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347: Why Detoxification Is More Important Than Nutrition For Your Weight Loss, Anti-aging, Disease Reversal, Gut Microbiome, and more - with Warren Phillips!

May 12, 2021

Welcome back to the podcast! In today’s must-listen episode, Chantel got to speak with Warren Phillips. He is the Co-founder of Health Centers of the Future. As a credentialed geologist, his background in environmental studies led him to understand the impact synthetic chemicals and environmental toxins have upon the human condition.

He’s found unprecedented inroads into reaching people with serious conditions including thyroid illness, weight loss resistance, diabetes, and the diseases we’ve mistakenly come to associate with aging. Warren also owns and operates Revelation Health, a company with a commitment to helping people cut through the nutritional confusion and find real answers to their health needs.


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Read Transcript

Chantel Ray: Hey, guys, it's Chantel Ray from the Waist Away through intermittent fasting podcast, and today I'm so excited. We are talking with Warren Phillips and we are going to be talking about detox cleansing. He is an expert on this. And we are going to learn why detoxification is more important than nutrition for your weight loss, anti aging disease reversal, your gut, my microbiome and so much more. And we know that fasting is cleansing and detoxifying. But today we're going even deeper. And we've got some shocking topics that you are going to be like, whoa, when we talk about them. But we are majorly talking about cleansing your cells and how to detoxify your body like you never have before. And I do have a special deal for you at the end, so you don't want to miss it. So make sure you listen all the way to the end. And now let me introduce you to Warren Phillips welcome assumption.
Warren Phillips: So honored and privileged to be here speaking with you today to speak with your audience. Love, intermittent fasting, intermittent fasting all the time. We've been actually coaching and training doctors for over 20 years on utilizing intermittent fasting, partial fasting for day water, fasting. Fasting is something that I love. But what we found in through all of this is that detoxification is critical to intermittent fasting and hormone sensitivity and so much more. In fact, the shocking nature of this topic is why detoxification? I believe and I think you're going to understand and believe by the end of this, through science, not through opinion, not through fact or what I say, but through actual literature. The detoxification for many of us is more important than nutrition for your gut microbiome. We know important that it's weight loss. We all love to lose weight and trim down and still have more energy, man, even to A.H.. And disease reversal detoxification is critical for all these areas. We're going to break it down today. Whether you listen to this in a podcast or you're watching this on YouTube, this is going to be a very powerful topic. And for me, it's near and dear to my heart and I'm honored. And let me get a little bit of my story. We didn't get into that yet, but I'll tell you why this is so important to me. I mean, I lost my life and you're going to find out about it. And it was not cool. Chantel to me was twenty five years old. I had to sell everything and move back into my parent's house. And I know you're into real estate. Luckily I subdivided the lot with sixty thousand dollars in cash and that money is what I lived on for about five years because I just couldn't function as a human. So I literally lost my life. And here I am, all-American athlete Warren Phillips, just Penn Relays. I set records at my school. I still hold records and all this stuff. Right. Super healthy, straight-A student, 4.0 and graduate school went on to reduce, recycle, reuse and clean up the environment. I loved doing these things, but in that
Speaker 3: transition I started cleaning up hazardous waste for a living and I got very, very ill. I'm a published scientist. I studied the binding of heavy metals and environment and I wanted to clean up the world to protect people, to clean the environment, to save animals. All the good reasons we do things. You can't destroy the environment if you want to live there and enjoy it in the coming year. So here I am cleaning up something called mercuric oxide. And you might not be able to see this if you're not watching on a video. But Grain's used to be coated in the 80s, so not that long ago. I mean, some of the best music came out in the eighties, didn't it? I would say so. I got my first my workout is the eighties workout music. Right. That's what I loved to jam to. That brings me back, especially in times like today. So they used to grains, corn, wheat, oats and mercuric oxide. Now, many of you might not understand why, but I'm going to Chantel. Is there any reason why you would think back in the eighties we would cook grain with mercuric oxide? That's mercury oxide. Any any guesses?
Chantel Ray: My only guess would be to try to think they would use it as a pesticide so that maybe bugs wouldn't get to it. I don't know.
Warren Phillips: Absolutely brilliant. You are correct. Mercury, we're going to find out, doesn't just kill some things. It kills everything. Right. So when you would bury that grain, it would keep fungus from growing on it. That's why we put it in vaccines and use it as a preservative sometimes. That's why they use it. A preservative in 80s for eyecare, solution for your contacts. It kills everything. You're not going to get an infection in your eye and you're definitely not going to get fungus, molds, insects eating this stuff. You start eating it. It's way stronger than rat poisoning. It's the second most toxic substance on the on Earth. So here I am cleaning this stuff up and what I realized in my journey and I'm going to show the next slide here, it's not advancing for some reason.
Chantel Ray: I do want to encourage people if you are listening right now. It does make it more powerful if you can also watch it, so I do encourage you to go to this YouTube channel, subscribe and watch it as well.
Warren Phillips: That is a really good point. So if you can, you're listening to this and you could go watch your YouTube channel, Chantel
Chantel Ray: waste away through intermittent fasting.
Warren Phillips: Perfect. I love that topic. And and I love that you're transforming lives and getting out this powerful message that doesn't even cost you much. Or if anything, it's just a lifestyle switch and it can really transform your life. And the next slide, what or image, if you're watching is me. And you're are you seeing the Chantel?
Chantel Ray: Yes, absolutely.
Warren Phillips: Perfect. There's there's there's a message and a movement here. And the things I want to be sharing are shocking and a little bit scary when it comes to toxins in our life. I don't want you to get scared, right? I don't want you to not live your life. What I want you to do is just realize that there's hope if you're like the guy on the left or the right or however you're seeing this right now. That's when I first move him home. And that was in Christmas. And I've at this point, I've been to 10 different doctors, 50 different doctor visits. The best they could do for me was Effexor and some pain meds because I had fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue. I was two hundred and ten pounds. You know, I never weighed that much, even at my age. I was also a football player in college as well. And so and the other thing, if you're seeing this slide, I had had a smile on and I looked kind of happy and I had my little shirt on. You could even see it was a brand new Christmas shirt. If you look closely, you'll see the little large on there. Right, or Zell at the time. And I had a smile, but it wasn't a real smile. It was a fake smile because I didn't enjoy life. I didn't treat people like they needed to be treated because I was so short and angry and sick. I stopped praying I couldn't function as a human any longer. I was chemically sensitive. I didn't sleep at night. I were still my neck because of the fibromyalgia. I'd wear one of those whiplash, you know, donuts around my neck at night. I could only say one prayer in my life got here, my body that my praise your name once again because I'm a Christian, because I'm freakin pissed. I didn't like where I was that if I didn't have some higher power, I would offed myself. So this is the situation I'm in and this is the situation I got out of. I lost all my hopes and dreams. I wanted to be married. I wanted a home. I wanted all those things, a yard and a garden. And I couldn't even garden the stress of me going to plant flowers. When I was at, my parents would wipe me out.
Chantel Ray: Wow, that's amazing.
Warren Phillips: This is a it's a big deal and there's a lot of people that are suffering. They don't realize detoxification, proper detoxification, not a seven day cleanse, not a colon cleanse, those sorts of things, man. Anybody intermittent fast, that's great. But you're burning fat and that causes toxins released in your body that can cause you to have a toxic rebound effect and put the weight back on. That's another great secret for an audience like this. But the great news is, is that if you can see the picture shredded, healthy, not as healthy as I am now, that's a day after my wedding. That's a day right before he flew to St. Martin and had the most wonderful experience. Met my wife. Actually, I won't get into this story of the another topic for us to talk about marriage. I got married about a month after meeting my wife, and it was a for no other reason that we just thought it was the right thing to do. So if you thought I was crazy before now, you really think I am. I hope everyone's laughing at me.
Chantel Ray: Yeah, I know. I got married when we might. I dated my husband and we actually broke up and got back together, but we got married. We made the decision when we decided we were getting married. We got married one month later.
Warren Phillips: So you get right when you know, you know, and this fellow on the right got his life back. And that's really the hope of what we want to share today is I want to share you a message of why detoxification may be the reason you don't not doing proper detoxification. And what we're going to share with you at the end is something that only we've done through physicians that we've trained for over twenty years. And now it's going to be something super special we're going to do for this audience to a very limited amount of group. And so that's why Chantel is doing this for us today. So before I jump into the topic today of why detoxification is more important in nutrition, and I'm going to get some great questions from from folks that are watching live from Chantel as well. But I'm a published scientist and chemists, huge toxic advocate. I actually created a new organization called the Non Toxic Project, where I'm certifying products as non toxic for from heavy metals and other bacteria and analysis to make sure that we override, because a lot of things we're consuming today are super toxic and we don't know what co founder of many different things and several businesses. But the most important thing is I got my life back and that's the whole point of today, is to take your health and life to the next level. Chantel, before I jump into this topic or this podcast, what we're listening to, do you have any questions before we move on now?
Chantel Ray: I think I'm ready to dove in.
Warren Phillips: All right. So. Major point right now, get out a pen and paper, write down some questions that you can you can chime back in to Chantel through. I'm sure he has many different ways to to communicate with with you and with with me. And we'll answer questions as we go. But you're going to learn a lot today, and my goal is to inspire you. So that you can make changes in your life and health, so I want you to write down some takeaways, some inspiration that you're going to have, and it's going to be life changing for you, I promise. Detoxification is more important than nutrition for weight loss, longevity, immunity, hot topic and your microbiome. And I want to go through the science today, get some feedback from Chantel, make sure you understand this information. But this is critical to your life. What you're going to learn today could be the answer that you've been looking for for years and years. And that fake smile is going to be no more. You're actually going to your brain is going to turn back on. Your hormones are going to balance because we're going to find out why toxins are so destructive. These notorious toxins, these lying toxins are stealing from your life and you don't even know it. So why I believe detoxification is more important than nutrition for your gut microbiome and will even hit that topic a little bit in here. This is one of my favorite and most powerful slides, the gut microbiota, a major player in the toxicity of environmental pollutants. And what I want to read to you is that there's clear evidence that bacteria dependent metabolism of pollutants modulates toxicity for hosts don't. Don't stay tuned. I know I'm reading science here, and that's not typically what someone to do, but I'm here to empower you to and I'm going to explain this to you. Conversely, environmental contaminants from various chemical families have been shown to alter the composition and or metabolic activity of your gut bacteria or gastro intestinal bacteria, which may be an important factor in contributing to someone's individual microbiota. Now, why am I sharing this with you? Why is that important? Let me break this down. There's various chemical families, right? There's volatile organic compounds. There's heavy metals like mercury and lead. There's pesticides, there's herbicides, various chemical families that can come in and alter the composition and the metabolic activity of your gut microbiota. Who cares? I take an antibiotic. It messes up my gut. What does that mean? Why is that important to me? I'll tell you why. Your individual microbiota, what I just shared with you is a fingerprint of your health, if you're missing and you have a certain fingerprint like this and they've studied this, it's every disease is linked to a microbiota type, someone's individual microbiome type. So if you have this this kind of fingerprint, I'll put my finger. Go back to my video here. If you have this fingerprint, which many of us do, you have diabetes? If you have this fingerprint, you're obese. If you have this fingerprint, you have audio immune disease. If you have this fingerprint and these bugs in this microbiota wipe this map of bugs, this combination, you're an all star athlete. It is that critical to your health. And what this is saying and what other research is saying is what if you had mercury amalgams in your mouth? Whenever we talked about mercury, it kills everything that's dribbling, destroying your mouth microbiome, your nasal microbiome, even into your skin in your gut, all that. It's changing it to a gut microbiome. And we'll get into genetics in a bit. It's going to change it to where you're going to be set up for diabetes. It could be the very reason you have it, because these toxins alter and shape your individual microbiome type and your individual microbiome type. One hundred percent dictates your health outcomes. So when I say detoxification is more important than nutrition for your microbiome, this is why I'm saying and this is why I think it's so critical now the opposite is true. Here's the hope message. You get rid of the toxins that are killing and altering your microbiome, you change your lifestyle, you listen to a podcast like Chantel, your life can change and change radically. And that's why we're sharing this today, Chantel.
Chantel Ray: Well, I think that, you know, people don't even realize how many hidden toxic ingredients are in everything that they're doing. I mean, the artificial colors that are in every all these foods that are there, the artificial sweeteners, even, you know, even the Splenda that that's there, like some of them are just, you know, aspartame, chlorine, all the chlorine that's in things that conventional dairy products, all the dangerous pharmaceutical ingredients that they're putting into our dairy products like estradiol, Dayal antibiotics, growth hormones, the fluoride in our water, the glyphosate is used in the herbicides and pesticides. I mean, it just the list goes on and on. And so if you don't have it in the top of your mind, you can kind of get so overwhelmed with everything that's out there. And you have to start focusing on, OK, if you just are a regular human, you are going to have all of these things coming at you and you have to make sure you are detoxifying.
Warren Phillips: It's a critical missing component in it and detox. The reason this is different and what we're learning about detox together today is different is that most detoxes people think I just you know, I'll just stop drinking coffee or I'm going to do a juice cleanse or I'm going to the colon cleanse. It doesn't fix you at the cellular level. It's not detoxing at the cellular level. I'm going to drink more water, a water fast. I mean, I would say out of all the the things is intermittent fasting and fasting is a great way to move toxins out of your body. But the build up that we have, there needs to be something major to do that. And I'm going to share that secret with you. And what give me my life back and thousands upon thousands of others through working through physicians. So this is a really cool, inspirational time for me to be able to share with a more public audience that may have may not know this. This is great. That's why I want you to be an advocate afterwards and say, hey, you need to detox right at the cellular level. We got to, you know, coined that phrase a little better. So here we are. Let's go into toxins. Why I believe detoxification is more important than nutrition for your immune system. I thought this is very timely because we want to strengthen our immune systems. But let's look at this. Environmental toxic toxicants in the developing immune system, a missing link in the global battle against infectious disease. So environmental toxins is an important aspect for the fight against infectious disease. Right. So this is Reproductive Toxicology Journal, April 1st, 2012. So why? Why would they write this? Well, what they found in their research is that the toxicology is a study of alterations in immunological mechanisms caused by chemicals and drugs. These alternate alterations may result in an increased incidence of infections and or developing tumors. So we always think of toxins and there's tons of research from multiple Berkely, you name it, EPA, that ninety ninety five percent of all cancer is toxin related and toxin triggered. That's a fact. Right. What they're saying here, too, is in this in this study is that it's triggering and weakening your immune system so the toxins are immunosuppressive. Let me give you an example. Mercury, when it comes into your body, your body does not like that's why they put it in vaccines, is because it causes an immune response. It causes a massive cytokine storm in your body. And if you have a mercury amalgam fillings in this, what we're going to share with you later is how to get the sources out of your life. Man, it is critical for to have a strong, robust immune system and as a proprietary thing, to decrease your chances of getting cancer. Because if you're toxic and you have a certain amount of toxins in your body, they they they've done the study. I'm going to talk about a National Geographic kind of small study that they did, and it talks about how the amount has cancer because of flame retardants in his body, increased it by like a thousand percent. Right. So this is critical for your longevity in your health and Chantel. Would you want to add to that?
Chantel Ray: Yeah, I had two mercury fillings myself, and I got them both removed and I felt so much better after I did. I wouldn't say that, you know, let's say if I was at a six, let's say I was at a seven point five on feeling good afterwards, it brought me up by like two, maybe eight or eight point to five. So it wasn't like it was like I woke up the next day and I was like a new person. But I felt like my I had to go down on my thyroid medication for me because I take a natural dessicated thyroid. And I ended up taking I had to go down on it once I started once I remove those mercury fillings. So I do think that that makes a big difference.
Warren Phillips: Well, and it makes sense that you would come down because Mercury mimics at the Zell t three or four home hormone in blocks that receptor and clogs that receptor. So you can once you start removing mercury and there's in this supply of mercury coming in, you're going to get more hormone sensitive to to the T three and four in the drug or discredit is isn't really a drug borderline. But I've taken it myself when I was sick to help me get my energy up. As a matter of fact, I was on it in my wedding picture. I got off of it because I didn't need it anymore because I continue to detox. So I'm excited. What we're going to share with you at the end is the same thing. Chantel is going to be doing it with you. So this is going to be this is super hot. This is super hot information. And you just explained why that would happen. And it's not just Mercury, man. I mean, we're talking glyphosate. We're talking all these. These, these. Notorious toxins that are impacting your life, these bad guys, man, it's no fun, but it is fun when you get them out because you get you get testimonies like Chantel had. So let's let's break this down and I'm going to keep moving. But now we're going to talk about this, right. Toxins are more important. Nutrition for disease reversal. Here it is. Current studies show that genetic predisposition accounts for approximately 30 percent of all autoimmune diseases. Not blaming mercury, but it's one of the top three toxins in your body. But it triggers Hashimoto's and things like that. So there's a lot of research on this stuff. So they're just saying that it's your genetic predisposition to get autoimmune disease and the rest, the 70 percent are due to environmental factors. This is right out of a research out of autoimmune disease. Twenty fourteen. The 70 percent are do the other 70 percent of autoimmune conditions are due to environmental factors, including here it is, toxic chemicals, dietary components, gut disposes. We talked about this biases, right? The the disorganization, the destruction of your gut microbiome, gut dis biases and overgrowth are bad bacteria. We could say Candida, but there's so much more than that. There's so many unique bugs. You have ten times the amount of bacteria than you do cells in your body. You weigh more in bacteria. Bacteria are our friends, not our foes. Oh, and let's say let's do this. You have one hundred times the amount of virus in your body, your big sack of bacteria and virus that are working synergistically, turning genes on and off. It is a crazy, complicated system. You take toxins just like in and farming. You start spraying toxins, you destroy the environment, you destroy the bugs, the natural microbiota that keeps that soil alive. You create dead soil that relies on an outside in approach to keep that farm moving. You take the chemicals away. Now there's everything else is dead. This is the same thing with drugs in your body can keep you alive. You take them away, you're dead, you don't thrive. So that's why this topic in the gut microbiome. I keep going back to it. It's just so critical to your health. And the last one got despues and infections. Now, let's break this down. We talked about toxins and how it's so important for your gut microbiome. We talked about toxins being important for for nutrition and fasting and we talked about immunity. So paint this picture. They're saying that genetic predisposition accounts for 30 percent of all autoimmune diseases. Do you know that you can have a gene that's set up for an autoimmune condition, but unless you trigger it, you're not going to get that disease of your genetic weakness? Guess what triggers genes. What toxins that toxins, trauma and infections, so now so it's one of the major causes of triggering genes. Michael J. Fox Parkinson's Disease, right. His direct quote is or similar to quote is that I had the genetic weakness of Parkinson's, but it was environmental toxins that pulled the trigger. So this topic of toxins in the true understanding of toxins is so critical to your health and life, vitality, even world change, because they're robbing and stealing from us blindly. And it's sad. So 70 percent are due to environmental factors. So they're saying environmental factors can trigger autoimmune, including toxic chemicals, diet, things that you talked about, the dietary things and not eating well and too much sugar and Splenda and all these other dietary components which alter your microbiome, by the way, because your microbiome will thrive in certain bugs, will thrive on the right foods that it was designed to eat and to feed them gut disposes, which we know toxins heavily affect your gut microbiome and your individual microbiome, type your microbiome, fingerprint and infections. We talked about how toxins weaken your immune system. You going to get more or less infections if you if you have more or less toxins in your body. Of course, if you have a weakened immune system because you're being exposed too many toxins, you're going to be weaker and trigger that as well. So that's kind of a wrap up slide to really show you the importance of true detoxification that we're going to get into shortly. Back to you.
Chantel Ray: Well, one thing that is so crazy, it was funny because I just got back from Costa Rica and I went for seven days and I felt like a million bucks. And I did a little search on Google. And I was thinking, you know, I wonder if it's just that Costa Rica doesn't have as much pesticides that they're spraying, because I literally was there for eight days and I never felt better. I mean, I was feeling like a million bucks and I looked up something and it said that Costa Rica was one of the top places that sprayed their food with pesticides, pesticides, and China was number two. And in the sense of how much they were spraying. And I think that and they had a few organic farms in Costa Rica and in places that didn't have it. But if you think about it, they have these people spraying. I was doing a lot of research on it. They literally have guys that are in plastic suits head to toe fully and sitting there spraying the food. Imagine that picture of someone head to toe in gear spraying your food, and that's what you're putting in your body and you have to get rid of it.
Warren Phillips: It's it's a it's a perfect picture because we're eating the food and you might as well and here's the thing. What's scary about when I did hazardous waste cleanup, what I discovered and what put me on this journey, and I didn't believe it at first, like I that's conspiracy. There's no way the government would allow that, right? Oh, my goodness. I think we're waking up to with to take full responsibility for our health. But what I discovered is I'm like, wait a minute. I had this personal protective equipment on the exact mass that matched the chemical. There's a you just don't wear one mask for one chemical. There's different. You got to match them up. I also have I was trained and has WOPR trained, certified to train people how to be safe and fit. Testing to the mask fit perfectly. I mean, I know this stuff in and out. But what I discovered what drove me nuts is that even though I got sick, it didn't always protect myself when I should should have and took my mask off during that mercury cleanup, unfortunately, and didn't didn't take this seriously. That the truth is, is your indoor home, the pharmaceuticals you're getting in your water supply that led the fluoride, the the heavy metals, the your your couch behind you that you bought from IKEA or wherever else is loaded with volatile organic compounds, the carpets in your home, the paints on your walls. That's why the EPA says that your indoor air quality is 100 times more toxic than the outdoor in the worst toxic air pollution that you can find. And we're sitting in these boxes and we're polluting our bodies. And it's we should be literally wearing masks. When you have four amalgam fillings in your mouth, you exceed the EPA. When you just drink a cup of hot coffee with those amalgams and you exceed the EPA air quality by like one hundred times. It's high enough to poison a dying elephant, but it's safe in your mouth. I actually went to I called the Federal Aviation Administration dental office because I was doing cleanup in that area and I knew a lot that was out there in Idaho. And so I called the call the dental office and I said, OK, you know, I have this guy who's telling me about this amalgam fillings stuff and they're saying it's toxic. He's like, and this is before I knew about safe dentistry or anything like that, that you had to go to the right dentist. You can't go to just any dentist to get amalgams out to make you sick. I know we keep talking about amalgams, but that that was just a that was I was heavy metal poison, so I was down arsenic, mercury. I thought I had Lyme disease. Like, I was really down the treadmill of trying to find the cause of why I was sick. And he said, yeah, it's hazardous waste when it comes into my office. I put it I put it into the person's mouth. If I take it out, it's hazardous waste again. If I chunk it out, I have to put it in a special container under under water or some chemical to keep the vapors from coming out. And it has to be characterized, sent off to a class three landfill and had a T clip analysis on all this stuff. And yeah, they measure my wastewater stream coming out of my office. It's like seven to ten times higher than it should be in Mercury. And I'm like, how can this be safe? It's safe in your mouth. It's only a little bit. Are you kidding me? It's hazardous waste when it's before it gets in your mouth, safe in your mouth and it's hazardous waste out. These are the things I didn't believe. So I had to send up my blood work and urine samples to multiple labs. I didn't trust anyone. But trust me, guys, I've done the homework. This stuff is killing you. And let me get into a topic that that will really be near and dear to your heart. Why detoxification is more important than nutrition for weight loss and disease reversal. If I didn't have you at hello on the other things, I'll get many of you now because we all want to look good and have energy and feel healthy. But toxic environment and obesity pandemic is the relationship. You bet your butt there is. Listen to this. Obesity is a multifactorial disease factorial disease resulting from genes. There it is again. You have the agouti gene. If you're missing a certain bacteria, if you have a certain bacteria, I forget the name of that. It can turn the gene off. People can switch their genetic profile because of bacteria, and it's saying it here already resulting from genes, because your genes get triggered from toxins, toxins kill your bugs that turn genes on and off as well. And there's another thing called methylation that turns genes on and off, not going their environment and behavior interactions and represents the most common metabolic disorder in the Western Hemisphere. In fact, its presence has dramatically risen in the last three decades, reaching worldwide epidemic proportions. OK, we have Kitto, we have intermittent fasting. We have all these tools, influencers, the Internet podcasts, and we're still dying of obesity. Why? I believe it's toxicity and we're passing on toxicity and trigger genes into our progeny, into it, which is our children, and it's destroying our health and life. If you if you don't want to detox for yourself, detox for the next generation, do a detox before you get pregnant, do it correctly and safely and not anywhere near your pregnancy, I would say six months away. I'm not giving medical advice, but I do recommend detoxing. But don't detox when you're pregnant or within six months of trying to conceive. But it's that important. Recent cumulative evidence suggest that obesity may represent an adverse health consequence of exposure during the critical developmental windows to environmental chemicals. Disrupting what endocrine function, endocrine system hormones, thyroid, cortisol, ghrelin, leptin, which is a hormone, tells your brain to burn fat for energy. It's disrupting that. Moreover, exposure to these chemicals seem to play the key role in development of obesity related metabolic and cardio vascular disease. So when I say I believe that detoxification is more important to nutrition for weight loss and disease reversal, this is my premise. And where I'm coming from, Chantel and those listening today.
Chantel Ray: Awesome.
Warren Phillips: Anything to add there? So, yeah,
Chantel Ray: I think I think that, you know, if you look at the number of people even who are on some sort of medication, whether I like the number of people that are on thyroid medicine and stuff like that, and there are people who are trying so hard to eat, you know, fruits and vegetables, they're trying to eat so well.
Warren Phillips: They're trying to do the right thing.
Chantel Ray: They're trying to. I wish I could find this video. You've got to see it. But it's this video of I watched this this farm and you all you see is mile after mile, you see fields there have banana trees and this kind of trees. There's no wildlife in sight. None. And all you see are farmers that are covered in hooded spray suits because they need to protect them from all the harmful chemicals that are sprayed. Like when you watch this video, it's so powerful. And so what you're saying is, listen, in your mind, you're trying so hard, right? Eating kale and bananas and fruits and vegetables, whatever it is. But meanwhile, you're looking at how much pesticides and stuff is coming on your food. So, yes, eating healthy and eating organic and eating this way is is good. But you've got to get those toxins out.
Warren Phillips: You've got to remove the source. We've got to start thinking about it and we've got to do it at the cellular level. And I'm going to I'm going to skip ahead a little bit because I know we want to keep this this true and concise. I'm going to go through a couple more side slides. But just to show you, even when you with our children, here's CNN. Right. How to avoid toxic metals in your baby food in yours. And then I'm going to do another one for National Geographic yet. But up in this in this study, up by reports. Ninety five percent of baby food contained one or more toxic heavy metals, including lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury. So we're talking about the obesity pandemic. Right. And we're saying, hey, toxins trigger the genes and you can pass. And they've done studies where the mouse study done. If you ever saw that study, where they trigger the agouti gene with toxins and then the mom got the mom mouse got really, really chunky and obese and then passed it on to the progeny. And then they use methylation to trigger the agouti gene or the mouse gene back off. She lost weight, had more kids that the baby mice didn't have the the trigger gene. But it's so critical, guys. And what's sad about this is that the levels of lead, and this is why I have the nontoxic project, is to not allow this to happen anymore. But some of the lead level in some of this food is so high and they're not testing it. California is saying prop sixty five, there might be a prop, there should be a prop sixty five warning on the baby food. Right. I mean, it's nuts, but the levels are so high that you can have a chronic exposure and acute exposure to a heavy metal and food. And even in case they found lead in organic kale. So there's no avoiding this stuff is the point. And the levels of lead were so high in some of these that it would cause an immediate neurological effect to that child. These these toxins, many of them are neurotoxins. They affect the neural tissue. They drive you nuts. You've heard of mad hatters disease. They used to put mercury in the felt hats, made you mad as a hatter. Right. There's some stories around that because it just makes you sick. And we're going to talk about Rome in a second to where the whole nation of Rome, the most powerful nation in the world, experts believe, fell apart because of there they put start putting lead in the aqueducts led sheets to for the water supply that this new invention, like glyphosate, we're going to change and be able to save our water so it doesn't evaporate and leak out everywhere. They put the let the lead lined their aqueducts, which is the water supply in their cities and the whole nation and in their wine vats. And that nation disappeared. And they believe that was why the country just went nuts and imploded.
Chantel Ray: Hmm, yeah, I haven't heard. I didn't hear about that story, but yeah, I think that lead in drinking water, I mean, I've heard so many stories.
Warren Phillips: Flint, Michigan. Right. I have a slide on that. Like, but here's the reality. My Internet's unstable. I hope it's I hope it's good enough and we're still recording. Are you still hearing me, everybody? Yeah. Okay, great. So moving on, this scientist on know Swedish chemist is on the. Let me just get to the point. So National Geographic this. Journalists said, hey, I want a National Geographic, will you pay fifteen thousand dollars to do this super expensive test to see how much toxins and and I write an article about it, they said, oh, yeah, that's good. That's good. Good marketing. That's a good topic. Let's do that. So this guy did he said he's a writer engaged in a chemical self discovery. Last Folley, he tested himself for three hundred and twenty chemicals he might have picked up from food, drink things. We're talking about the air they breathe, the products that touch my skin, my own secret stash of compounds acquired by merely living. That's us guys. Right is no better than a writer to explain. It includes odor chemicals that might have been exposed to decades ago DDT, PCBs, pollutants like lead mercury and dioxins, newer pesticides and plastic ingredients in the near miraculous compounds that lurk just just beneath the surface of modern life, making shampoos, fragrant pans, nonstick, fibrous, water resistant and fire safe. He asked National Geographic. They paid for it was 15 grand and he went through and they detected all these chemicals in his body. Right. Just by merely living all this fancy stuff that we think that makes our life better is actually killing us guys, that's the whole point of this. And they found levels of flame retardants in this guy that were like, I think, don't quote me on this, but a hundred times higher than someone who works in a manufacturing facility that makes flame retardants. No. Why? Because she's she or he is wearing a mask and the proper protective equipment. So they're not getting exposed. He was like 50 to 100 times higher. So the scientists are asking, like, what do you do for a living? I do this and you travel a lot. He's like, yeah, I travel. I'm a journalist. Oh, that's why. Because every time you go on a plane, the plane has that flame retardants weekly monthly to pass an OSHA flame retardant test of the if for some reason something sparks the plane doesn't go up. But did you know that flying gives you more exposure to flame retardants than someone who works in a manufacturing facility making flame retardants? We should be wearing masks in place for flame retardant. So that really brings it all together. We can't avoid this stuff. We can't afford fifteen thousand dollars in testing to find it's there. It's in you guys toxins are in you. And then here's the Rome from Rome to America. How toxic heavy metals destroyed a civilization. I've already talked about that. Back to you, Chantel.
Chantel Ray: Well, let's get down to the solution, because I think you've convinced us now that we do have all these toxins. So what do we need to do to cleanse and detox from them?
Warren Phillips: OK, let's go there. I mean, go to the slide. That would help explain that. Here's a glyphosate slide. I'll share that and we'll go right to it. There's a new problem for recent new generation glyphosate and dementia, right? Just destroying lives. Stephanie Smith might give you the reason I'm doing this Chantel. And it's not the typical back and forth with a health influencer. And I'm not saying I have all the answers. All I'm doing is presenting to you a real problem that most people aren't awake to. And you're getting slick marketing from all different angles on a detox or the seven day detox or, you know, the 14 day cleanse. That what we're going to discover in this solution is that it takes time and you have to do it correctly and safely. You're going to have to learn. And that's called true Sellier Detox. And there's a roadmap for it that I'm going to show you on this slide really explains how toxins are causing these symptoms in our lives. And I think it's really important to understand this, to understand that the premise of it we have we have a trillion cells like little buckets, right in our bodies and toxins and traumas and infections fill up over time as we live really live our lives. And that triggers inflammation. Inflammation is the cause of all disease, according to Time magazine and everyone out there, it's an inflammatory response in your body and that inflammation causes the symptoms that we have digestion, weight loss, resistance, dizziness, fatigue, brain fog, you name it. Right, hormone dysregulation. So we have to address toxins that's overflowing that bucket. Right. Causing an inflammatory response, causing these symptoms in your life. So the opposite is true. You lower that bucket, you lower your inflammation in your body, and that's why you start to feel better. Right. Hormones start working better, things like that. So toxins attach to the cell membrane. Your your cells are made up of this lipid bilayer fats. The toxins can come in and there's little receptors for thyroid hormone on every cell in your body. If the toxin comes in, it can blunt that toxins can also come in and just attach to the fatty layer, the Zell, their fat loving, and they cause inflammation at the cell. And then good stuff like nutrients. Detoxification is more important than nutrition. For your for your energy, then those that nutrients can't get in, and worse, the mitochondria, the powerhouses of your cell. This is where intermittent fasting helps, right? It helps you get healthy cells. It causes autophagy so you can produce healthy cells, that these toxins are causing toxic cells where that even when you burn and create energy, the bad stuff can't come out of your cells. So how do we know that we're toxic? There's two tests you can do, a visual contrast sensitivity quickly. What that does is it checks for not your ability to see, but your ability to see contrast because toxins destroy neural tissue and that affects oxygen flow, oxygen flow across the retinal nerve, which affects your ability to see contrast. Remember the old TV and you're moving your contrast so you can see better. And if it goes all white, the contrast is low. You can't see. That's what this test does. Very accurate. Dr. Richie Shoemaker. And then also methoxy test, which will test for inflammation. The reason I share this and what we're going to do in the solution, you don't have to pay 15 grand to find out that you're toxic. Here's a simple and easy way that you'll be able to do it.
Chantel Ray: So you're done no matter how you have
Warren Phillips: done them at all. Yes, I
Chantel Ray: have. And I'm on that like the highest pink.
Warren Phillips: So you're toxic.
Chantel Ray: Congratulations.
Warren Phillips: So is everyone. So am I still and I've been detoxing forever. So this is not this is a hope message, because when you start removing those toxins, doing things like you're doing Chantel and many of you, you're on the right path, you're intermittent fast and you're doing great things. I just want to give you one of the big hammers that could be holding you back from the goals that you have in life, whether it's weight loss, energy to be a better parent, looks sexy or whatever it may be. I'm here for you. We're trying to give this to this information so it can take your life and mind in business marriage. It's so critical. When I was sick, I had no business being in a relationship. I was mean. It was sick. My breath stunk. I mean, it was bad news, Betty. So here it is. Your bucket is overflowing, all of us. Ninety eight percent of these heavy metal detox is non-effective. The herbal cleanse is not true. Binder's protected pectin glutathione protects the cell in the brain. But it's not a true detoxification. Agent Zell it's a lot of them are contaminated. We have two patents on ones we cleaned up. You can take DMCA Demps, these chemicals you can put in your body, but you need to work with the functional medicine practitioner for that. So it became complicated. More like, man, we've been doing this for twenty years. Let's create a solution that moves the needle in people's lives. So when they do this, it's going to impact their life in a major way. So we discussed and created for practitioners. And now what we're going to do with you and I'm going to go to the website here on the next slide. I'm just going to literally you're going to you can click below and go there. And I'm going to show you in this video, we created the true self detox roadmap, where a lot of the problems that we saw in the slides before this roadmap is solutions where you remove the source of toxins. We teach you how to do that, like with water and air and detoxifying your body, removing the source and cause. Right. We regenerate that cell membrane that's so critical to your health and your skin and your longevity and allowing nutrients and bad stuff to flow out of that cell membrane, hormones that attach and do their job, restore the cellular energy, reduce that cell inflammation and reestablish the methylation in your body. I won't get into a methylation talk when you click below or in this link or wherever it's at on on the page, on the podcast page, you'll be able to get more information on the next page what all this means. But you want to open up your detox pathways before you start detoxing. You don't want to try to drain something that's all clogged, right? If you have a clogged drain, you're not going to have to clean it out. So you want to open up this detoxification pathways and you want to use true binder's Chantel. Not these. I mean, I studied Binder's in in my master's work and plants do bind, but they're weak. Right. Claeys bind. But they're weak. They're not a true detoxify. They can stir things up. Cilantro, that's the magic cilantro juice that can make you sick. It has a self hydro group in it which can stir things up, but it's not a true binder. And then that's the roadmap and then the phases. You want to prepare the body prep, then you do a body phase and a brain phase. Get the toxins out of the hypothalamus pituitary in your brain. The neural tissue hypothalamus pituitary are the chief endocrine organs in your body that regulate all your other downstream hormones. That's I mean, again, I don't want to I'll just take you to the page, you can click to learn more below, but the bottom line is this road map and what we've developed. Let me go to the the page real fast.
Chantel Ray: I'll tell you what it reminds me of is my husband, Cinq is always clogged because he shaves and I feel like the hair on his face always gets clogged. And so we're always trying to find something to to clog the sink. And so we try to all these different products, Drano and this one and that one. And there was a two part system that we found. I don't even remember what brand it was. And we finally use that. And the girl that cleans our house is like, yay, we finally did it. We unclogged the drain. So I feel like this is what you're saying is like there's other things that are kind of binders that will kind of help, you know, unclog it. But this is the the one that really will get it going through.
Warren Phillips: Yeah. We support your
Warren Phillips: liver, your kidneys, your detox organs, the the drainage, your lymphatic right, the drain in your gut. Right. To get the drains going. I mean, if you're going to if you keep shaving in a club, I think it's just going to get clogged more. And that's really where we're at is as a nation, as an individual, we're clogged, we're sick and we need a real answer. And it's not going to happen in seven days. It's not going to happen in 14 days. It's not going to happen in 30 days. I think to see any type of movement that we found by training physicians for so many years when we developed this program in little we have a million dollars into developing this program. The portal, it's it's superhigh, right? It's usually five to six thousand dollars if you go to practice and they walk you through the same stuff that we're doing with Shantell and five other influencers will sell out. But we're we're eliminating all that cost, only going to.
Warren Phillips: Only going to Beston is the supplements in the testing that we talked about everything else, this million dollar portal and training and health coaches and forums to ask questions and education on weight loss. There's intermittent fasting ketosis, there's emotional detox, there's a 90 day meal plan. We're going to talk all about that. Usually that would be a five to six thousand dollar program in an office. We're doing it for nine ninety seven and with a paper the same as cash. But it's something that's going to move the needle. I say don't go do something for 70 bucks and have it not move the needle, save up and do this the next challenge or this one use PayPal, same as cash for six months. You do something like that. Let me show you when you click below or and the Linko in the show notes you're going to see this video and this will explain how this will empower your immune system and weight loss. And there's testimonies of how people lost weight. And again, I can't promise you're going to have some amazing outcome. But what I can promise when you do something that really works in science based, it's going to get you to a place where you feel something a little bit thinner, a little bit more energy, a little more focus. It will create a noticeable change in your life. Some people will see dramatic changes based on the testimony that we've been provided. So to learn more, here's a great video on what truthteller detox is. Here's a roadmap. There's videos on the supplements. We have practitioners that train you and coach you along the way in this portal. It's amazing. We actually hired an adult learning strategist the government uses to make sure. So this isn't just something we threw together and said, hey, we want to do this and put it online and maybe some people buy it. We have the intention of transforming lives. That is the point of this shows you everything. You get 20 hours of detox training, hundreds of recipes, meal plans. Ninety days, not thirty days. All the supplements prep body and brain phase, the patent pending to patent pending on the clean Zell like molecules that are true binder's. These supplements are only sold through physicians. These are high end, super, highly tested. We have extra bonus things and webinars with Dr. Nikolayevna from the Mount Sinai on the psychology of eating. Pedram, on the microbiome. Laura Adler. And I mean, she she hates toxins so much, she'll say change your change your tooth floss because there's chemicals on that tooth that are making you sick. We talk about Ryan Sturzenegger making your home safe. My Greenville's Steven Zell same thing as some other experts. All this stuff, typically when we do this, it's three grand even just for the portal without a health coach. Right. Six grand five, six grand with a practitioner that meets with you three times. We have a health coach that walks all of you through. This does live webinars with you. And we just just covering our costs. And it's the help move the needle. So help move the needle in your life. All we ask is give us feedback, help us become better while we're helping you to become better. And I'm going to read this testimony, Chantel. And you can wrap up because I always get this question and I love this this quote, this story from Michael unsolicited. Right. He was a healthy dude, so I'm healthy. I shouldn't detox. Really, you might. After I read this. I think that it will change your mind. Truesdale urges Detox. This is Michael Unsolicited after he did this detox program for ninety days with us. True self detox is one of the best decisions of the year. Detox in detox isn't just for the alien and well, in my case I started out feeling great. This guy's a semi bio hacker, if you know what that is, and went to an entirely new level of high performance and personal transformation. If you think you have what you need for the journey before you step into the world of true self detox, you may find that life has even more room in magic than you ever imagined I did before. Detox, you've been running marathons. This guy's healthy. He had casual biohacking for a couple of years, helped develop bleeding edge high technology, helping bring Microsoft holographic computing platforms and whole lens research. I mean, this guy is a genius, right? Smart International Space Station. I had amazing wife and two children under five wide talked curious. I wanted to experiment would happen if I applied all my faculties to truly living the healthiest and fullest and most present life I could. What might it be like? Does this experience of life plateau? Does it expand for further? He did lab work prior to and after he picked three areas. He was interested in making progress hormones, metals and metabolism. He picked goals and three months later he knocked it out of the park. A healthy guy experienced life transformation. It appears that things went better in other areas of his life. He got a promotion. More importantly, he got a much greater sense of connection and camaraderie with his wife and children. If it wasn't enough, even stranger, perhaps even extraordinary things happened. I started to collaborate on projects with my favorite authors, business leaders and heroes, and curiously, I started to discover more time and space in my life. I went from reading books to a month to about six. I had more spiritual growth and contemplation, all from detox. Strange, isn't it? I say no, because that's my story. But I was. SEC. I didn't have testosterone so I wouldn't pursue a wife, I was a train wreck emotionally, so I was treating people, you know, poorly. When you detox, things change. When your testosterone starts revved up, especially women, you get a little bit of toxicity. You don't have as much tea as men. And so you get more passive. You're like, I'm not going to call that person. You don't have energy. I'm not going to read that book. You know, this is why it's so transformative. Even if you feel healthy, the lights in your life have been dimmed down by toxins. You slowly lost it. This guy was a genius pushing through life like moms. You're pushing through life. But the lights have been dimmed in your life. Detoxification. This is why I did it is for guys like Michael, for people like you, because it transformed my life. Chantel thank you for this opportunity.
Chantel Ray: This was amazing. And I'm going to be doing this detox myself personally, so I'm going to be doing it with you. So I'd love for you guys to join me. We can do it together and it's going to be amazing. So, guys, if you want to right now, go to Chantel Ray dot com slash detox, that's Chantel Ray way, dotcom slash detox and you can see my link or go in the schnitz and we'll have it there. This was wonderful. Thanks for being with us. And you guys stay tuned. We'll have another episode coming up. Just a few. But bye for now.
Warren Phillips: Bye bye, everybody.

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