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Fasting but still putting on the pounds? Wondering if fasting will work for you? Or maybe you simply would like to know more about embarking on drastic dietary changes. Bringing in the answers is Chantel Ray, in this informative video.

Now, so a lot of people wonder so if I stop eating. You know, there’s a lot of things out there that will say fasting can cause your body to start to store fat because your body’s like not eating, so its thinking, oh I’m going into starvation mode I have to store fat. What do you say to those people?

Well, again, it would be about like if you looked at how many people are losing weight doing intermittent fasting. You can’t say that right? Now, do I think that your body, once you start doing extended fasting for three days or more, then I do believe that your body is going to then at that point, you know, store on a little bit because it’s afraid that you don’t which doesn’t want you to go into starvation mode. So I do believe that once you start going for really longer, extended fast, that that will happen. But absolutely not. I mean, again, it’s living proof, like, would you say, since you’ve started doing intermittent fasting, you’re living proof. How much weight have you lost?

Oh, gosh, I’ve lost like 50 pounds.

Yeah, 50 pounds doing intermittent fasting. So it’s like, OK, this is a perfect testimonial.

And anyone who’s lost weight with intermittent fasting will tell you the same thing. So when they say these studies and so forth, it’s just not true.