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If you don’t want to do Intermittent Fasting but still want to lose weight, you can simply wait to eat every time your stomach growls.. The problem with waiting for your stomach to growl each time you eat is there is no way to plan. You will never know when exactly your stomach will growl. So if something unexpected comes up, like someone asking you to go out to eat, it can be very difficult to plan your life around your growl.

I interviewed over 1,000 people for this book and realized not all of them participated in Intermittent Fasting, and so I made a chart. This chart shows that:

70% of the people I interviewed ate two meals a day. Either breakfast and dinner, lunch and dinner, breakfast and lunch, etc.

10% of the people I interviewed ate only one meal a day, and maybe with a tiny snack. But for the most part, one meal.

Another 10% told me they ate three times a day. But over and over I found that the third meal was always a hundred calories or less. So maybe for breakfast they have orange juice, a fruit, a yogurt…something small for 60-100 calories. They also ate extremely small portion sizes for their other two meals. The people I interviewed in this category I felt that they were not as free with their food. They cared a lot more about how many calories they ate at each meal, proteins, etc. Also, eating

The final 10% of people I interviewed vary- sometimes they have one meal, sometimes they have three, it varies.

So you have to figure out which one you want to stick with. If you decide you want to do three meals a day and maybe just have one small 100 calorie meal in the morning,

My suggestion is to stick with no more than two meals a day in a 6 hour window or less. That’s how I’ve seen people have the best results.

If you need a transition to Intermittent Fasting, you could start out with the three meals a day and a tiny 100 calorie meal in the morning to tie you over. But even with this tiny 100 calorie meal, you are missing out on the benefits of fasting!

When you fast, something happens called autophagy. This means “self eating”and this is when your body cleans out various debris, toxins, and damaged cells. I have some psoriasis on my forehead, but I’ve found that when I do a 2 day or 24 hour fast my psoriasis clears up. Why is that? Because when your body is digesting food you are spending so much time and energy digesting that your body can’t heal the other parts. With my inflammation in my knee, the more I fast, the more energy my cells have to heal my body. This is the main reason why I highly recommend transitioning to Intermittent Fasting as quickly as you can.