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343: How To Use Essential Oils For Perimenopause, Oil Pulling With Essential Oils, Making Your Own Shampoo and Conditioner, Detoxing Your Body, and more - with Sabrina Zielinski a.k.a. Mama Z!

April 28, 2021

Welcome back to the podcast! In today’s must-listen episode, Chantel got to speak with Mama Z, a.k.a. Sabrina Zielinski! Mama Z is the 2019 Mrs. Georgia America pageant titleholder whose natural living platform has inspired millions. As a fitness instructor, natural living guru and mother of five, Mama Z is the mastermind behind the DIY recipes on and The Essential Oil Apothecary.

The Essential Oil Apothecary shares more than 100 research-backed and easy-to-prepare formulations, from an Immune Boosting Blend to an Anxiety-Busting Body Oil, to help with symptoms of twenty-five common chronic conditions, including fatigue, pain, anxiety, and addiction. It also offers two life-changing tools: an essential home makeover to remove toxins that may be making you sicker, and self-care rituals (including Mama Z’s beauty rituals) that help you feel better when navigating any chronic illness.


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Chantel Ray: Hey, guys, welcome to today's episode, and you are in for a treat because I have one of my favorite people on Earth. Her name is Mama Z. Her husband is Dr. Eric Z. And her real name is Sabrina. But she goes by marmoset and they have a new book called The Essential Oils Apothecary coming out soon. We'll talk about that in just a few. She's absolutely gorgeous. So if you're listening to this episode, make sure you watch it as well. She was Mrs. Georgia. I mean, I could just go on about how amazing Mama Z is, but I will let her give you a quick intro. So welcome, Amasa.
Mama Z: I thank you so much for having me. It's just an honor and absolutely. You are one of my favorite people in the whole world. So it's nice to have a girlfriend day almost here. Yes, I love it. Well, my husband and I have really fostered natural living family dotcom for over the last five years and we just really enjoy inspiring people on natural living, how to do those daily hacks and everything about essential oils from just regular everyday use to specific things like in our book, which is more of a deeper dove into chronic disease.
Chantel Ray: So I want you to talk a little bit about some of the daily hacks that you do using essential oils and then some of the things that you do on a regular basis, like give us like kind of a day in the life of mumsie of some things that you kind of do daily that you want listeners to hear about.
Mama Z: Sure. So I'm the wake up super early, like you and I go to the gym very early in the morning. And one of the very first things I do is I do oil pulling in the morning. It's really good to help get some of those toxins out of our body. So I use raw organic coconut oil and I do mix that with essential oils. Some of my favorite combinations to use is clove and peppermint or a community blend that we make with peppermint. And I love that because it's so easy. One teaspoon or tablespoon and depending on how much coconut oil you use, one drop to three drops of essential oils and you switch that around in your mouth for 15 to 30 minutes. So basically, as I'm getting stuff ready, I'm switching that around in my mouth and people are like, oh, oil in my mouth. Like, seriously, what do you do? I think of it like mouthwash, not like oil in my mouth. And then you want to make sure you spit it to the trash because of course, you can harden coconut oil in your pipes, which I've had friends do that and had to replace hundreds of pipes in their house. So that's a no no. Then in the shower after that workout, I have to actually get up and go blend, though, that I use, especially those early morning wake up calls. Know you've got these little diffuser things that are handheld that you can drop essential oils in. And then I'll show you one right here. And they look just like this and there are glass tube and then they've got like a cotton swab in them. And so one of the great ones to do, I like rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus, and sometimes I'll put some orange in there as well. And so if you're trying to wake up and just really be on target and focused, then you just kind of as you go on the way to in the car. And that just is really good. And you can make all different ones for different things, whether it's more focused, blend, more energy and power, all that kind of stuff. Confidence, just like you were talking about in your awesome video. There's definitely different blends for different things. Then once I get home in the shower, I make my own shower gel. So an easy hack for people is you can use an organic unscented shower gel that has good ingredients in it and then you can add eight drops of essential oils to every one ounce. So if you're working on more of the fat burning and that kind of thing, you're going to want to use the citruses with peppermint and you can always make your own blends. I rotate them, though, because you don't just like going to the gym every day. You don't want to use those same exact essential oils every single day. We want to use different things. So once I finish up one of those bottles, then I make a new blend and then it's going to be something totally different. So you can always change that up. Then I also use my own hair products. So again, an easy hack is you can use like a desert essence, organic's unscented shampoo and conditioner and add essential oils. Some of my favorite oils, especially in in our age bracket, is going to be to help have that thick, full hair. And so some of the things that will help grow hair is your peppermint and rosemary. I also like to have that overall balance from the tea tree, which I accidentally. All over the floor today and also lavender, and so what I do is I'll use a certain blend in my shampoo and conditioner and have it be the same, and then I'll rotate that as well. And for my styling aide, I like to use it's a magnesium gel with seaweed extract. And that's kind of like my pre pepper for my hair. And I'll use whatever oils I'm using that are in the shampoo and conditioner concentrate in there as well. Again, all of those I'm using eight drops for every one ounce, keeping at a really good dilution for your body. And if you do have some frizz in your hair, you can always add a couple extra drops of geranium as well. So so every every step little literally has some essential oils in it. But one thing you can do that's really easy and a really easy hack is either the night before or the morning while you're getting things ready. We have diffusers on all the different levels of our house. But I try to keep the same diffuser blend on the main level, and that's where most of our family kind of lives in the morning. And I'll rotate that. Using a peppermint and an orange is kind of like a get up happy blend. You can use all the different citruses together. You can just use grapefruit. It's it's also very happy for in the morning. And I kind of keep everything together and I have my little hot water pot and I just go and fill up all the diffusers, turn it on. So it really sets the stage for the morning with your family. And I do have one of those that that needs to focus a little bit more. I have another one that it's harder to get them up. So when they have their essential oils that they use with their body oil, which I make a body oil, it's we we lovingly call it mammas these oil base. It's available on our website for free, of course, and natural living family dotcom. But it uses a combination of coconut oil, oil, almond oil. There's a few other oils that you can put in as well as substitute if you have any allergies to those oils. So each one of our bathrooms is equipped with little pumpers that are in our granat. And I have ones that are specific for each one of those kids. And then of course, I rotate those around as well. So just trying to keep everything is nontoxic as possible is is kind of what we do. And so whether it's the cleaners that are under the sink or whether it's our dish soap or other things that we have within our house and you've been to our house, everything is kind of pre pre prep set up. And we have to because we have a large family and we're used to you know, I always joke I should have been on the assembly line because, like, I'm used to like pumping it all out and doing all that. And and so it's just one of those things that pick your lowest hanging fruit if it's hand sanitizer, which for a lot of people, especially right now, maybe it is. So we have a rule. Ten, ten, ten. You take a one ounce glass spray bottle, something just like this, and you're going to fill ten drops of essential oils. I mentioned that immunity blende earlier that we make. So the immunity blend is you just take an empty essential oil bottle and use equal parts of of cinnamon, clove, lemon, orange, rosemary and eucalyptus. That is a perfect immunity blend. So you put ten drops that immunity blend in here, ten drops of organic aloe vera gel and ten drops of a high alcohol green grain alcohol in here just because you need to have that stabilizer as well. So you're going to put that all together. And let's say you don't have that because we have people from other countries listening and sometimes you can't find a high proof alcohol in certain countries. So what you can use is you can use vanilla extract in its place. And I have done that. And then you're going to fill the rest of that bottle up with water and then you're going to shake it. And I shake it every time and goes. So like when the kids get out for school at their school, they require hand sanitizer. But they know that my hand sanitizer in my hand soap is the only thing that's approved. So then I spray their hands and they go off to school. And and actually, it's so funny. So many of the teachers have liked my hand sanitizer better that they've had me make it for the classroom, make it for the lunchroom. The headmaster wanted one of the hand sanitizers. So, you know, having other people involved and kind of talking about why you do what you do is really important as well. Because as you make those small changes and think about. What is it in your house that you want to change, is it is it the cleaners? Is it the hand sanitizer? Is it the body care products? Is everything that you're using clean? And what types of things can we change out to make them healthier?
Chantel Ray: Love it. Well, I'm going to ask you a listener question. And this is from Suzanne Murphy in Baltimore, Maryland. She says, Hi, I love your podcast, and I want you to know I'm forty nine and doing great with intermittent fasting. However, I'm pretty sure that I'm going into menopause. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm close and I'm getting major headaches before and after my period when I do get them. My friend was talking about using essential oils for my headaches, but what would be the best ones and could it actually help me get through menopause? Also, I'm very sensitive to gluten and dairy, but I go for a couple of weeks and don't have any and then I'll binge and then I feel terrible and I'm down for the count help.
Mama Z: Yes. So we all have our own toxic threshold and definitely the things that you mentioned are inflammatories. So we want to stay away from those as best as we possibly can. And that would include and and there are more specifically towards yourself if you've done any tests on what your specific allergens are. But wheat, sugar, gluten preservatives, dairy case and table salt, soy corn, other things of that nature. So any of those things can really take you over the edge. And unfortunately, it usually takes about two weeks to get a lot of those things out of your system. So really, in that time, it feels horrible. Some of the best things, though, that you can do is definitely consider doing a detox bath. Detox bath is very easy. Again, you can go to our website, Natural Living Family dot com and type up detox baths, or you can write this down, but you want to use a cup of Epsom salts and a fourth of a cup of organic Bragge apple cider vinegar. And then in your hand you want to put a tablespoon of carrier oil, one that's liquid that stays liquid so it can be an almond oil or a macadamia oil or anything like that. And you want to use six to eight drops of lavender and one to two drops of lemon. And what that's going to do is that's going to that's going to help open up your your body and you're going to be able to detox. And especially if you are starting to go into menopause, then even if it's perimenopause, you're definitely your sleep can be affected. And this is going to help not just open things up and detox your body from maybe what your current threats are that are going on. But it's also going to help you get a good night's rest, because that's one of the things that really affects people when you're making those transitions. And if you're not sleeping well and you're not resting well, then some of those those things that are going on are going to exacerbate the problem. And they kind of feed on each other. Now with those hormones, some of the best things that you can do a week before your period or your cycle or when your cycle normally occurs is to use evening primrose oil. I like to actually take that orally and then and then put that into some of my body care products. And that does help. Some of the great essential oils for that are going to be your you lang lang, your geranium, your Clearys sage. If you end up having some of those night sweats, you may want to consider using peppermint or giving yourself a nice foot rub at night with a sleeping blend or some lavender and camomile and peppermint and vetiver. Those are really good. Of course, if you are having those headaches, doing this little inhaler that I was talking about earlier and using some of that same blood that I was using before with the rosemary and the peppermint and kind of opening up those airwaves. Not only that, does that help with really relieving some of that headache pressure, but it's also going to help you open up and and open up your chest to breathe better. And if you breathe better when you're sleeping, you're going to sleep more deeply. And that's really going to give you that regenerative sleep as well.
Chantel Ray: I remember Dr. Zell one time telling me a story about him and the volleyball team and yelling, Lang, but now I can't remember what it was. Do you remember that?
Mama Z: Yeah. So he loves you, Lang Lang. And he's like, you know, you can't let go around that volleyball with your Lang Lang on. They're going to take your man card away one time. We were speaking somewhere and he was like yelling the essential oil of love, and it was just like he said it and we were just like, Oh my God. But he loves you. What does he
Chantel Ray: love about that essential oil?
Mama Z: He he just loves that he he'll put you, Ling-Ling, Rose and Jasmine on regularly. Like I can tell when he is like into that particular one, he has a few different sounds that he kind of are his favorite, but that's definitely one of them. He's just so attracted to it. And so usually if you're really attracted to an oil, it may be because your body needs it for some reason or another as well. So there might be just something about it that his body just needs and and craves and that just happens to fulfill that need.
Chantel Ray: So let's talk about headaches in general. So, you know, she's got a headache for, you know, hormonal reasons. But is there going to be different essential oils for just a regular, maybe just a regular everyday headache or a sinus headache? Or is there going to be a more of a hormonal blend that you would do if someone's going through hormone issues?
Mama Z: So I use them almost separate, but together, because you are going to have the hormonal headaches whenever you're changing, just like the barometric pressure, when it changes, you can get those same kind of headaches. And I think it's important to have a four ounce bottle of just your regular hormone blend. And that would be you want for every one ounce you want two drops of two drops of Clarie, Sage Trute, two drops of Lang Lang, two drops of Lingling Clarrie, Sage Geranium and two drops of lavender. So for every one ounce you want two of each of those four essential oils and you want to have this bottle kind of ready in about a week before you start your cycle. When you get out of the shower, when your pores are wide open, you really have about two to three minutes before those poor start closing. So you want to use your body oil all over your body and it will really help to dissipate and kind of trance transfer into your cycle so that there's as you're going into menopause and perimenopause, sometimes that can that can get worse and worse and worse until you have other symptoms that may show up. So if you can mitigate some of those things, the detox bath will definitely help with both of those and that body oil will. But then if the headaches do come, then having something like the inhaler or having a role or bottle that you can use with those same essential oils, your peppermint, your eucalyptus, your rosemary, any of those lavender. Of course, in our book, The Healing Power of Essential Oils, we spend a lot of time on the women's chapter. I'll never forget when Eric came up, when he was writing the women's chapter and he goes, Man, girls, I am knee deep in PMS down there. And just like what? But that book is so special when it comes to dealing with every part from A to Z for women. And it's stuff that he and I put together and over the years that we've tested. And it will give you some additional ideas to think about and some additional essential oils, because I may talk about what my favorite essential oils are for this or that. But there is a long list and not what everything works for. My body may not work for your body because we are just individuals and we have that bio individuality. And so you want to try different things and you want to take notes and write in your books. Definitely use what we suggest as a starting point, but then start to add certain things on there and try other things to see what works the best with your body and your hormones.
Chantel Ray: You made a blend for me when you came down. That was my favorite thing ever. I don't know if you remember it, but it's like a thyroid bless you made for me. But I think it had like aloe vera because it was like so light. It was like this. Like, can you tell listeners what was in that?
Mama Z: Yes, that was our that was our healing serum, our skin healing serum. And it's good for antiaging. But I put some special oils in that blend and it would have been clove and myrrh and lavender. And there was one other one, I'll think of it and. Is like praying for you and I'm like, this is like this has stuff to do with thyroid and other stuff and and I put it together and it's like because it's a combination of organic aloe vera gel and raw organic coconut oil. And then you want to make sure that you fill up a sink of hot water and let your coconut oil just go completely to liquid. What that's going to do is, as some people have said, oh, I tried to do this recipe and it didn't work and they had put their coconut oil in the microwave. And it really changes the molecular structure of the coconut oil. So you want to completely stay away from that. And what you do is you do equal parts of those and then you put the essential oils in and you blend it. I like to use a magic bullet because it gets it in this like creamy light white paste. But then I put it in the refrigerator because it'll go to a solid. You can always leave it out and it is nice and light, but it will separate some. So if you put it in the fridge, it's going to be harder and you want to use like a spoon to kind of put it out on your hands. But what I found is my dad had skin cancer and I originally developed this recipe because I had had a really bad sunburn. And I use the Big Apple cider vinegar to kind of cleanse and detoxify and neutralize the edge of the skin and gently exfoliate and then use the skin healing serum. But the oils that I had used at the beginning was just lavender. Well, then my dad had skin cancer within a couple of days because he was using a cream and we were like, Dad, he's like, I've been doing this for six months and this is the project. And I'm like, Dad, it looks the same. And I read the thing and it said that it caused cancer the cream that was supposed to take away the cancer and said it caused cancer. So I said, do you want to be healed? And he's like, Well, well, yeah. And so I made the same thing. And within two days, all the minor spots on the top of his hands were gone. And then and he had had things burned off and other stuff that he was doing with this burning cream as well. So then the second time when he came back, he had developed some kind of like almost a fungal reaction to the to the cream that that they had gave him after they they burned his skin again because they said they were going to get some other spots that could potentially be something in the future. And I'm like, Dad, we already talked about this. So I knew I needed to step it up as far as healing. So I added it was instead of eight drops of lavender for every ounce, it was four drops of lavender, two drops of tea tree and two drops of frankincense. Again, within two days, all these spots were cleared up. And he even had like additional dry stuff going on from the winter because he lived in a cold weather climate. And so that even helped the stuff going on, on his face. And then we did some additional research because it had worked really well for people who had eczema and had other problems going on. And I see a lot of people right in. You know, usually it's like right about Thanksgiving. It's usually like four weeks after Halloween and four weeks after Thanksgiving and all these like holidays, that kind of compound. And then by January, I have so many people contacting me about eczema breakouts and other things, just that they're at that toxic threshold and their body is just like telling them stop. And so one of the other essential oils that we found that was really helpful was Hitlerism and sandalwood. So I actually use those as well in the combination. And and you can use your own variation of it. We have a variation on our website under skin healing serum that has different essential oils and also in the healing power of essential oils. We have the one that has tea, tree, frankincense, lavender and sandalwood. And then I added the same amount that they have of sandalwood, adding the hill chrism. And that one has been over the top. Great, great. For people who've had surgery. I had a friend that had a lipoma removed two days after the initial dressing came off. Then you can start to use the essential oils on there. I will say there is a little warning sign. If you are glued from any kind of surgical procedure, you want to do a ring around that, but. What have you can use, Bragge, apple cider vinegar over top of that wound, but you don't want to have the essential oils touch the glue until some of that initial glue comes off because it will dissolve the glue. And but then once you do that, just within a month, that that was completely healed. And then there's other things that you can use for scars and stuff like that as well. But that skin healing serum has covered so many bases and especially using it in combination with the detox bath has been just critical for many people.
Chantel Ray: Wow. And so you said you basically just take the coconut oil, put it in like a Ziploc bag, put it in hot water until it gets to I just
Mama Z: like I have like I'm just a 16 ounce glass jar that I just refill of coconut oil. And so I put that whole thing in and let it just go to liquid. And that's how I do my my mom uses oil base and that's how I do the skin healing serum as well.
Chantel Ray: So with that. Have you ever tried it with. I just bought an aloe vera plant. So at home I have all this aloe vera and stuff. Do you ever do it with actual fresh aloe vera?
Mama Z: Yes, I do. Again, it's not going to be an ice shelf stable as your organic aloe vera gel, but you can fillet the aloe vera and then you scrape the innards. So, of course, we've all seen I think it's lily of the desert. It'll say like holy for Furley, but yeah, you open it up, you fillet it, you do equal parts still of the aloe versus the coconut oil and you can blend it the same. And that's why that magic bullet is so important or something like that. Now, just so that you know, whether it's the magic bullet or a vitamin X, the more that you use your essential oils, it is going to stain your your little containers just because essential oils are so potent. And it's just going to react when you have different things that are getting chopped up in there. And then it kind of opens it up. So it will stay in it just a little bit. So if you do have a smaller glass thing that you can use and I always store all of my finished goods in glass jars if I can small apothecary glass jars.
Chantel Ray: So give us maybe two or three of your favorite tips just to give us a tasting of this new book, The Essential Oils Apothecary, that's coming out.
Mama Z: Sure. So we've been talking a lot about toxic threshold and everything like that this morning. So one of the biggest things is that especially with what's going on in our nation and of course, across the world, people are are at their peak as far as cleaning and sanitizing and all of that stuff. But it comes at a cost. And we need to make sure that we're detoxifying our home just like we're trying to detoxify our body, not just with what we put into our body and what we put outside of our body, but what we use within our home and making sure that we look at all of the cleaners and different things. Because when I went to the grocery store, even I cannot use the carts with with all of the floor surfactants and the hand sanitizers and the things that they're putting on in massive quantities, it'll make my skin react because it's so strong. And so just imagine what it's doing if you're using those same kind of products at home with your kids and with your animals and that kind of thing, because they're much smaller than even us. So we want to be really intentional about what we use. And starting to make some of our own products at home is one of the ways that you can do that. One of the other things that you can do is make sure that you do have those healthy hand sanitizers in your car and in some of the other places and and use those microfiber towels. And when you get home from a gym workout, you can just spray a couple of sprays of that right on your seat in your car and clean it off. That way. You're not tempted to use some of those other things that are much more harsh chemicals. Be intentional about what you are putting on your body and kind of think through all the different steps that you do every day. And you're welcome to check out our website. We've got lots of free recipes as well as in our books and our new book Coming. But really working on detoxifying the the five areas of your home is is critical and that is your laundry room, your kitchen, your pantry, your bathroom. Your garden spaces, all of those things, there are always essential oil alternatives in all of those areas. Even in my garden we use very simple things from feeding our plants with magnesium, with the Epsom salts. We feed our plants every other week with the Epsom salts. On the opposite weeks, we we use a blood meal product and that we mix up with water and getting yourself a couple rain barrels and reusing that water, that awesome rainwater in order to water some of your plants, but being very intentional in each spot and not trying to do everything all at one time because that's way too overwhelming. This is 15 plus years of just kind of looking at each area and dissecting each part. And then, B, once you have your bathroom set, then work on your laundry room. We love those my Greenville's products. That's a great way to do it. You can make your own laundry soap. We have a recipe on our website as well. But if you don't have time to DIY one of our favorite hacks, the Mai Greenville's products are great because they also have nontoxic cleaners and other things. But all you have to do is add water to the concentrates that they have. And then you have cleaners, you have laundry products and other things like that that are also nontoxic. So and then looking at your kitchen and what you use there and and how you go about your day and kind of right down the top five areas that you'd like to change and then start to look at what things you'd like to have the alternatives to and then start checking those things off your list. Because what happens is, is once you have the recipes and you start changing those things out, you realize you're not going to be changing out five hundred things every day. You know, you might have to once a week change one thing out, but it's not going to be overwhelming once you have all those things preset.
Chantel Ray: Well, I want you to talk a little bit about what is a typical lunch and what's a typical dinner for you and how do you kind of add essential oils into your food that you actually eat?
Mama Z: Absolutely. Well, we especially with having a family of seven, I'm always thinking, like I said, assembly line style. And so we have similar meals on each day of the week. So Monday, for instance, it's a breakfast dinner. Tuesday is salmon or tuna on Tuesday or some kind of wild cut fish. Wednesday we do more of an Italian night. Thursday is more of a Mexican night. Friday I make homemade, organic, gluten free pizza. And then we do some leftovers or grilling on Saturday or Sunday and then we swap them, whichever. If we have more leftovers, then we'll do that Saturday. And so each particular night we do, we have our different themes. So with our recipes, like, for instance, a guacamole. Now, of course, you can make my guacamole if you want it. And it does have and I think you've had mine, right.
Chantel Ray: That's amazing. Oh, my gosh.
Mama Z: Montereau and lemon or lime essential oil in it. And so one thing that you can do is let's say something calls for lemon or lime juice. Well, I'll typically then use whatever it calls for and then I'll add a drop of the opposite. So if it's called for lemon juice, I'll add a drop of lime juice or vice versa. And then with the salsa, I kind of do the same thing. So let's say you just did not have time to make some of those things. And let's say you went to Whole Foods or your local health food store and got a guacamole or a salsa, then you could go ahead and blend it up and add a drop of each of those essential oils as well. So you can be very intentional about it. However, my mom was known as the Herb Lady. I grew up traveling with her and speaking on cooking with herbs. I always loved to cook with herbs and utilizing the essential oils for some of those herbs are very important. So one drop, one to three drops of essential oils would be equal to one teaspoon of a dried herb, which is equal to one tablespoon of a fresh herb. So one tablespoon of fresh equals a teaspoon of dried equals one to three drops of essential oils. So you can add a drop of dill essential oil to your tuna noodle salad or your tuna salad. And when I say noodle, we use a lot of almond pasta. We use things that are not high in carbohydrates, we add different things to our meals and change it up a lot. So but our potato salad people are like, oh my goodness, I use sweet sweet potatoes and my potato salad. And people are like, I never would have thought of using those. You get all those extra vitamins and, you know, utilizing chives are high of essential oil and and then having both the fresh and or dried herb and then the essential oil. It just not only helps the flavor of the oil, but then you also get the medicinal benefits of those oils as well. So do you think through some of your recipes or if you're looking for recipes? We're actually working on our our book that we came out with the Essential Oils Diet Last has a lot of those recipes that include food recipes that have essential oils in them.
Chantel Ray: So let's talk a little bit about when when the lady was talking about she said that she binges on some dairy and gluten. And I know that you are dairy free. And I want you to talk about some of your video classes, because I think those are so amazing. And so I think that what what I heard her say was, hey, I, I can't I go for two weeks without having dairy and not having gluten. And it's probably because she's eating, you know, vegetables and shrimp and whatever and eating healthy. And then she just kind of snaps because she's like, I want a piece of pizza. And instead of making a dairy free, you know, pizza with that's gluten free, that kind of satisfies that craving. And she's just going, OK, I'm going to Papa John's and getting something to talk a little bit about some of the things that you've done that has been able to say, hey, we're having an Italian night. Well, just because we're having Italian night, it doesn't mean we're having it's still dairy free and gluten free.
Mama Z: Absolutely. So 15 years ago, they did not have the kind of alternatives that they have today. And praise the Lord that we have these options now. So when you're talking about some of the dairy staples, you're talking about your your cheese, your cream cheese, your sour cream, your your mayonnaise, depending on what type you use. And all of that's going to have dairy and sometimes sugar and other things. And that's some of the things that people over the top have been like. How do you get around that kind of stuff? And because there is such good alternatives, I really, really, really like using them in my courses. So we have my Italian course, my salads course. So you look up mammas the Italian dotcom and mumsie salads, dotcom, and you can prescreen those courses. Now the alternatives. I have a pantry guide that goes over a lot of the alternatives and and that's also available through that or through our book, The Essential Oils Diet. And I like to take every single recipe and dissect it because we have so many allergens in our house that we have to make sure that we're doing alternatives for all of those. So let's say it is going to be Italian night. Let's say you do not feel like you want to start from scratch and make an Italian pizza. There are good brands out there that have I know you like a cauliflower crust that that is very clean. There's another one called Capello's. I really like Capello's because they use the almond flour. It's very good. It's a very light. You still look kind of a nice crispy little crust and then you can simply make a pizza sauce. Whether you have your own recipe, you can get a pizza sauce that's just organic pizza sauce from Whole Foods and then use that. I have my recipe for sauces. Well, and then you're going to put that down, put I use the I like the diet cheese. There's other nondairy cheeses out there. Really watch your ingredients because there are some that are better than others. I like the original diet cheese and then I put that on top with toppings on top of that when I'm making dips. And that's another big thing. You're going to have people over. You want to have some chips and dips and stuff like that. And I make a French onion dip. There is an awesome Caite Hill comes out. They have not just cream cheese, but they also have sour cream. Now, that is amazing. I also like vegan, I like the soy free vegan AZ or the grapeseed oil vegan AZ, and those are good as a as a Manny's substitute. And if you're looking, let's say, just for a gluten free bread stick, a lot of the bread machines now have a gluten free feature. So if you are going to need to to binge on anything, you put a few ingredients in your gluten free ingredients for just a regular dinner roll recipe or a pizza dough recipe. You put the ingredients in. You kind of let it go for that two hours and then all you have to do is put the dough itself on a pan, let it rise at its own timing, because that's one thing about gluten free, is that you really have to allow it to rise on its own timing or you have to change your ingredients so that it's more of a quick bread style. And then once that's done, you put some I absolutely love. There is the it's a dairy free parmesan cheese. I have one on my website as well that you can make your own with nuts and and hemp seeds and other things, which is great, but it's called dairy free and it is amazing as a good alternative. And put that on there with some of your mozzarella alternative and a little bit of your pizza sauce. And it is absolutely amazing. I always say I have normal friends and they actually like all of these things and I've tried them on all of them and and I say normal. I'm like, I know we're not exactly always normal, so that's fine. And but I test all of my stuff out on normal people and they absolutely love it.
Chantel Ray: I love that, you know, there's there's one hack that I found, you know, some of the ricotta cheeses that are like dairy free for some reason, those are more they more taste like real cheese. And you can add some ricotta cheese to your pizza and some of the mozzarella. The combination of the two make a great pizza
Mama Z: and try that. Have you ever tried the Mott's? It's Mozzie's
Chantel Ray: Motts. I don't know if I like
Mama Z: cashew based of fresh mozzarella. It's like a fresh batch available. And I'll do a tomato mozzarella like a salad with that. Yes, like I guess,
Chantel Ray: yes, I have tried that. I have tried that.
Mama Z: Normal people are like, oh my gosh, I didn't know you use fresh mozzarella. And I like this is such a good alternative.
Chantel Ray: Yes. The fresh for some reason with the cheeses, some of the dairy free, that that brings a good point with the dairy free, if they are like that mozzarella ball that more mushy, you know, or the ricotta cheese that has more liquid, it just somehow tastes more like actual real cheese.
Mama Z: It does. And you want to know the secret to cutting that mushy ball. What you put it as though the this knife guy showed me that I have an actual cheese cutting knife. You put the cheese ball into the freezer for ten minutes before you cut it, and then it cuts perfectly every time and it's worked every single time. And it's amazing. Also, another hack for Ricotta is I like to use the the unsweetened so delicious coconut milk yogurt. And when you mix that with the eggs for, let's say, lasagna, you cannot tell the difference once it bakes. It is so good. It is awesome
Chantel Ray: what you guys have to check out her videos. I, I really believe the next step for you is to have your own cooking show are like every day you have a cooking show. The seriously I've never learned more and I feel like I know a lot just because I interview so many people and this is what I do. And but I you teach me more about health and wellness and all these hacks than anybody else. So for you, you we have to have your own cooking show like you need your own show every day. I know you've got so much with your family, but that's definitely the next step for you.
Mama Z: I have to give you a shout out, because when you came over, you were like, why don't you make your own nut milk? So you set me bags in little containers. And so I started just going nuts. I, I make all different kinds of nutmegs and I always joke because if you get the pecans in the walnuts out, you might get carpal tunnel from squeezing that nut bag. And so I had I said, Eric, I saw this thing on the Internet called an almond cow. I'm like, this is the only thing I want for Christmas. So he got me the almond cow and he got the one that came with these glass jars that you can store. You're not milk and you take your awesome nut milk recipes that you've shared with me. And you just put them in the bucket and you push the button and awesome.
Chantel Ray: I'm going to buy one.
Mama Z: Oh, my gosh, it's so awesome. And then you just pour it out. And the Almond Co almond, Kouda COB has lots of recipes that you can use for the pulp, which you can do lots of things with the pulp. But there is so many other ideas and fun things that you can kind of expound on on that almond cow. And I've just had a great time making that. So we make our own nut milk courtesy of you and all of our friends,
Chantel Ray: because there's so much chemical I like literally all
Mama Z: those months. You look at
Chantel Ray: the ingredients, there's they've got one or two out there now that are just really like very few ingredients, but they have kerogen in it and guar gum and just so many things like I don't I don't feel good when I have either kerogen or guar gum. Both of those. I just don't feel good.
Mama Z: Well, and one of the other hacks that you can do with with something like this is I take because everybody wants a good cup of coffee. So I've found that. I mean, and there's some great ones out there I know that people use. But if you use ten ounces of organic low acid coffee or, you know, espresso, you can take I take a thirty two. Ansgar. So one of your canning jars are I have other jars that I use that are thirty two ounces and you put ten ounces of the coffee in there. Let's say you made hazelnut melt. This happens to be some of my friend's favorite. You press your own hazelnut melt, use some of the hazelnut stevia, use four to six eyedropper full of the hazelnut stevia. You can. Fill it all the way up or you can leave a little room for some ice and then tighten it up, put it in the refrigerator and you have the best coffee latte and you can do that. You can do that hot and warm the milk or but the flavors go inside with one another so you can do it with you know, you can do cashew, you can change it up and swap different flavors of the milks, but it gives it such a rich flavor. I love the cashew. I love the macadamia nut one. I absolutely love that. If you want a really crazy one, doing the the pistachio one is very good as well. So lots of fun stuff that you can try with your milk and an organic cup of coffee or if you're not doing coffee at all, of course you can use your moccia as well. And we've got a recipe not just in our books and on our website, but for Immaculata, which I made for you. Yeah, I love that.
Chantel Ray: So when is the book coming out?
Mama Z: In September. Believe it or not. And we are so excited. It's a really special book. It's really when we were writing this book, God just gave us some awesome inspiration. And, you know, when people were all staying at home, we were really working exclusively on this book. And it gave us an opportunity and a little bit more time to really pray about it. And we felt that it would really give people freedom and a lot of areas and a lot of areas that they haven't been able to experience freedom on medicine and other things like that, or they're really wanting to transition off of that. Of course, you always want to check with your natural health care provider as well for all of those because they know your total history. But there's just such a special thing that's God's done with this book and really helping people break free. And a lot of these areas that are being a challenge.
Chantel Ray: And where can they preorder the book from?
Mama Z: Yes, you can go to e o apothecary dot com e apothecary dot com and you can preorder the book. I saw that there was like a little pre picture going up on Amazon. So it's going to be we're going to start to really promote that everywhere. Once we have the we have kind of like the official cover now. And we went back and forth then and had people debate and all kinds of things, but we put a lot of time and effort into this cover and we're really proud of it. And we're really excited for you to join us at Apothecary dot com.
Chantel Ray: I love it. I'm so excited for you. All your books are so amazing. Your video courses. You guys have to go to their website. We'll put the link in the show notes. It's going to be an amazing, amazing book. I'm so excited for you. And you guys. Stay tuned. We've got another episode coming up in just a few. Bye bye for now.

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