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Welcome to the Free Virtual Bible Study

Welcome to Waist Away Bible Study! After you sign up, you will receive access to 6 free Bible Study videos that you can watch on your own, or in a small group. We encourage you to go through this process in a small group because accountability is the key to creating the habits for permanent weight loss.

  • No special pre-packaged foods to buy, and you are never going to need pre-packaged foods like Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig again!
  • Save money because by incorporating fasting, you will eat less food than you were before. You will be eating ½ or 2/3 of what you were you before, hence saving money.
  • Build community and accountability by going through this process in a group.
  • Accountability opportunities by signing up for coaching at

We will spend the next 6 weeks learning the key principles to understanding true hunger and fullness through the Holy Spirit. This is the opportunity to break free from overeating and fad dieting once and for all in an environment of support and understanding.

The Bible Study is completely free, but you may want to check out these accompanying books as well: