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Learn The Truth To Lose Weight

I have interviewed over 1,0000 women and you are going to see the what they used to lose weight and lose the bondage to food and overeating.

Think like a Thin Eater

Heal your body

Identify your eating window and stick to it

Never deny yourself which leads to binging

Escape the slavery of yo-yo dieting

Adopt a 80/20 lifestyle

Turn to God instead of food

Eat what your body is craving

Recognize true hunger

You don't have to do this on your own anymore.

For Less Cost Than A Personal Trainer, You Can Have A Personal Coach That Will Guarantee You Will Lose 10lbs Within The Next 4 Weeks

Normally $500, We Are Reducing This Offer For A Limited Time

$395 For 4 Weeks

That is Cheaper Than The Average Personal Trainer

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Success Stories

The results you are looking for are attainable. Check out these testimonials from real people looking for real solutions.


Heather Roemmich

I’ve tried many different diets, and I’m so glad to have finally found something that fits my lifestyle. I have been Intermittent Fasting and applying the principles found in this book for 5 months now, and have lost 17.5 lbs […]


Ally Hansen

I was skeptical when I heard about Intermittent Fasting but decided to give it a try. I have combined Intermittent Fasting with a lower carb lifestyle, and five months later, have lost over 40 lbs and have gained a new perspective […]


New customer

I have been doing the Chantel Ray Way for the last six months and I will never go back to my old way of eating. I do not like to deprive myself of the foods I love to eat. I love that I can eat during my window […]