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Never deny yourself which leads to binging

Escape the slavery of yo-yo dieting

Adopt a 80/20 lifestyle

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Eat what your body is craving

Recognize true hunger

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Escape the slavery of yo-yo dieting

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"I am in my late 20’s and have learned the hard way that you can’t eat the same way in your late 20’s as you did in your early 20’s and expect the same results! As the weight kept piling on, I began to feel hopeless in my fight with fad diets, cleanses, and detoxes. I was skeptical when I heard about Intermittent Fasting and swore I could never skip breakfast! But decided to give it a try. I have combined Intermittent Fasting with a lower carb lifestyle, and five months later, have lost over 40 lbs and have gained a new perspective on life! I love the control that it has given me over my food.
The principles in this book have taught me to listen to my body to find out when I am truly hungry. I love the feeling of hearing my stomach growl, and telling it to wait. I control my food now, not vice versa! I have big goals to be in the best shape of my life when I turn 30, and with this lifestyle and the principles taught in this book, I know it will be possible!"
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I want to try intermittent fasting, but I have low blood sugar. Can I go that long without eating?

The crazy thing is intermittent fasting will actually help regulate your blood sugar. If you hang in there, you’ll notice it gets better. So, if you come into this having blood sugar issues you’ll need to do a good job of gradually weaning yourself off of a long eating window. You may have to start with a 12 hour eating window, then step it down to 11, then 10, and so on. I had low blood sugar as well, so I absolutely understand what it’s like. Intermittent fasting’s effect on blood sugar is really fascinating. One of the biggest benefits of intermittent fasting is the positive effects it has on blood sugar. Keeping insulin from being introduced to your system for 18-24 hours helps you burn fat and keep your weight down. Always check with your doctor before you start a new diet, but I’ve learned that much of the time people don’t experience low blood sugar as often as they think. Sometimes people are just fatigued and it’s because of something other than low blood sugar. My blood sugar is more stable now than it was when I was eating foods with a low glycemic index.

I’m really confused. I’ve often heard that eating 5-6 small meals a day will keep my metabolism elevated. Is intermittent fasting bad for my metabolism?

That claim about 5-6 meals a day is a myth. Your metabolic rate is not based on how many meals you eat. It’s based on what type of foods you eat, your digestive health, how much you exercise, and what body type you have. For example, if I eat 6 meals of pancakes and fast food burgers, I’m not going to have a six pack. Intermittent fasting is not bad for your metabolism. Intermittent fasting has gotten me results while eating 5-6 meals a day in the past hasn’t.

Can I do this Vegan?

You absolutely can keep a vegan diet with this plan. You can do whatever you want as long as you are following the principles of fasting, never overeating and only eating when you’re hungry. If you’re trying to do 80% paleo like me, then you’re going to have to eat a lot more veggies and avocados and fats and stuff like that. I believe God calls different people to different things. If you want to be vegan, I’m 100% on board with that. I believe the Bible is saying eat whatever you want. If you feel like God is calling you to not eat meat, who am I to say to eat meat? You have to decide what is best for you. I believe that eating meat and avoiding a whole lot of dairy and gluten is the best thing for my body.

If you’re having trouble figuring out the beginning of your fasting window, remember that you determine when you start and stop eating. The second you start eating, you’re in your eating window and you are considered to be in the fed state. The minute you stop eating is when you have ended your eating window and the fasting window begins.



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