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Did you know intermittent fasting can be a powerful tool to aid your body in the healing process?

In the words of Waist Away podcast guest, Dr. Will Cole, “Intermittent fasting is an amazing tool. It’s a tool that has been used for a long time. It’s something that we’ve used in functional medicine for a long time. But historically, it’s been used too. It’s an amazing tool to give your body a break because digesting food requires a lot of energy.

So people that have taxed their system, so there have some level of inflammation, some level of gut dysfunction, and it gives the body a break from digesting food to start repairing itself. These sort of self repair mechanisms are supported and up regulated in a time of fasting and it’s a slight stress to the body.

So this phenomenon of harmony says a slight stress to actually build resilience and health rejuvenation in the body and the component to it.

I’m a functional medicine practitioner, so my day job is consulting patients around the world virtually. That’s my heart and my passion to give people answers as to why they feel the way that they do, to listen to them, to hear them and be a part of that journey into wellness. So functional medicine is evidence based alternative medicine.

We’re looking at the root causes of why people are going through what they’re going through, things like microbiome issues or hormonal imbalances or toxicity issues, chronic infections, things like this that are the pieces to the puzzle. And then we realize we’re all created differently. So there’s not a cookie cutter approach to getting well. And just because something’s healthy doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right for everybody. So we customize health care to the individual. So we use food as matters to me, as herbal botanical medicines, we use medications, what needed lifestyle changes, protocols like fasting to really get that person as healthy as they can be.

So that’s what functional medicine is.

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