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313: What Is The NAC and Alpha Lipoic Acid, How To Turn On Fat Burning, Fix Your Psoriasis Issues, and more - with Dr. Bob Melamede!

December 18, 2020

Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode, Chantel got to speak with Dr. Bob Melamede. He has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and is a recognized leader on the therapeutic uses of cannabis. In 2005, Dr. Bob retired as Chairman of the Biology Department at University of Colorado, where he taught and researched cannabinoids, cancer, and DNA repair.

In this episode we answered the following questions:

How to turn on fat burning?
How to fix your Psoriasis issues?
How do you know if you are eating out of balance?
How do you know that you are eating too many carbohydrates?
What are the supplements that can turn on Fat Burning?
What is the NAC and Alpha Lipoic Acid?
How to deal with Vitamin D deficiency?
How much Vitamin C should you take per day?
How Cannabis plant can help you?

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Read Transcript

Hi, guys! Chantel Ray and I have the privilege of having Dr. Bob on our show today and we are going to be talking about everything we need to do for us to get our health in amazing shape. And we also are talking about some supplements that we can do and some other tricks that we can do for maximum weight loss. So if you're stuck in a rut, today is the episode for you. So, Dr. Bob, welcome.
My pleasure to be here. Very, very nice. I've been looking at a little of what you're doing, and it's very much in agreement with the perspective that I've developed from a science base.
Awesome. So tell us some tricks. Let's say someone is you know, maybe you've lost some weight doing intermittent fasting and now they're stuck in a rut and they need to kind of get that maximum fat loss. What are some tips that you have for them?
Well, see, I don't view it from the perspective simply as health, health as fathomless. What I view is make yourself healthy and then the fat will automatically be lost. My like is much more important from my perspective that we will learn what health means. And when you focus on it, the supplements that you've mentioned and the various things that come from those supplements, such as health, loss, health, I mean fat laws, fat loss is just a manifestation of a healthy underlying biochemistry. So if you target for health, the rest happens automatically.
Mm. I like that. So what are some tricks that people can do.
Well, you have to start, I believe, by understanding the very basis of how life works and, and all life works basically in the same way in that we extract from our environment the things necessary to sustain life, air, water, food, the things that are a natural part of us become us. And we get rid of our waste. But as part of this process of slowing, we eat, we get rid of waste, that this fundamental things that happen because of that, in that flowing energy organizers matter. That's what we are. We are organized matter. Right. If you look at the difference between a live human being and a dead human being, for example, what's the difference? It's the flow of life that is the soul of us, is what flows into us, into the creation that we all are.
However, you want to put that into a religious context, there is a very abstract truth. And that abstract truth has to do with balancing carbohydrate metabolism, which, along with amino acids, when they're used for energy, that drives us into the future. It's not that we sit here that and the world happens to us. We are part of the world and we literally push our creative nature through carbohydrates and amino acids. But we do that in a way typically that's out of balance with the fact that we also have to protect ourselves and we protect ourselves when we turn on fat burning. So this is the big difference here. You know, we we move into the future. But as we do that, especially when we move in an imbalanced fashion with excess carbohydrates in particular. All the fat that's on any human being's body comes from excess calories, typically driven by excess carbohydrates. And the reason I focus on health is because when you see any fat on your body, that's your body telling you that you're eating out of balance, that you're eating too many carbohydrates, you're consuming too many calories in general, but specifically too many carbohydrates in your body literally makes that fat because your cells are trying to protect themselves from your ignorance, meaning the diet, because you are what you eat. And if you do nothing but eat the wrong things, then all you do is promote aging. And that's done via basically inflammation and excess free radicals production. So things that minimize that like then supplements that you discuss. And there are really two categories of supplements that we can benefit from when we understand this basic process. The most essential thing to do is to just not overeat and particularly avoid carbohydrates. But when you're doing that, there are other things that you want to make sure you're doing to provide you with what you need. And so in general, people make the mistake of calling things antioxidants when there's really two classes that should be clearly understood. For example, vitamin C, that's a true antioxidant, because when a free radical comes, especially a powerful one like the hydroxyl radical, it's so powerful it reacts instantly when it touches anything. And that means that can change your fats, your proteins, your DNA, your RNA, your carbohydrates, everything that your cells are made of are susceptible to chemical modification by free radicals. So we have antioxidants that we consume and that we produce things also like an AC Mac and the stable system. These are very important because they kind of stop the free radicals in its place.
But where are all these free radicals coming from? The most critical overload that promotes our return to equilibrium and I'll explain that later, is the consumption of carbohydrates and the production by our mitochondria, the little energy powerhouses in our cells. When they're not working efficiently, they leak free radicals. Into ourselves, which then react with everything, and it's important for people to understand that it's basically we have little nuclear reactors in ourselves because radiation from a from a radiation source, like a nuclear reactor or a nuclear bomb, aside from the physical damage, the heat, the chemical damage is caused by free radicals, radiation damages, DNA and everything else by creating free radicals. So when you're producing too many free radicals in your cells, you're basically saying, how can I better kill myself? How can I make myself less healthy? And it's by not understanding how we work and then being driven by advertisements and false information. Like how many decades has our government been telling people to eat fat free food? Well, if you're eating fat free food, that means you've turned off cellular recycling. You're turning on excess free radical production by eating all the carbohydrates. Your story that you're trying to protect yourself by becoming fat. America is the fattest nation in the world. And that's why we're susceptible to things like covid at a higher frequency, because everything in life utilizes these processes that I'm telling you about. So when a virus first infects a cell, what it does is it turns on the production of the viruses. That's how it moves into the future. Well, what does it use to do that? Carbohydrates and that form of energy that comes by burning both carbohydrates as well as amino acids, glutamine in particular? There's a major energy source. So it's not only used to make proteins, but it's actually used as an energy source. It's the highest concentration amino acid in your blood, not only to make proteins because we can burn it and make energy. So or I'm going with this is that we have different ways of making energy and ourselves. One is very efficient and dangerous. That's called the electron transport system. It's like a little Solid-State super Apple computer chip that takes aspects of your process as your body processes the food you eat, be it carbohydrates or proteins or amino acids or fats. They're all can go through the central mill. But depending on how everything's flowing through that mill, there are different consequences. And if you overload the push, think of a thing. Imagine you have a hose and in that hose you have a bunch of little holes, pinholes. Well, if you turn on the faucet and you open the hose, you're not going to see the pin holes leaking because the pressure is relieved by the flow going out. But imagine now you leave the faucet on, but you close the output so the pressure inside the hose builds up. Now it starts to leak. Well, that's what happens with your electron transport system. You build up too much pressure by eating too many carbohydrates and not being able to efficiently and by efficiently, I mean in harmony with your body and your cellular biochemical flow. If you're not in harmony with that, then you generate these extra free radicals, which now the rest of your cellular flow has to try and adjust to. So what it's often will do is turn off that electron transport system and turn on alternative means of producing energy that use sugar directly.
Well, one of the things that you have suggested to me, and I feel like I've been feeling so much better since I've been doing it, is taking the supplement nacke.
And so from what I understand, nānak is the supplemental form al cystine like it's a semi essential amino acid that's present in our bodies and it's basically used to kind of scavenge and eliminate free radicals and kind of repair any liver damage that's caused by oxidative stress. Is that right?
Partially, I mean, some of this some of it would need a little tweaking to make me happy with it. OK, but basically tell me tell us what it is. Well, and acetylcysteine that is made, as you said, from Sustainers and this little group is added on the system. So now you have a new molecule. And that cystine is a unique amino acid because it's on its own, can exist in two forms. It can be either oxidized or it can be reduced. So what that means is either are removing electrons or adding electrons to the molecule. All right. And depending on which state it's in, it acts as a quencher of free radicals. By becoming oxidized, it takes the oxidation of the free radicals and converts and into the Oxidize system. OK, but that's not always the right thing to do. It's often the wrong thing to do. But what it does is it's then acts as a signal and the communication of the biochemical transformations that are constantly occurring that are you the food goes in, it gets transformed into your crop and reduce waste and into your sweat and into your life. But you have to partition the good from the bed. And if we don't understand how to do that properly, then we have these imbalances.
So obviously, you know, one of the things that you said originally was that, you know, the amount of carbs and and like you said, the the the average American is eating just way too many carbs. And then they're wondering why they're so sick and why they're fat because they're eating massive amounts of carbs. First, let me ask you this. What is the amount of carbs that you kind of is a rule of thumb that you have for yourself and that you suggest for others?
I am the most unruly person you can ever imagine. All right. I'm extremely adding. The only thing I can do is get into the flow and then use that. So I spend my life trying to be healthy because that's what life is. You see, the more complex you are, meaning the flowing biochemistry through you. If it's flowing in a way that promotes health, then it moves you further from equilibrium because you're basically charging your flowing biochemistry with life organization complexity. It's that complexity that manifests itself as your intellect, as your immune strength, as your cardiovascular strength. Every system in your body is regulated by the balance between moving yourself into the future, maintaining yourself or going backwards and accumulating more disorder within the flow. Does that make sense? Yes. So what NAC does is it recharges the main antioxidant that your body produces, known as glutathione. So glutathione is as made up of three or three peptides, one of which is thing and as I just said, the system can either be oxidized or reduced. Well, if it's oxidized, it's already spent its power quenching a free radicals. So it needs to be reduced so that the free radicals can then be quiet and can be quenched by it. OK, but now that molecule that blew the thigh bone is used up.
It's got to get recharged, it's got to get that, it's got to get re reduced so that it can capture another free radicals. That's what Mac does not recharge is glutathione. They shift their electrons from one form of state to another form of system so that the glutathione is now ready to attack and bind up with and eliminate another free radical.
And that's the major antioxidant that your cells produce and it's a major antioxidant in your lungs.
And if you think about it, your lungs are what are they doing it taking in all of this oxygen all the time. And that oxygen can create imbalances in that it naturally tends to be pro inflammatory, the oxidative reactions that are occurring fro oxidants. Right. That's why we take antioxidants. So your lungs are loaded with blood fire. Now, let's look at the consequences of imbalance, what we call redox potential reduced oxidation redox. Right. Whether or not you're glue to thigh bone is ready to quench your free radical or whether it's already used up, that's redox balance. And that Redlegs balance permeates all of your cells, not just from that, but from vitamin C and other other antioxidants that work ultimately the same way is what I'm describing to you, in that they absorb electrons and that quenches the power of various free radicals, be they from reactive oxygen species or reactive nitrogen species. There's lots of free radicals that can be produced in the course of being alive.
So let me I want to I want to clarify, because I want to make sure that people can really stay with us on this.
So let me repeat back when I heard you say a little bit and clarify it, OK? So I know that glutathione is an antioxidant produced in the cells. Right. Like it's surprized largely of three amino acids, glutamine, glycine and cystine, right? Yes. And then glutathione the levels in your body, it can be reduced if you've got poor nutrition, if you've got, you know, environmental toxins, if you're not eliminating properly, if you've got a lot of stress in your life, those are some things that it can be.
Let me stop you right there, because, like, we can clarify each other, OK?
The blue to Sayam levels that are important are when glutathione is reduced, because you can as soon as it is a free radical, it's now oxidized. So what you care about is not the total glutathione level, but how much is available to do its job, not how much has already done its job.
Makes sense. OK, yeah, that's how it is. OK, so how does an act specifically do that?
Nacke takes the Oxidize form of glutathione own and adds electrons to it.
That reduces it. So now it's ready to be oxidized again. Then once it's reduced, it's an antioxidant. Once it's oxidized, campean antioxidants already done so. The NACC continues to allow for the glue to thiamin to remain in the reduced state, ready to quench another other free radicals because the the NACC puts it into that state. The NAC itself was in a reduced state and it gives the electrons basically to reduce the glue. Defiance of the glue to fly on is ready to work.
OK, is this good, good, the timing is bad mutebi on the simplest of terms, and the good stuff is the stuff that free radicals and the bad stuff is not really bad. It already did its job and now you've got to help it so it can do it again.
So let's talk about alpha lipoic acid, what it is and what its benefits are.
Well, again, without getting stuck in too much biochemistry, alpha lipoic guess it turns on fat burning. And this is the important thing that is trying to lead to. We have antioxidants like the thigh bone, which directly interacts with a free radical. And then we have the other ends of the equation. Where are those free radicals coming from the being produced by many different biochemical reactions. But the main source are imbalances in your electron transport system caused by excessive carbohydrate metabolism. So that's the main problem there. So when your cells are getting overly damaged by free radicals, it changes the reactions that are normally happening. You know, if you normally are doing something with two hands and all of a sudden they chop off one hand, you can't do what you used to do. That's right. It's that simple, you modified the chemicals that are talking essentially, quote, talking by reacting with other chemicals, that's part of the energy mass flow transformation where we extract in essence, we extract sunlight. And turn it into life and over billions of years, that life gets more complex because of the flowing energy revolution is the way God works. It's not contrary to the way people define evolution today in general, from a scientific perspective, I believe, to be completely wrong because they believe that everything is just this ongoing accident and it's not as part of an unfolding that occur is generating complexity and intelligence by virtue of the fact that fallowing energy does that as long as we don't screw it up by adding too much friction. You know, if you don't want to add grinding compounds to the oil in your car. The oil of the cars is maintained in a quality state by the fat, very powerful appeal against it turns on fat burning, fat burning goes by another name, Nobel Prizes were given a few years ago to the people who discovered it's called Autophagy, Auto Sagi, auto self, fazi eating self-heating. That's how we maintain our flow.
Now, I want to talk about psoriasis because I know that you personally had some psoriasis and were able to kind of heal your body of that. Tell us a little bit about what you know, how you did that and kind of what what's psoriasis caused from and how did you kind of heal your body from that?
All right. So let's first look at what psoriasis is. It's uncontrolled replication of your epithelial cells.
You know, if your elbow is not cirrhotic, you know, it's like it is now. So, you know, it's a normal, healthy elbow, right? Well, it wasn't like that. It was like a white scab flaking bloody mess for my whole life.
No, I came down with that when I was in my teens. And, you know, that was just part of how I was. I didn't have a terribly bad in that. I had it mostly on my head and both elbows. And I had it on my knuckles and I had my ankles.
And I had a little bit on my ear and what what happened was I always tried to be helpful because I started out in high school. I was a gymnast in college. I was in the wrestling team, in the track and field team. So I always had a health orientation. I was going to be a physician, major, until I can tolerate it. So I went back to biology, chemistry. So I blew myself up on missing pieces of my fingers because I'm a little crazy. So I'm into healing and I'm into health and my genotype, my DNA makes me very predisposed to a variety of inflammatory illnesses. Back problems.
I have what's called HLA B twenty seven and HLA is part of your immune system and with basically a B twenty seven, it means I'm too pro inflammatory in certain aspects of my being. In particular, the skin here is driven by somehow this as well as arthritis and back two inches shorter than I used to be because of deteriorating discs and I had herniated disc in my neck, etc..
So all of these things have now been resolved by promoting health, which means ultimately that you increase the flow in a way that is reorganizing you and that you do it in a way that's consistent with the nature of how you were created in the first place. In other words, you learn how God created you and try to be friendly with that procedure rather than ignoring it and becoming unhealthy. See, what happens is when we're young. When you're a kid, you know how vital and vibrant kids are. Well, what are they doing? They're growing, which means they're getting further Librium and everything is new for them. So they're sucking in everything and that's driving them. You can only move. There's only two things that enter you as a system. Any living system, be the bacteria or you.
There's only two things that go in this mass in the form of food and his energy, in the form of the things we sense, the sights, the smells, the tastes, the touches. And it turns out that.
Those are the things that regulate everything that flows into and out of us. It's the complexity within us that we want to be healthy so that it can maintain that charged with life quality.
As we age, what happens is the system becomes less complex because we accumulate all of these free radical damage. This this is not a conventional free radical theory of aging, which was based on static's. You see people that understand the difference between static's and dynamics. The probability of forming one protein of one hundred amino acids long out of 20 amino acid choices. So you go one out of twenty one out of twenty. You do that a hundred times. That number is so large, that's larger than the number of particles in the universe. In other words, it's absolutely impossible statistically to randomly throw and die and produce some functional protein. And yet we're composed of thousands of them transforming constantly. And that's the difference. We life is a manifestation of time. Static's is the absence of time, randomness. Life is the very opposite of that. So if you don't embrace the physics that says life must exist and instead you you embrace standard statistical thinking that says life cannot exist, well, then you're left with this ridiculous quandary.
Well, how did I get here? It's just this miracle. But how did that miracle make it? You know, you go on and on. This simply says that if there is energy and that at the beginning of the universe that we know of a black bag, a big black hole or whatever, it doesn't matter. What matters is that flowing energy creates organization.
Hey, guys, I want to talk to you about something that can lead to chronic disease. Yes, it's sugar. Over 70 percent of Americans are eating more sugar than they need to. And I was one of them. And I kept saying, you know, this is my last time. I'm going to cut back. I'm going to do this. I'm going to do that. And I didn't I saw all the negative health effects. It was weakening my immune system and I just couldn't say no. And that's until I discovered some really practical steps to just eliminating sugar from my life for good. And I want to teach you that as well. So everything I've learned to break my sugar addiction in my 30 day kick sugar challenge, you're going to get exclusive access to a private Facebook group. You're going to have four weekly calls. You're going to get an accountability partner. I'm going to be personally walking you through these next 30 days. The most important thing you're going to learn, though, in these 30 days is the mindset you need to kick the sugar to take your intermittent fasting to the next level. So just go to Chantel Ray Wacom Kick Sugar to learn more. The best part is it's only thirty dollars right now. That's a dollar a day investing in you for thirty days. It officially doesn't start until January 4th. But if you join now, you're going to get free access to the group and we're going to give you practical tips to not overindulge through the holidays on December 15th. The price is going to go up. So click the link in the description and you'll get to go to Chantel Ray dot com slash kikes sugar and you can join the group for just thirty dollars.
So so let's stay on psoriasis for just a second. So you're saying since psoriasis, it basically turns your skin cells into overachievers, right?
Like they grow about five times faster than regular skin cells in your body?
Let me again twist your words a little. Does not call them overachievers. Cells can exist in three states, OK? They can be sleeping and doing nothing like a senescence still like a stem cell waiting to be turned on.
Or they can be dividing like a cirrhotic lesion on your of your epithelial cells.
Or they could be regenerating and be healthy and carrying out some differentiated function like your nerve cells. OK, so those are three distinct different ways that energy flows in ourselves. So when our epithelial cells are receiving signals from the immune system as to how how to modulate their behavior, they're inappropriately communicating. The immune system is telling them, and the food you're giving them is telling them, divide the body, divide.
And because of your imbalances in that whole picture, then instead of dividing once every 10 or 12 days, they're going much faster.
So everything in your body is always being replaced. Epithelial cells are designed to die in terminal cells. So they flake off and you make new ones because that's the outside of you. You want to be able to have a healthy interface. So it absorbs all of the poison of your life and you keep replacing them. But if it's if the communication is out of whack, then it says, keep the vital divide, you divide and you get the mess. So by eating appropriately and bringing your body back into balance so that you're having an appropriate redox balance, you're not overconsuming inflammatory biochemistry and you're not and you're having sufficient recycling and rebuilding the fat burning end of it, that the cells then remain in a healthy condition.
So give us real practical.
So, like, if you could give somebody a perfect kind of example of like a good diet that you would recommend for them to have or kind of real practical, let's get practical now instead of scientific of what they you would recommend for them to do to kind of get rid of their psoriasis, get their body in balance and have that loss.
I would recommend, based on what I've experienced, you have to remember something. December seven, I turned seventy three years old and you know, I can jump down and knock out 10, 20 push ups like nothing. I'm extremely strong and healthy from that perspective. I have my weaknesses. I can I'm trying to regrow my hip because of this inflammatory stuff. I didn't understand what was going on and I've learned so much over the past 10 years since I had heart failure and reversed all of that as well. So my point is we can transform ourselves.
And the basic thing I would say is never, ever drink sugar water like soda. That is one of the major causes of diabetes, heart disease. All of the illnesses that are characteristic of our society are the result of redox imbalances promoted to a large part by our stupidity and not understanding the things that I've just told you. And then acting, driven by your gluttony and lies, gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins because it kills you and it makes you also not function properly here. So aggression, you know, we live in a world of war and hostility because people are uptight. They don't consume enough cannabinoids. You see, that's the other part of this whole story is that we have an endocannabinoid system, the cannabis that we make within.
Hey, guys, I want to tell you, I'm offering a free weight loss virtual Bible study. Now is the perfect time to focus on understanding true hunger and fullness and learn what the Bible has to say about it. All you have to do is go to Chantel Ray dot com slash Bible study. After you sign up, you'll receive a six week Bible study, video that you can watch on your own, or you can get a small group of people and do it together. That's Chantel Ray way. Dot com slash Bible study for your free six week Bible study course.
So that's number one. Don't eat empty carbohydrates, eat natural foods, stay away from anything with artificial anything in it, coloring all that crap. Don't do it, you know, and you'll find that the more fat burning you turn on, the less you eat. So I'm now about one hundred and sixty three pounds. Hundred sixty five pounds. When I started down this road after I had heart failure back in 2000 and I was fourteen or fifteen. Then everything started to change, but it was only really, as I learned more and more about paleo type or ketogenic and the role of the octopus, because you see the CB2 receptor turns on fat burning. So the Stevie Wonder stuff that gets you high turns on your brain and it turns on movement that the future is good for you. It regulates the electron transport system. It's what pushed the biochemistry into more complex forms. When you look at again. Stay away from the science. Turn on fat burning, eat healthy fat meaning things that come from grass fed cows don't eat things that are fed with grain because then they're high in omega six and seven mega 3s. And what's the difference? Mega C mega sixes are good in the sense. Yes, they're antioxidants, but they're antioxidants that are required when you're in the sugar burning mode.
And what you want to do is reduce that by going more into the fat burning mode.
So while you have dairy, as long as it's from a grass fed, I live off dairy.
I am a dairy nut. Some people look, everybody's different. That's why you can't make general rules other than the basic way the flow works. You have to understand your body, your history, your family, the nature of your of how your flow got here, you know.
So are you real particular? Like, if you are going to eat dairy, you're going to only it has grass fed from. That's fed cows.
I live off cheese, eggs, milk, heavy cream.
Butter, nuts and fresh fruits and vegetables, a lot of onions, a lot of peppers, all of those things that actually turn one fat burning, so you basically eat a paleo diet except modified dairy. I eat meat, you know, I eat very little, though, the more you turn on fat burning, the less you eat the so amazing. I can't believe I used to be a pig as much as I could know. A box of cookies dunked in milk. You know, now, if I'm if I buy a box of cookies, they're liable to sit there for two weeks, you know, and maybe I don't even finish a whole cookie at one time. I might have three glasses of milk with that half a cookie. Or maybe if I'm really picked out and stoned and gluttonous, maybe I'll have a cookie or two. But that is so rare I can't even remember. It's a rare rarity, right? Yeah, but I have like I have like this delicious little organic lemon cake with blueberries and ginger in it. And honey, you know, I'm happy to eat stuff like that because my consumption levels are so low. I eat under typically two thousand calories a day. You know, I just went bike riding for, you know, miles in the cold, so I had to turn on fat burning. Know, Wimar, if you're familiar with Imhoff. You know, he has incredible control of his. Autonomic nervous system, I don't know if I can show you this, but watch you see the hair on my skin. Now watch what happens.
You see what's going on now. You're this hair on your skin is now popping up, right?
And you did that from just just thinking, thinking about it, not thinking about making my skin go up, thinking about something that triggers an incredible flow pattern for me. Got it, my whole body is covered in goose pimples, I have tears in my eyes.
Mm hmm. So think about that for me.
So do you do a lot with cold therapy at all?
Well, see, this is something also you hitting on such interesting things, because these are core topics really that all of us are involved with and we don't understand it. You know, my whole life, I've always been warm. You know, as a kid, I'd go out in the winter with relatively little on compared to what my mother thought I should be having. I grew up in New York and, you know, that was always the case. My body, my normal body temperature. Is around maybe ninety seven, ninety eight point eight in that range, I'm not ninety eight point six and lower body temperature actually is correlated with health and living because you make making less free radicals. That's that's why we're at to see we're inefficient with our flow. The more efficient you get, the more your body temperature is going to drop. But the problem with that is I've always had very cold feet. My feet are like icicles. And then I developed reneau syndrome where that your your blood vessels freak out. Well, that's gone now, OK? And I had gout and that's all gone. You know, I still have a little arthritis because I had this horrible yeast infection that I didn't know about until I wound up putting.
It's a whole long story is a separate story. But Anak and CBD together and your audience should know this. This is an amazing NACC and c.B to get together will totally control asthma and COPD as well as the virus.
And this is an amazing thank you so much for being with us today. I know one thing.
I've been taking that knock and I know that it's made me feel a lot better. So it's been a really good piece. Oh, I do want you to real quick give a few more supplements that you recommend to people.
Resveratrol, resveratrol is very potent.
It turns on something called sirtuin, which is one of your enzymes that is involved in these flow patterns. And what it does is it closes the DNA. So that the sugar burning genes are turned off these days like a book, you don't read the whole thing at one time, you go to the pages where you're at, right. So some pages are telling you to burn sugar in other pages that telling you to burn fat. So sirtuin is very involved in that switch. It closes the DNA up with the sugar burners and turns on fat burning. It's very healthy for you. And it uses as a co factor niacin, but not nicotinamide, niacin in the acid form because that gets converted by CO2 into the, you know, the form. So that's a really powerful one. I also like a lot of vitamin C, vitamin D is very, very critical. Most people in the world of vitamin D deficient and I am vitamin D deficient.
I feel so much better when I get in the sun every single day.
And should he be taking vitamin D with K?
You know, the K does nothing more than turn on fat burning. I haven't seen I you see what happens is people cherry pick information without understanding the big picture. And it might be that vitamin K is doing something special, but I've not been able to see why it's doing anything different than turning on fat burning.
You know, how much vitamin C would you suggest that someone take again, vitamin C is very interesting because orally you can only get so much into you. And when you take them, I take a few grams a day. Usually I like the nice chewable citrus flavored ones, so I take a few grams a day.
But this is so interesting. For example, a person with cancer. All right. The cancer cells are surviving because they've adjusted these flow patterns so that instead of dying like you wanted them, do you want your cancer cells to die instead of dying? They figured out how to have low survive, but they've done that. They're now already under a metabolic imbalance. They're pro inflammatory in their biochemistry. So if you force them into fat burning, which is what THC and cannabis does, then they can make that adjustment and that can help kill the cancer cells. But where was I going with this? Take me back.
We're talking about vitamin C, how much vitamin C is right.
So when what can be done? Vitamin C, we take it as an antioxidant. But if you inject vitamin C in high doses into the blood, which has been used for years as a therapy, when you inject high doses of vitamin C into the blood, the vitamin C interacts with the ion that's in your blood. And instead of being an antioxidant, it makes free radicals. So intravenous injection of vitamin C for people with cancer can overload the cancer cells because they're already stressed with free radicals. You know, the rubber band is stretched and you stretch it a little bit more and it breaks. So that's what you want to happen. So vitamin C can be a very effective anti cancer. I would say adjuvant to two other things. I would add it to, you know, turning on fat burning in general most cancers. Ninety five percent of cancers start out as fat burners. And I can talk forever about why that is. But I'll shut up.
Well, thank you for being with us. And you guys stay tuned and we'll have another episode coming up in just a few minutes.
Bye bye!

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