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Functional nutrition is the practice of looking at underlying causes in health issues, and attempting healing at the root of the problem. Intermittent fasting can be a helpful tool in this practice!

In the words of Waist Away podcast guest Reed Davis, “Most people know that I founded Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. That’s a methodology. We look into the underlying causes and conditions that would be negatively affecting so much health. You know, so if there’s anything about their appearance or how they feel that they would like to change, we offer a methodology to do that.

So on just about every client I’ve learned to do this, run about five labs, because I have no clue why they’re feeling the way they are or looking the way they do. And it comes, like you said, with the tiredness, fatigue, they have anxiety, they have sinuses, elegies, they’re moody. They’re irritable for no apparent reason. Obviously, the weight gain in these types of things, feeling sad, digestive problems are huge.

So what I’ve learned is that those the causal factors could be so far upstream that the root cause may never be known. There certainly is no one lab.

And so I look at the hormones, the immune system, digestion detoxification to start with hormone immune digestion detoxification, and energy production. You can be tested, you know on whether you’re producing enough energy on a cellular level.

And then the nervous system has to be balanced. You have to have your autonomic. The sympathetic and parasympathetic balance all the time. So I know that’s a mouthful, but I’ve just learned over 20 years not to assume what the problem is, but to investigate, to look at all these factors. And then we can really recommend real strongly with very, very reasonable expectations that they’re going to get better. You know, they’re going to make improvements because we work at that cellular tissue organ system level. It’s an epigenetic program, and it’s certainly important to use intermittent fasting with diet.”

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