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How do minerals differ from vitamins, and how can they help you with fasting?

In the words of Waist Away podcast guest Barton Scott,”I’ve done a lot of water fasting and when I do water fasting and minerals… yeah, that’s when it’s powerful. Because if I’m doing fasting and I’m feeling terrible, it’s really because there’s some minerals missing. You know what I mean? Besides like the caffeine. Right.

So a lot of times, people when they fast, if they’re trying to do a water fast, maybe they’re not having caffeine, and now they’ve got a headache and they feel terrible for that. But if they have all the minerals that their body needs, then that’s what makes fasting easier and fasting reduces inflammation.

And so if you’re reducing inflammation, fasting is a way to protect your brain from brain fog. And so I feel the same way. I’m going to do fasting and the minerals help me keep going. If I don’t have those minerals, then I may have some brain fog because my body is meeting some nutrient and then it’s it’s not able to function as well.

Also, because they’re water soluble, minerals are great, zero calories. And they’re really, you know, what are our whole ecosystem is composed of on the elemental base. So, we can think of it really as elements. You know, that’s what they are. I find them on the periodic table. And to a large extent, if you find it on the periodic table, the body can do something with it. If you absorb it in the right way and the right mounts at the right times to the exclusion of certain other things, for example, you know, there’s mineral antagonism and synergy. So certain things will block the absorption of others.

But there’s such a wide division, too. I would add that, between both, you know, vitamins at way over here and the minerals, you know, it’s very similar to saying fruits and vegetables. It’s like how similar? Those are not very similar, actually. Fruit is kind of like sugary water with some fiber. For the most part, vegetables are just so much more nutrient dense. So when we say vitamins, minerals, try to decouple those because they’re they really need, they deserve to be de-coupled. They aren’t as similar as we would think.

It’s not that I don’t love and appreciate vitamins. I’ll just say that. But what I what I can say is that just to recap that and make that add a little clarity there is that let’s say just hypothetically that you are able to get enough water, enough sunlight and enough mineral absorption of the key minerals that you need in some of the other ones as well. If you’re getting it and you can think of those as elements that you’re getting right now from a terminology standpoint may be helpful. Your body, if that’s the case, your body is going to actually make the fat, the vitamins that you eat. And yeah, it’s pretty incredible. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to humanly fast for as long as what’s been done.”

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