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Lindsay Kuhl

As a 38 year old wife and busy mom of 4 kids (4,6,9, 10) who are involved in lots of sports, music and activities with our church, I struggled to not just snack all day long or eat the leftover pb&j off my kids’ plates.  Now, using the Chantel Ray Way of intermittent fasting, only eating within my 6 hour window, I pay closer attention to when I am eating and if I am eating because I am really hungry or if I am just eating because it’s in front of me.  Eating the 80/20 way has helped me to not binge on leftover pizza and donuts.  If it’s in my window, I may eat one slice of pizza or have a couple bites of a donut, but living this lifestyle has given me discipline and seeing the results keeps me motivated to continue living this way.  In the first 4 weeks doing intermittent fasting, I lost 6 lbs and plan to completely wean myself off my medication for hypothyroidism.  For someone on the go with lots of schedules to manage, the Chantel Ray Way has been a game changer!