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328: How To Build Massive Muscle and Get Chiseled with Intermittent Fasting and Keto, and More - with Logan “Goodybeats” Delgado!

March 4, 2021

Welcome back to the podcast! In today’s must-listen episode, Chantel got to speak with Logan “Goody Beats” Delgado! He is a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting expert, YouTube fitness influencer, co-owner of KetoCoach and fitness coach for the FastCoach app.

KetoCoach is a leader in lifestyle in-vitro diagnostic testing. KetoCoach is making its first venture into the growing virtual fitness market. Since launching in 2018, they have picked up nearly 40,000 users for their blood ketone meter. FastCoach is the first platform to combine the popular elements of virtual fitness classes with dieting. FastCoach focuses on live and on-demand classes, called “challenges,” led by expert instructors on the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.

Personally, Logan has lost 70 pounds using the keto diet and continues to inspire others to do the same. For over five years, he's shared his keto and fitness journey on his Youtube channel, and inspired millions with his message of positivity.

In today’s episode, we discussed:

Combining Intermittent Fasting and Keto.
How to avoid eating Keto snacks that are filled with chemicals?
How to get rid of snacking?
What is your “Why” for losing weight?
What you can drink on keto?
How can you stay motivated?
And more!


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Read Transcript

Chantel Ray: Hey, guys, welcome to today's episode, and today I'm talking with Logan "Goody Beats" Delgado. He's the co-owner of Keto Coach and fitness coach for the Fast Coach App. He is an expert in Keto and intermittent fasting. And so we're so excited to have him! Welcome, Logan, should I call you Logan? Should I call you gidday beats? I don't know. It's one to call you!
Logan Delgado: People call me Goody so you can.
Chantel Ray: I'll call you Goody! I like it.
Logan Delgado: All right.
Chantel Ray: So tell us a little bit about your history and how did you get started with intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet?
Logan Delgado: Yeah, so it all started when I was twenty six years old. I went to the doctor to do a routine checkup and the doctor was like, dude, what? Like you're twenty six years old, you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, you you're pre diabetic and you're going to have to get on some high cholesterol pills like what are you doing. Like you should be in the best shape your life at twenty six years old. And I was like, yeah, I, you know, eating their traditional American diet, right. Over time, it catches up to you. And so I knew I knew this wasn't me.
Logan Delgado: I knew I needed to make a change. Like everybody who is overweight, prediabetic, dealing with health issues, they know they need to make the changes, that they just don't know how and they just don't know what. So, again, I took baby steps. I joined a gym and started working out, started learning about nutrition. And I ended up meeting a gym buddy who put me on a ketogenic intermittent fasting plan. Now, I was doing this plan before I even knew what Ketel was, before I even knew intermittent fasting was right. People just don't go into the gym and are I mean, again, I was level zero, everyone. So everyone's listening to this. I was level zero. I knew nothing about nothing.
Logan Delgado: I knew nothing about working out nothing about nutrition, went to the gym and slowly started learning how to work out, slowly started learning about nutrition. And then my my my gym buddy put me on that plan and I got amazing results. I got super lean, super shredded. And people were like, oh my God, what are you doing? How did you do this? And I'm like, I don't know. I just follow this this plan, you know, you said to beef and broccoli and butter and I don't eat to one and I get my life at nine or, you know, people are like, oh, my God, you're doing the ketogenic diet really fast.
Logan Delgado: I'm like, yeah, yeah, that's what I'm doing. And so then I started talking about it on my YouTube channel. And again, this is like 2013, 2014, when Keto just started to explode. And I just turned into, like, the kind of guy and just shared my experience. And ever since then, I had been a huge advocate of intermittent fasting, the ketogenic diet, not only for weight loss, but guess what? I am no longer prediabetic. I no longer take Crestor. I no longer have high cholesterol. And I know I am. I'm and I'm no longer on the road to being obese because of the ketogenic diet. So tons of health benefits other than just weight loss. But I understand 90 percent of the people who do you keto and intermittent fasting are doing it for weight loss, but there are tons of health benefits from it.
Chantel Ray: So and if you're listening to this episode, I always suggest that you watch the episode as well, but I mean, you are built I mean, I can look at you, I mean, I don't want to see your whole body, but I can tell, like, yeah, you've got some guns on you, so you've got a lot of muscle.
Chantel Ray: And one of the things that people always say is that I hear guys listening and they say things like, no, I don't want to do intermittent fasting because I'm not going to be able to build muscle. And obviously, you know, I look at you and that's not the case. We've had Thomas still hour on the show. If you haven't heard that episode, go back and listen to Thomas tell our talk about it. But I want you to talk a little bit about how you got so chiseled and how you've got those huge, huge biceps.
Logan Delgado: Yeah. So, yeah, Thomas is a great guy. He's a great friend of mine. And they were Thomas. Thomas loves to jump into the science of things like really get into the the meat and potatoes of things. Right. To really get into the science. I'll just keep it simple.
Logan Delgado: So one bit of Farsi will boost your natural testosterone for fellas. So, guys, if you are getting older, you is obviously going to slow down. One of the best ways to keep it high is to intervene it fast. It's a great way to boost up your testosterone, which is there, which will help you build muscle. But what you have to realize is like, look, when I started intermittent fasting and Keto, I was doing it for weight loss, OK? I didn't jump in and say, I want to do all these things at once. I picked one thing focused on that once I lost. And again, I lost a total of 70 pounds. OK, so damn damn near. A little person was was connected to me and I lost a baby human. So once I lost 70 pounds, guess what, I didn't need to eat and do keto and intermittent fasting the way that I was doing it when I was trying to lose weight. You make adjustments, your goals are going to change. So once I did that, I started focusing on building muscle. Right. What is the best way to build muscle to be in a calorie surplus? You need to eat food.
Logan Delgado: Just because you're intermittent fasting doesn't mean you need to have low calories at the end of the day, eat high protein, which again, a lot of people don't like to do or say to me all the time in the gym, Logan, how do I build my guns up like gears? How do I build muscle? You got to eat and you got to eat protein. So I asked them, what do you eat? Oh, well, you know, I have a little bit of this, a little bit that, a little bit this for dinner. And I'm like, OK, you're eating nothing. You need to eat to grow. So having high amounts of protein, also training the way that you need to be training progressive overload, that's going to be part of it, making sure you're getting enough sleep and also incorporating it again. You don't have to do intermittent fasting. But yes, intermittent fasting will help because it will boost your natural testosterone. Doing all those things will help you build muscle. It's never one thing, right? People always want to say it's one thing. It's it's a variety of things. Right. Make sure you're getting enough sleep. Make sure it's the right food, making sure enough protein, making sure you're training the way you need to be. Training so many times that go into the gym.
Logan Delgado: And this is what everyone's doing. OK, well, time for exercise for those who aren't watching, what I'm showing is people are in the gym on their phones all the time in between sets. They're on their phones right there on their phone for about a minute to a minute and a half. You're losing your intensity. You're losing your focus, going to the gym with the purpose, going there with the passion, get off your phone. And if you are going to be on your phone, use it to find the next song that's going to motivate you or push you to the next set. But, yeah, that that is what it's all about, is just going in there and doing the right things that you need to be doing. And again, it's not going to happen overnight. I have been doing this for eight years. I have been training bodybuilding for eight years. And so I understand to be patient, it's not going to happen overnight. And so I know a lot of people that want to lose weight and build muscle at the same time. Can you do it? Sure you can. Is it very hard? Yes. I always say focus on one thing at a time.
Chantel Ray: Mm. I love that. I want to talk about some keto foods that you love and a little bit about Keto snacks that are Whole Foods. One of the things that drives me crazy is when I see people eating kind of these Keto snacks that are just completely filled with so many chemicals. And so instead of eating things like, you know, celery and cucumber and carrots and, you know, cheese or eggs are nuts and avocado and things that, you know, are a little bit more, you know, going to fill your body with good, good foods. They're kind of filling theirself up with some of these Keto's snacks that maybe are filled with chemicals. Talk to us about that.
Yeah. So I always joke around with people because when I started Akito, it was in 2013 before Ketel was popular. Right. So I always say, oh, you know, when someone starting keto nowadays, I'm like, oh, you know, back in my day, there were no keto treats. There were no keto pizzas, ice cream, Ketel Muffin, Kitto Cookie. The list goes on and on and. All right, there's literally everything now. Yeah. And there wasn't it wasn't like that when I started. You had to be very, very creative. But yes, there are so many Kaito treats, keto friendly products out there that are just filled with processed junk chemicals. Just just take a look, take a look at the ingredients. If it has more than three, four or five, I stay away from it. I try to do my best to stay away from those things. I want to keep it simple me if I'm going to snack. And that's another thing. I don't believe in snacking, OK? I believe in meals. OK, snacking is something that. We have got in our heads as a society that is normal and it's really not, especially when you're doing an fasting. So if I am going to snack or let's say I'm on a road trip where I'm not going to be around a kitchen cooking and I want to eat something, I'm going to stick to like beef jerky, very clean source of beef jerky, not slim. Jim, are Jack's links beef jerky? They're just filled with sugar. I'm going to keep the beef jerky very, very clean. Which salt and meat. That's a protein protein is going to keep you full. Protein is going to keep you satiated so you don't need to keep snacking. That is always, always. My go to when it comes to snacking is fine. A protein source. And yes, again, is there some really good keto treats out there? Absolutely. Are they the best for you? Absolutely not. But they do fit the Kitto friendly category. So just be very careful with that. No. One, if you don't have to snack, don't snack, just eat a meal. But if you do stick with a clean protein source is always my best recommendation.
Chantel Ray: So talk to us a little bit about how you stay motivated and what your role is as a coach or a fast coach. So what would you be kind of telling people to kind of get them to stay on track?
Logan Delgado: This is this is what this is my favorite, favorite question of all time. So look, listen, if you're listening to this, if you're watching, this motivation is going to come and go. OK, there are going to be days that we're like, let's go. Neumi, New Year's. It's January 1st. I'm ready to get up. Let's go then. Boom, January 10th comes. It's cold. It's snowing. You're over this. You're over eating healthy. You're over going to the gym. You're over going doing this cardio.
Logan Delgado: That is when discipline comes in. You need to build discipline, discipline over motivation. Right. Discipline needs to be your foundation. Motivation needs to be almost like a supplement. Will motivation help you? Absolutely. Motivation will help you. Motivation will get you through these those tough times. But it's not something you can sort of rely on every single time, because motivation is a feeling. Discipline is is a habit. Discipline is more towards your character making the decision like I don't want to go do cardio this morning. I don't feel like doing cardio. But you know what? I'm going to go do it because I'm staying disciplined. How do you stay disciplined? Remember your why? What is your why? Why are you doing this? Are you doing this for yourself? Are you doing this for your kids? Are you doing this for your husband? Are you doing this for your wife, whatever that may be. Find your wife for me. My wife has changed over these eight years for me because I didn't have kids. You know, I just I just had kids over the last couple of years. But when I first started, my wife was completely different and now it's completely shifted to my kids.
Logan Delgado: I want to show my kids the importance of being healthy, the importance of eating the right foods. I want to be able to play with my kids. I want to be able to go run with my kids. My kids are literally a ball of energy. I don't want to be that parent. That is, like I say, sit down. I can't I can't go play with me. I can't go outside. I'm tired. I don't want to do that. I want to be able to be there for my kids, play with my kids, run around with my kids. And that is my why. So when I have those moments that I don't want to go to the gym, I don't want to eat healthy. I remember why I'm doing this, and so finding your wife is very important. It's going to help motivate you, but also making these decisions every day to do what you need to do to build that discipline. So when those days come that you're not motivated, doesn't matter. You're going to the gym because you know what you need to do.
Chantel Ray: Now, have you seen anyone that maybe did the keto diet and then they or maybe they were just doing keto or just doing enough, but then they decided to combine the two and then just had amazing results by doing that combination?
Logan Delgado: Absolutely. I think, you know, when it comes to weight loss, which let's let's be honest why majority of people do the ketogenic diet and why people want to exercise. When they combine the two, it's like the perfect puzzle piece, they complement each other so well, one, because Keto is a very low glycemic diet, right? So you're not spiking your blood sugar all day because you're eating high amounts of fats with your meals, vice versa. You could be in a ketogenic state and not even doing keto if your intermittent fasting. So think about that. People who are doing I-F literally could be in ketosis and they're not even doing keto because they're intermittent fasting. Like you said, you like to go sometimes six, four hours a day. So that means you're going to be intermittent fasting anywhere from 18 to 24 hours throughout the day. Let's say you exercise during that time you burned up to do your glycogen storage, which now your body has shifted to using ketones as energy. You're in ketosis, but you're not even trying to do Ketut. So guess what? When you combine the two, it's just like a perfect storm for burning body fat. So, yes, for people who want to speed up the weight loss process. I always recommend combining Kiddo with an medevacing or if you're doing in reinforcing combined Kaito your meals, why don't you make them ketogenic meals, high fat meals, so that you were in a constantly in a fat burning mode.
Chantel Ray: Hmm. OK, great. This next one is from Susie, and I can't pronounce your last name, Susie in Sarasota, Florida.
Chantel Ray: She says, First, I love your podcast and you've helped me lose over 60 pounds doing intermittent fasting. I have combined it now with Kaido, but now I'm stuck. I still have 20 pounds to go and I cannot get rid of the last 20 pounds. What are some things that I am doing wrong? I am currently at one hundred and forty two pounds and want to get down below one 20. Susie in Sarasota, Florida.
Logan Delgado: Yeah.
Chantel Ray: OK, so what would be some things that she is not doing that like some tips that you'd say, OK, here's the people and they've got they've they've lost the weight. She's lost 60 pounds. Now she's stuck. She's and I'm telling you, we get this kind of question, do you not get this question like all the day? It's like they get to this point and they've got that last 20 or last 10 or last 30, whatever it is. And they're like, look, I've been doing all this, I'm stuck, I'm at a plateau. What can I do to get that? Oops, get that last 20 pounds of.
Chantel Ray: What would you say to them?
Logan Delgado: So this is this is always, always my answer to the plateau question. OK, so without knowing Susie, without much information other than what she just said, you need to take a step back and look at the grand scheme of things, look at everything, what people think. You know, when they hit that plateau, I'm I'm eating this, I'm training this, OK, but what else is going on in your life? Are you stressed out or are you getting enough sleep? Hormones play a huge part in weight loss and plateaus so you can have two people doing the same thing, losing the same amount of weight, and then they both stop. Right. But this person is very, very, very stressed out. This person is going through a lot of stuff on the back end. When you're stress your body produces cortisol, when your body produces cortisol, it's going to stop the weight loss process. So take take take a bigger picture. Are you tracking your macros? Do you know how much you're eating? Maybe you're in a calorie surplus or what?
Logan Delgado: A lot of people don't realize maybe they're in a huge calorie deficit, meaning they are eating so little food, so little calories that their body is almost in a starvation mode and saving everything because they don't know when they're going to get their next meal. And so it stops. It stops the weight loss. Right.
Logan Delgado: So tracking your food, knowing what you're eating, what what type of training are you doing? Are you exercising? Are you not exercising? What type of exercises are you doing? Maybe you need to switch it up doing some type of cardio if you're not doing hit cardio, I would I would absolutely recommend doing some type of cardio. For those you who don't know what hit cardio is, it is high intensity interval training, meaning you go as hard as you can for ten minutes. Well, it's hard as you can for a minute. Rest for thirty seconds, as hard as you can for a minute, rest for thirty seconds. You do that for about eight to ten minutes. It's amazing to break, it's amazing to break plateaus. But taking a step back, seeing the way you're training, what type of foods are you eating? Are you eating a lot of dairy? Are you eating a lot of cheese? Dairy tends to stall people out. I mean, yes, you can lose a lot of weight by incorporating dairy, doing keto and having dairy in your diet. But then at certain point, maybe you need to take that out to get to that extra ten. Again, there are so many reasons why you could be in a plateau. It's never one thing. And people want that one answer.
Logan Delgado: That one size fits all and it's not that easy. Take a step back, track your food, make sure you get enough sleep, make sure you get enough water. What type of exercise? Your trainer. Maybe you need to change it up. How are your stress levels at home, your hormones, things like that, take a step back, make some adjustments and go from there. And when you find all that out and you make adjustments, is it is are you automatically going to find the answer like that? Maybe, maybe not. Trial and error on your own. Your own body is the best way to finding out what works for you. Right. Just because so-and-so from down the street did this and that doesn't mean it's going to work for you. Numbers are simple. People are complicated. OK, so trial and error on yourself is the best way to learning your body, how your body works and making adjustments and going from there.
Chantel Ray: All right, I have another question from Camelia or Camela in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I love to drink. Don't judge me. I am doing fasting in Keto and I need some more keto drinks. I have to drink three to four times a week to be happy. I have a very stressful job and the only advice I need is on what to drink. That would be keto friendly to give me some new ideas because I'm stuck in a rut on what to drink.
Chantel Ray: So she's basically saying, like, don't tell me not to drink. I'm drinking. I'm drinking three to four times a week. That's not an option. That is what it is. Now, what what is what am I going to drink the first of?
Logan Delgado: No, no. No judgment whatsoever. It's funny when when I do keto when I was really hard core kitto people always ask Logan, you don't miss like hamburgers, you miss pizza, you don't miss donuts. I'm like, no, I don't care about that stuff. You know what I miss? I miss my damn beer. That's what I miss the most. So absolutely. OK, so look, just to be completely honest, there is no alcohol that is quite differently, theoretically, OK, because alcohol is going to convert sugar. And so it's just there's no such thing as a Kaito beer. So you have to look at it as like these are your best options if you're doing No. One any low carb drinks. Right. Like a Michelob Ultra, a Miller Lite, things like that that are very low carb. If I have a client who wants to drink the best option now, you got to be very careful, because what you have to understand is when you have been doing keto for a very long time and you introduce alcohol, you will get drunk very quick. So please, needless to say, don't drink and drive. Prepare for whatever you going to do. But sticking with hard liquors, with water or a a Diet Coke or whatever, diet, drink or club soda that obviously has. No, that's just carbonation. Right. Just carbonation drink with no sugar in it. Like vodka, whiskey, hard liquors are probably going to be your best bets. But yeah, anything low carb is going to be is going to be friendly. I know something right now what's very popular is seltzer's low carb seltzer's. It seems like everybody is doing them and so you can stick with that. But again. Yeah, I mean just, there's so many options out there. I just stay, stay, stay away from anything dark, mostly like you know, the, the darker the beer the more calories going to have, the more carbs it's going to have to stick to light low carb drinks and you should be fine and then hard liquors as well.
Chantel Ray: So I'm not a big drinker. I've never have been just because I like I'm the opposite.
Chantel Ray: So like if I had my choice to eat my calories or drink the calories, I'd rather eat them.
Chantel Ray: And so but still last year I literally could count on my hand how many times I drink four times last year all through. Um, but this year so far I've actually drank three times so far. And the reason is, is because I found this drink, it's actually a low carb margarita. And the reason why another reason why I don't drink is because I go so fast and so hard all day that I need to wake up the next morning and feel like a million bucks. And I made this drink and I'll put it in the show notes. But it's it's basically just tequila, lime juice and it peno peppers and ice and a simple a low carb, simple sirup that's just made with like an organic monck fruit. And so basically it's basically a hollow peno margarita, but it's it's low carb because there's no sugar in it. It's just made with a little bit of stevia. So it's stevia, tequila, lime juice and jalapeno peppers. That sounds pretty good. It is really good. And I can have one and I wake up and I'm like like I still feel like a million bucks. So for me, for what? Even if I do like a half a cup of wine are like this much wine because of the sulfates and whatever, I'll wake up and just not feel like a million bucks. So, yeah, I will put that recipe in our in the schnitz for people if they want to get that recipe, because it's really, really good.
Chantel Ray: Well, this has been amazing, tell people, what have I not asked you, that you want listeners to know of what they can do to kind of take it to their next level with fasting and keto?
Logan Delgado: Yeah, I think, number one, the best way to keep it going is join a community, join a community with people that are just like you, that want to lose weight, want to better their lives, want to become healthier and find that community, find that tribe and do and do well together. That is one thing that we absolutely love about the Keiter community is that we are such a tight niche community that are always encouraging each other, always inspiring each other, which is one of the main reasons why my business partner and I'm not developed fast coach, the fast coach at which you can track your fasting times, you can track your ketone levels, your glucose levels and participate and live in on demand challenges because people love challenges.
Logan Delgado: Who doesn't love challenges? I love challenges, but I also love doing it with my friends. I love doing challenges with my friends. And it's so fun to do right. And so it's just another way to hold yourself accountable and make it fun, make it challenging and doing it together with as a group to keep it going. So you're not you're never alone. You're never on your journey by yourself.
Logan Delgado: You always have someone by your side, whether it's one of the coaches on the Facebook app or whoever you know, whoever you've just connected with in your tribe. But find a community. And if anybody was listeners are watching this, you can download the fast coach app on the Google and Apple store for free. It's a free app. Start tracking track ketones track glucose, join the challenge, find a challenge that you like. There are many challenges like whether you want to do fasting, whether you're into mad, if you don't know what that is, it's one meal a day, which is pretty cool. Whether you want to track your glucose, you want to do a key ketosis challenge. How many days can you be in ketosis? There's just so many challenges on there, even meditation challenges. So and there's new challenges every month. It's just simple, really simple way to stay motivated, stay active and keep you on track.
Chantel Ray: Love it. Well, you guys stay tuned. We have another episode coming up in just a few. But bye for now.

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