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Become A Coach

It has been proven that if you help someone else to overcome a challenge the you yourself conquered, it helps builds life long habits for yourself.  Teaches others is a rewarding and spiritual experience.  And we always have room for coaches.  That being said, we do want to make sure our valued clients have the same experience with each one of our coaches.  If you are interested in becoming a coach, here are the high standards we hold to each one of our amazing coaches.

Qualifications to Become a Certified Chantel Ray Way Coach:

  • Must have read the entire book, Waist Away
  • Must Understand and agree with all Biblical Principles in Waist Away Book
  • Must have memorized and be prepared to be quizzed on the 10 Biblical Principles and 10 Chantel Ray Way Rules
  • Must have had success losing weight and/or maintaining ideal body weight using the principles in the book
  • Must successfully complete CRW training video portals
  • Must have listened to all current CRW Podcasts, and listen to new ones as they are released weekly
  • Must be actively following the principles in the book- this needs to be a part of your lifestyle

Weekly Expectations for a Coach:

Send daily texts to each coaching client, Monday-Saturday, including photos of all meals and snacks, and noting when the eating window is opened and closed, photos for weekly weigh ins (60 minutes per client per week)

30 Minute Personal phone call with each coaching client (30 minutes per client per week)

Memorize weekly Scriptures alongside coaching clients


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