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Chantel's Daily Habits

Every time friends come over to my house, they always comment that they learned something new to help simplify their lives. So I'm sharing some of the products, recipes, and tips I use daily to help simplify your life and optimize your health too!



The food that you put into you body can help get you to the next level of weight lost.  Cleaner food, cleaner body.  Here are some of my favorites.



It is amazing how the products that we interact with on a day-to-day basis will effect our routine and the decisions we make.



Vitamins help you ensure you are getting full and well rounded nutrition. Be sure to stock up and using as directed for full effect.

Shake Recipes


The food that you put into you body can help get you to the next level of weight lost.  Cleaner food, cleaner body.  Here are some of my favorites.

Castor Oil


Castor oil packs have withstood the test of time & there must be a reason. They have transformed millions of lives! Those who live it, love it.

Video Course


Have you struggled for years to lose weight trying one fad diet after another? Do you lose weight only to gain it all back and then some?


Learn insights, helpful hints, and tips that will keep you on track. Whether you are just starting out or re-enforcing your habit, you need these.

Podcast & Books


Get started with a little help from Chantel. Check out this full featured podcasts for free! We go into what's and how's of intermittent fasting.



Get front row tickets to World Class Experts, Leaders, and Doctors in the FREE for a limited time virtual Fasting Reset Summit.

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I created this to-do list, so I could keep track of all the little and big things that need to get done every day for us to function. I'm lucky because I have help with the household chores, but even if you don't, a checklist like this is a great way to keep up with all the things you need to get done day-to-day.

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Check out my recipes for cauliflower crust pizza, chia seed pudding, shea body butter, and more! Also, be sure to like, subscribe, and ring the bell to keep up with all my NEW videos! 

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Check out this awesome series I made with the one and only Dr. Marisol about all things Castor Oil!


  1. Anti-Inflammatory Muffins: I love these anti-inflammatory muffins. They taste amazing and are healthy. I usually make a batch and keep them in the the freezer, so I can thaw them and have a sweet treat in a flash!

2. Best Green Smoothie: I like to have a smoothie once a day because it's a great way to get extra greens into your diet. I make it easy by having everything pre-packaged in little containers, so I can just grab all the ingredients and throw them in the blender. I try not to use too much fruit in them because it's a lot of extra sugar. This is one of my favorite smoothie recipes!

3. Citrus Juice Blend: I love this super simple and refreshing juice blend. It's great on a hot summer day or delicious as a mixer with alcohol.


  1. Berkey Water Filter: You guys know I'm a fanatic about clean water. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have clean water when you fast! That's why I use the Berkey Water Filter. The filters are gravity fed, so you don't  need electricity or water pressure. They will purify water from bacteria, viruses, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and other harmful toxins. I have one at my house and at the office because the water tastes so incredibly clean.

2. Progesterone Cream: I realized I was estrogen dominant and didn't have a good balance of estrogen and progesterone, so I started using a progesterone cream. It really helps with fighting fatigue, improving mood and sleep, alleviating skin dryness, wrinkling, and thinning, preventing the loss of bone density (osteopenia), increasing libido, and fighting weight gain.


  1. Real House Plants: I used to only have fake plants because I didn't want to take care of real ones, but then I found out that live plants help reduce stress and create a feeling of well-being, improve air quality, and help lower background noise. Now I surround myself with lives plants at home and at the office.

2. Refrigerator/ Freezer: I like to have things grab and go. If I want something sweet, I make organic chia seed pudding with sour cherry spread on top. Then I divide it into small single-serving containers, so I can grab one on the run. I also love these plant-based cakes from Empowered Plant Cakes. I'll buy a cake and divide it into individual pieces and put them in the freezer, so whenever I want something sweet, I can grab a single portion.