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322: The BEST Way To Figure Out Why You Are NOT Losing Weight, Gut Health, Kicking Sugar, and More! - with Judy Seeger

February 20, 2021

Welcome back to the podcast! In today’s episode, Chantel spoke with Judy Seeger, ND. She is an Author, Speaker, Researcher & Specialist in cancer detox.

Judy Seeger has been working as a naturopath for over 30 years and has run two successful holistic clinics. She started out specializing in gut health due to her own digestive issues - bloating, weight gain and constipations. Plus having three family members die of stomach cancer the worry of getting seriously ill was real.

After healing her gut issues with simply remedies Judy has worked with thousands of clients all over the world to help rebalance their gut while showing them the best therapies to heal their illness, especially cancer. She now is on a mission to show people that living a healthier lifestyle is not that hard when using the right detox natural therapies along with Ozone Therapy.


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If you're ready to get into your next level of health, it's time to look into the best ways to detox. This system is the very same one Judy Seeger, naturopath has used on herself to heal from constipation, low energy, weight gain, hot flashes, gallstones, kidney stones, hypoglycemia and more. It's the very same system she used in her clinic on thousands of people who wanted to rebalance their health, especially those on their cancer healing journey.

The '21 Easy Ways to Start & Stay On Your Detox' guide will show you practical, yet easy to follow steps to start your detox. Even if you've never done a detox. Pick up your guide and let's get started:

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