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While it is very important to stay hydrated when fasting, you need to be careful not to OVER-hydrate.

In the words of Waist Away podcast guest Megan Ramos, “Over-hydration as absolutely as detrimental as being completely dehydrated. When a lot of people have metabolic syndrome start to fast, their hunger signals are really worked and they often mistake thirst for hunger.

So we really try to encourage people when they fast, you know, if you feel thirst drink until you no longer feel thirsty. If you feel hungry, drink a little bit, like don’t go overboard, but have half a cup of water. Wait 30 minutes and see if you are hungry or just thirsty. That way, you’re not guzzling a gallon of water. You’re just taking a little bit. And actually testing whether you become more thirsty, and the hunger goes away.

My health coaches were just pleading with me, can we tell everybody that they need to drink two point three, seven, five liters of water a day” because everybody wants a magical solution. But the truth is, you should just listen to your body and drink when you’re thirsty. And it’s going to be really different for everybody.

My husband, six foot four guy, really active, drinks a lot throughout the day when he is fasting because he’s just listening to his body and drinking when he’s thirsty, versus myself. I’m 5 foot 1. I’ve got some adrenal issues. I have an autoimmune condition called Addison’s Disease. So I’m very thirsty and I probably drink a few more times than him, but my body’s acclimated to that.

The problem is over hydration is that you’re totally going to deplete yourself, your lights and then you’re going to start to experience all of that unwanted, nasty “keto flu.” When you’re fasting, you’re not going to feel well. And fasting is supposed to be something that you feel energized and good. Didn’t like your conquering the world and you’re fueling on body fat. So how great is that? You’re losing fat and feeling excellent at the same time.”

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