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Chantel Ray's Biography

Chantel Ray, the owner of multi-million dollar real estate company CanZell Real Estate and author of Amazon best seller Waist Away - The Chantel Ray Way, Fasting to Freedom - The Gift of Fasting, One Meal And a Tasting, and Freedom From Food - A Six Week Bible Study Course. Chantel is an accomplished speaker and with her inspiring, passionate warm sense of humor has entertained, trained and motivated thousands of Christians based on her books. She is passionate about her work and her success as a speaker is evidenced by the many positive comments by those who have attended her seminars, talks, presentations, and workshops.

Chantel has an informative and inspiring approach, and has inspired many, encouraging religious following and self-confidence. She instills practical coping skills with charm, warmth and humour. Her presentations include keynote speaking to ladies groups, church programs, biblical speaking.

Chantel And Kyle

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