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"If you have a pulse, you have PARASITES" - Dr. Todd Watts says.
Chronic parasites are a huge reason why so many people stay stuck in their healing. A truly holistic parasite cleansing is essential. Skipping this part will undermine other efforts.
These are 2 Options supported by Functional Medicine Community and what most patients love when it comes to dealing with parasites. Both options will include several products to help with decreasing your parasitic burden.
  1. Most beneficial: The Foundational Protocol (4 months) or for those that are chronically ill/autoimmune Comprehensive Protocol (9 months).
  2. Maintenance: The Jumpstart Kit (1 month) to open up energy and drainage before any killing - very important!!! Para Kit to follow. (1 month at beginner dosing or full moon challenges)
CellCore products are not available to public and can only be purchased through qualified practitioners who specialize in gut health. You will have to register first, unless you already established your account in the past.
Please follow these instructions to create your account:
Below is information from the CellCore Practitioner Guide, Learning Center and Resources area regarding the topic about Parasites.
Product Clinical Reference Sheet:
Key Resources:
Parasites and CellCore Formulas: What CellCore Products should I use for specific parasites? Please see the image below. We always recommend addressing Cestodes and Nematodes first.