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Intermittent fasting can be useful when you’re trying to tell what sort of “burner” you are! What does that mean?

In the words of Waist Away podcast guest JJ Virgin, “Here’s the thing. We want to be a hybrid. You know, people talk about, OK, I just want to be a fat burner, a ketone burner, a sugar burner. You want to be able to use all sorts of different fuel sources. You know, my son’s got a Prius. He’s going to need oil and water, but it’s going to run on battery or gas.

That’s what you want to do. You want to be able to have your body be able to shift as needed, because when you’re doing high intensity interval training, you’re going to use sugar for fuel. When you’re sitting around working, you should be using fat for fuel. So you want to be able to shift back and forth.

The challenge is the type of diets we’re eating now, typically like the standard American diet has you eating again all throughout the day. And that shift happened when the studies were mis misread about fat, a high fat diet being a risk for heart disease and everything. Everyone sort of pulled the fat out and then we put in more carbs and sugar. And because of that, we were hungry all the time.

So then we got into grazing hell and created this whole problem where your blood sugar, you know, starts to drop at all and you go have another little snack and you keep your insulin up and you cannot use stalk fat for fuel and you’re just relying on sugar. And what we really want to do is teach our body how to be able to go, you know, how to be able to go hours and hours without having to eat because you’re able to access stored fat for fuel.

And the true test of this is are you able to lose weight off your waist? Because if you can’t lose the belly fat, that’s a sign of insulin resistance. And can you go hours without having to eat? Do you forget to eat? If someone can’t, they never, ever forget to eat. And they skip a couple hours like they have breakfast and then, you know, lunches late and they’re starting to get mad. That’s a sign they’re a sugar burner.”

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