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Have you ever wondered how long you can sustain fasting? Why your results are different than the results of others? Or maybe you simply would like to know how your metabolism factors into intermittent fasting. Bringing the answers is Dr Sonya Jensen, business owner, yoga teacher, workshop leader and Women’s Health Expert!

So what about extended fasting? Talk about any time that you’ve done some extended fasting. And how long have you gone and some things that have helped you.

So the longest I’ve gone is five days with water fasting, and I think it’s something that we all need to tap into. And it’s unique for each individual. So my constitution from an iridic medicine perspective is very vata. So I get into ketosis very quickly and fasting for me, I get the same benefits after two to three days that I would in a five day water fast.

Why do you think that is?

So I think just how the body is able to metabolize quicker and how I’m able to adapt quicker from a glucose burning into ketone burning state so I can get into it a lot quicker. And because I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting for so long, too. So I’m sure that’s influencing big pieces of that. But somebody with a different constitution, it may take them a little bit longer to get into that ketonic, state or into autophagy than it would for me and hormonally speaking the way that my body works. I’m good with doing partial fast, which your window is about two to four hours and then doing a couple of days of water fast.

And I get my autophagy rates really high just doing that. So the extended I find with water, it’s not only good for your physical body, but your mental emotional body and your spiritual body too, because you’re really tapping into a lot of different layers because we’re not distracting ourselves with food anymore. We’re really tuning into the healing potential of the body, the innate healing that we have within us.

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