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122: #122 Functional Medicine vs. Traditional Medicine, TSH Ranges, and Using Cranberry To Fight UTI’s - with Dr. Lacey Chittle!

October 29, 2019

Today's guest is Dr. Lacey Chittle, Practitioner of Functional Medicine! She has a BS in Exercise Biology (an emphasis on nutrition), a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Two internships in Neurology, and an extensive continuing education in all things health. To deepen her understanding of how to help others to regain their health, she completed all 7 advanced practice modules with The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), the leading authority on functional medicine. She has an unwavering conviction in the body’s ability to heal, a deep understanding on how to achieve this and the empathy of a survivor. Lacey truly is the solution that modern medicine is begging for. Enjoy!


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**(04:54) - Can you explain Functional Medicine vs. Traditional Medicine?

**(06:23) - Narrow Window of Ranges

**(07:41) - TSH Range

**(10:13) - Standard Deviation analogy

**(11:32) - What do you eat in an average day?

**(13:15) - What are your red light foods?

**(16:15) - Listener Question 1

**(20:32) - Cranberry cures?

**(21:48) - How to avoid UTI's [mature]

**(23:30) - Listener Question 2

**(29:04) - Listener Question 3

**(32:31) - Listener Question 4

**(34:32) - Listener Question 5

**(38:30) - Listener Question 6

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