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Sherri Daron

Hi! I’m a 44 year old wife to Paul and mother of 2 very active kids, Jack 13 and Elli 10. I also work a full time job and volunteer at my church weekly. With always being on the run I found myself eating here, there, and everywhere! And, I am 100% southern. I’m from Tennessee, went to college in Arkansas, and now live in Texas. Everyone knows the foods in the South are smothered, covered, and topped with everything from gravy to deep fried. So on top of eating at all hours of the day I was not making the best food choices and almost always over eating. When I found the Waist Away program I knew it was going to be my saving grace! I could still have some of the deep fried southern foods that I love but also learn to not over eat as long as I was in my 6 hour window. Within a few weeks I had lost 10 pounds! And by the second month of following the program it had become routine and was more of a lifestyle for me.  If I want to lose a little more I just shorten my window to five hours or four hours and I try to eat cleaner during those hours.  My favorite part is that I never feel deprived! I always feel satisfied and I absolutely love the results!