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Success Stories



I’ve tried many different diets, and I’m so glad to have finally found something that fits my lifestyle. I have been Intermittent Fasting and applying the principles found in this book for 5 months now, and have lost 50 lbs! I have more energy too!



I was skeptical when I heard about Intermittent Fasting but decided to give it a try. I have combined Intermittent Fasting with a lower carb lifestyle, and five months later, have lost over 40 lbs and have gained a new perspective on life!


New Customer

I have been doing the Chantel Ray Way for the last six months and I will never go back to my old way of eating. I do not like to deprive myself of the foods I love to eat. I love that I can eat during my window and not have to go without foods I love.



I went from a size 14 to 6 and lost weight with Chantel Ray Way! I never thought I could eat the food I love and lose weight at the same time. This has changed my lifestyle and relationship with food. I feel amazing and ready to continue my journey. I have never felt better until I got started with Chantel Ray Way!



Not only have I seen great results personally, but I’ve seen this way of life transform many of my clients. I love the flexibility that Intermittent Fasting provides- myself and my clients are able to cut weight and build muscle without having the strictest diet. I never want to give up my sweets, I just have learned to eat them in their right time



My name is Liz and I have an incredible testimony that involves this book! At the end of 2015 I incurred an injury at work that would require surgery to rectify the situation.  After seeing a specialist I was scheduled to have my surgery.  Well, it was a success, but as most women and men at age 50 know when you mess with the body, other things begin to need attention.  I ordered the book and in one year (actually less) I’m thrilled to be down 70 pounds! My feet say thank you and my frame of 5’3 is back to its normal self. I’m a police officer, so being in shape is a must!  I testify everywhere I go and have recommended this book to at least 30 people.


New Story

I was an emotional eater and after a couple rough years I got to 191lbs. That is more then I weighed full term pregnant with either of my kids. I had tried every mainstream diet, running, and fad drink but nothing worked. I was skeptical that this would work for me but I had nothing to lose.  I started with a 16/8 window then quickly moved up to a 20/4. I was shocked how easy it was for me.  The weight just started to fall off. I didn’t really change what I ate but I did start making smarter choices. When you only have a short eating window you want to fill it will good filling foods that make you feel good and not bloated.  I have had my struggles over this journey but when a bump happens I change up my eating window or clean up what I’m eating and the weight comes off again. It’s all about listening to your body, being patient, and trusting the process.  I have lost 40lbs, no more tension headaches, no more cramps with monthly period, bloating is gone, hair and nails growing fast and gained so much confidence. I haven’t weighed this little since high school. IF works, it just shows results different in everyone.



My friend recommended I look for health podcasts to learn more about how I was feeling and how to make a change and that is when I came across Waist Away! I fell in love with Chantel's personality and was hooked right away. I downloaded them all and tried to catch up on episodes as quick as I could. In January (2019) I decided to try intermittent fasting. I also started walking my son to school every day, instead of driving. By May, 2019 I had lost 30lbs!!! And was feeling SO MUCH BETTER. My consistent nausea and irregular bowel movements got better and my constant fatigue is gone! I've tried a few different eating windows, but I've found 1pm-7pm works best for me and I know this is a lifestyle that I can maintain!!

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Hello Friends! I am sharing this testimonial to encourage you and prayerfully add value to your life in some way! When I first thought of "Fasting", I was like NO WAY, I have always had a naturally low blood sugar, and I will pass out from not eating! Well, of course, I found no truth in that!  As I dove in reading and learning from Chantel's Waist Away Book, I gained so much insight as to Fasting and how it should have been a part of my everyday life from the start! Actually, it was, but I just didn't realize it! You see, I became a mom at 17 and BEFORE pregnancy, I had always been thin. I have ALWAYS been a very picky (thin) eater so I've always eaten whatever I craved or wanted! Well, since pregnancy, ALL of that CHANGED for me! I struggled with my health and weight all of my adult life! Such in bondage, hating to even look at my own body and crazy with all of the yo-yo diets and meal plans I've tried!! I do not do well with restrictions or limitations because I am STILL a very picky eater! I also found I am a happy social eater as well! I REALLY needed The Chantel Ray WAY in my life to get me back to being healthy and thin again! I have learned to recognize my true hunger and to really savor my food. I have lost 30lbs, and I still have more to shed to get to "my thin", but I am so very GRATEFUL that I have found my WAY back!!! It is so important to be happy healthy than any number on a scale, and I look forward to diving in deep with Chantel's FASTING TO FREEDOM!!!

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Donna Dube

I struggled with morbid obesity for decades. In 2017, someone posted a picture of me that became my moment of change.

I had tried various low-calorie diets for decades. I always lost weight and then gained it back with a vengeance. In my lifetime, I had lost 100 pounds several times and ultimately gained it back.

I am a registered nurse and research is in my blood. I began delving into weight loss strategies in 2017 because I knew I needed to make a change. I discovered Gin Stephens’ book, Delay, Don’t Deny, and Jason Fung, M.D.’s book, The Obesity Code, and felt like they were talking directly to me. Finally, my weight battle did not seem like my fault.

I began intermittent fasting in 2017 and followed one meal a day. I have lost a total of 140 pounds, no longer have high blood pressure or pre-diabetes, have skin tags and scars which have disappeared, and have eliminated GERD and arthritic pain.

I am now into my third year and continue to lose and become leaner. This is the best health plan ever....and it’s free.

Debbie B Testimonial

Debbie B

I lost 40lbs using intermittent fasting and Whole30. Big thank you to Chantel Ray for her wonderful book "Waist Away: The Chantel Ray Way" and her awesome podcast that keeps me learning about health!

Even though I strive to eat lots of fresh vegetables and unprocessed foods, I tend to overeat. Fasting has allowed me to control my weight by limiting my food consumption and it has given me lots of additional health benefits. Most days I eat once a day but other days I eat whatever I am craving even if it is not whole foods. I have learned to wait to eat until I am truly hungry. It is a lifestyle that really works for me!