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New to intermittent fasting? How can juicing help the process? Bringing the answer is today’s Waist Away podcast guest, Kimmye Bohannon, founder of The Weekly Juicery.

The key for me is helping people understand how to use juice and fasting, especially if somebody listening is new to intermittent fasting and they’re not exactly sure how to begin. Juice is such a huge asset.

I kind of call it like the magic bullet for your toolkit because, you know, high-quality vegetable juice can extend your fasts a little bit and get you used to this idea of maybe not having three meals in such a long, spread out window, but kind of compressing that together. And that’s really the way that I started doing it a long ago. So I have served in my daily routine. I have a juice around 10 and generally a juice around noon and then I break my fast around two, so I can extend that fasting period because my body is completely nourished with, you know, lots of organic produce and I have lots of energy and I feel amazing.

I love that. So let’s talk about like two things. One, what would be a great window for someone if they let’s say somebody wanted to do a lot of our listeners, you know, they’ve kind of a quarterback that they do a six-hour window. And I think it’s because I’m I do a six-hour window and I’m so big on you know, I’ve said it before that for when I do an eight-hour window, I’m not losing any weight. So for me six hours is really the amount of time that I need to be eating. So would you say, like, what would be a typical thing? Like maybe they would have at twelve o’clock, have their juice and then maybe at five-thirty eat dinner.

What would be some nice combinations? Yeah, that’s a great question. So you know it’s let’s assume you order our one day guided fast, it fast it comes right your doorstep with the cooler bag, it will have six juices. For many people who are new to this work, doing a complete 24, over 24 hours of fasting would be too much. That’s the design of the program and something that I love everybody to work up to. Meaning, we just have the six juices throughout the day, sleep through the night and then break your fast.

The next morning at 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. That’s a long period of digestive rest. And again, you’re flooding your body with twenty to twenty-four pounds of organic plants. However, for many people who are new to this work or new to doing a little longer, fast, maybe 24 hours, it’s a super long for somebody new. What I recommend that they do is they have three juices one day and then a great plant-based dinner and then three juices the next day and a great plant-based dinner. I’ve even had people that begin at a kind of slower pace, which has two juices, a plant-based snack and a great dinner, two juices, a plant-based snack and a great dinner.

And then on day three, two juices, a plant-based snack and a great dinner. So you could do it all in one day, which is the design of the program, or break it into two days or break it into three days.

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