heart attack, a stroke, the bypass or some like the CAT scan evidence, a silent disease and lifestyle is perfect. And the doctor said your labs are perfect. Well, nobody drew this twenty, twenty five dollar lab test. And it turns out that was the bad puppy that was hurting their arteries. It’s just as common in men and women.

And you know, it’s inherited, which means from age one or two that blood level of that cholesterol has been high your whole life, usually the LDL cholesterol is going to go up in your adult phase. So this thing’s been around for a long time in your body and therefore, it can do harm.

But it’s also a risk factor. You can have a high cholesterol and clean arteries. You can have a high lipoprotein, little a cholesterol. And then have clean arteries. That’s why this calcium C.T. scan. And I’ll just say, I don’t own a CAT scanner. So this isn’t a commercial advertisement, come to my CAT scan or hospitals have CAT scan or so I refer to my local hospital that charges in my area. Seventy five to ninety nine dollars.


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