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Jocelyn Sidwell Holman Health Coach, NASM CPT, FNS, BCS

Jocelyn is known for her love of nutrition , fitness and wellness.  Her focus is on a healthy food relationship while prioritizing plant foods to optimize clean eating. Being a Institute for Integrative Nutrition  graduate in 2012, her passion for fitness led her to become certified with National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2015 as well. She has taken her desire to improve her client’s overall wellbeing with an in-home practice, online coaching, along with coaching fitness and nutrition classes at several gyms in the area.
She prides herself in proper movement and motivating her clients to surpass their goals. She loves to coach functional fitness and how to use your body properly along with HIIT classes. She enjoys living the lifestyle of fitness, nutrition and wellness. Her fitness and food motivation along with mindset will help you achieve the same.  
Her love of a healthy lifestyle still allows a little indulgence.  She believes in the 80/20 rule and enjoys a cocktail or glass of wine.  Her wanderlust and beach lover lifestyle keep her active and balanced in the hustle and bustle of daily life.  She can help you find the balance of with a healthy food relationship while feeling like a human and enjoying your favorite recipes.  Speaking of recipes, her favorite Chantel Ray Way recipes are the cabbage crunch, detox salad and of course the chocolate mousse.  Life is all about balance and enjoyment.  Jocelyn looks forward to coaching you to be the best YOU!