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Can you use intermittent fasting to combat skin disease? One man DEFINITELY thinks you can!

In the words of Waist Away podcast guest Rob Stuart, “I had a genetic predisposition to having a bad gut and that led to all sorts of sensitivities. As a kid, I had a strep throat nine times in one year. Every time I’d go out and play in the grass, I get like welts and weird bumps. And I constantly had something wrong with my scalp and I thought it was just the normal thing, hormones and being a kid. So I didn’t really I didn’t really care.

But fast forward into my teens. I started developing eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis and rosacea. By the time I was twenty seven, twenty six, I was pretty much covered, my full body, with skin disease. I turned to diet, fasting, cleansing and detoxification and daily movement to try to address these issues. And lo and behold, fasting, especially water, fasting, dry fasting and intermittent fasting became cornerstones of my healing practice.

And after a year of really focused diet and cleansing with fasting being the cornerstone, I was able to really cure almost all of my elements that were going on in my life, especially my skin. So was was a major component. That was eight years ago. And since then I’ve been skin disease free and been teaching people kind of my own methodology of fasting and kind of addressing the gut health through those methods.

So calorie free, I’ve gone 18 days fasting and that was unsupervised completely on my own. And it was it was quite an experience. I hear most people say, well, how do you go that long? And the truth is, once you get into the deeper levels of ketosis after about between day 3 and 5 is when it starts to feel rhythmical and kind of actually kind of good.

In a weird way, set yourself a schedule. It’s like the best thing you could possibly do. Don’t just wing it. From the time I wake up in the morning till the time I go to bed on a water fast, I know exactly what I’m gonna do.

OK, at noon I’m doing that salt bath at 2 o’clock AM. I do my gentle yoga and meditation at 3 p.m. I’m gonna watch that wonderful documentary that’s going to last three hours and then at 6 o’clock I’m gonna call my mom and have an awesome conversation. But it’s just have a schedule and make sure that you are kind of emotionally being accountable for yourself at all times because you will go up and down and all over the place. And I’ve found that the more kind of regimented you are, the more that can be circumnavigated.”

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