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Intermittent Fasting Success

Are you one of the many people who's had success with One Meal A Day (OMAD)? We hear from so many people whose lives have been changed by OMAD. We want to hear your story and celebrate with you!

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I was an emotional eater and after a couple rough years I got to 191lbs. That is more then I weighed full term pregnant with either of my kids. I had tried every mainstream diet, running, and fad drink but nothing worked.  My mom introduced me to IF back in February 2019 after her having fast results and seeing great non scale benefits. I have always been someone that would get sick if my blood sugar got I thought.  I had to have protein for breakfast or I would be sick by 10am. I was skeptical that this would work for me but I had nothing to lose.  I started with a 16/8 window then quickly moved up to a 20/4. I was shocked how easy it was for me.  The weight just started to fall off. I didn’t really change what I ate but I did start making smarter choices. When you only have a short eating window you want to fill it will good filling foods that make you feel good and not bloated.  I have had my struggles over this journey but when a bump happens I change up my eating window or clean up what I’m eating and the weight comes off again. It’s all about listening to your body, being patient, and trusting the process.  I have lost 40lbs, no more tension  headaches, no more cramps with monthly period, bloating is gone, hair and nails growing fast and gained so much confidence. I haven’t weighed this little since high school. IF works, it just shows results different in everyone.

Nina testimonial

Wooow!!! I’d a never thought that I’d ever lose weight!! I have been struggling since I was a kid! I’d always start a diet and then quit soon after. I’d start an exercise plan and quit that too! Back in 2007...four months after having my second daughter, I became type 2 diabetic and was minutes away from my death with a blood sugar of almost 1000 and A1C that was 13. I lived in denial about it and kept having to be admitted to the hospital even though I was taking meds, I thought I could eat whatever and cover it with insulin(stupid I know)! Years went by and in 2014...I thought I had it all figured out! Blood sugar was starting to become regular and I lost weight. My A1C was getting better after it being rocky for years. I ended up getting super depressed(I suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and some OCD ever since I was younger)I ended up going back to square one. Which led me to emotional eating(I’ve always turned to food as my comfort blanket). Anyway, my doctors were upset with me!! My cardiologist(I have a heart condition) he told me it would benefit me in the long run if I get some weight loss surgery but sadly I couldn’t get it. My PCP was furious with me because all the progress I made was shattered! I ended up getting high blood pressure, my lipid panel was bad, my liver and spleen were enlarged and I ended up getting Kidney stones like every single month!! I already had two surgeries back in 2011 and 2012. Both were for a skin disorder called Hidradenitis! Sweat glands removed from my armpits and an Abdominoplasty! Then in 2014 is when I started having surgeries on my heart!

Anyways, moving forward lol! My older brother came down to visit for our moms birthday and thanksgiving last November and he ended up making this really sweet video of the family and when I saw pictures of myself with my big ass stomach, my huge double chin...I was completely mortified!! But I kept watching the video over and over for the whole rest of the month and well into December! Then Christmas came and I saw photos of myself and was horrified that I keep letting myself go like this! I know a lot of it was my mental illnesses and I just didn’t care! I was showing my girls these unhealthy eating habits of mine and fussing at them for the same thing! They were only mimicking me and plus my youngest is a bit on the heavier side! Then one day my boyfriend surprised me with getting me a gym membership to Planet Fitness!! I was over the moon!! I then started looking on Facebook for a diabetic group and that’s when it all started! I cut out all the junk food(I already done stopped drinking sodas years ago but I drank juices) but I still ate my Twizzlers Pull And Peel And chocolate only on occasion which was still bad. Within months My blood sugars started to drop as well as the weight!

But I wasn’t satisfied with my weight loss. I did start following an LCHF diet and I kept seeing the word “Keto” and was curious. So naturally I did research and joined a group on Facebook for more insight and then I just incorporated it in my daily life! But I Felt like I needed to do more and I read somewhere that IF helps type 2 diabetics. So I started reading up on it and found this group and I’ve sat back and read all kinds of articles and posts. Then I downloaded the Life App and hit the start fast button and boom..before ya know it I completed my first 18 hr fast with a breeze. So then I kept adding an hour and eventually I made it to 48 hrs no problems!! But anyway my PCP was excited for me(I didn’t tell her I was doing keto/IF)! My blood sugars are now between 75-115! Sure the hell beats being in the 300’s!! My A1C back when I started was like 8 and now it’s 5.0. My feet were hurting tremendously due to neuropathy and arthritis! Now my feet definitely don’t hurt and if I ever need a pain pill it’s rare like once a week instead of everyday!! I forgot to mention I have a disc in my neck in the back that causes my neck to really hurt and give me the worst migraines(I also suffer from migraines period due to a tiny spot on my brain) so I’m getting hit with double migraines! But since I’ve lost weight, I don’t have that pain anymore like I used too!

I’ve noticed how much more comfortable I am in my body and since losing weight..I enjoy going clothes shopping!!! I can sit in the car and the seatbelt is sooo much looser. I can enjoy going on amusement park rides now! I love looking in the mirror at my body and being proud of how far I’ve come and just the fact that I NEVER GAVE UP!!! My fasts aren’t like set. I just do it and if I feel hungry I’ll stop it and eat but I always make it past 20 hrs before that happens! I normally do OMAD! I also drink but it’s on occasion like a bday party or something but I am not a casual one drink kinda gal!! I’m a drink and get wasted kinda a gal and I’ve still managed to maintain!! The only cheating I do is I’ll take a tiny bite of whatever my kids/bf has! I mean the tiniest bite! My doctor took me completely off all insulin and cut my Beta Blocker in half and I don’t have to take my blood pressure medicine anymore!! If I can do this you all can too! And what better way to inspire others is if I tell my story!!


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I struggled with morbid obesity for decades. In 2017, someone posted a picture of me that became my moment of change.

I had tried various low-calorie diets for decades. I always lost weight and then gained it back with a vengeance. In my lifetime, I had lost 100 pounds several times and ultimately gained it back.

I am a registered nurse and research is in my blood. I began delving into weight loss strategies in 2017 because I knew I needed to make a change. I discovered Gin Stephens’ book, Delay, Don’t Deny, and Jason Fung, M.D.’s book, The Obesity Code, and felt like they were talking directly to me. Finally, my weight battle did not seem like my fault.

I began intermittent fasting in 2017 and followed one meal a day. I have lost a total of 140 pounds, no longer have high blood pressure or pre-diabetes, have skin tags and scars which have disappeared, and have eliminated GERD and arthritic pain.

I am now into my third year and continue to lose and become leaner. This is the best health plan ever....and it’s free.


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