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288: Emotional vs Physical Hunger, The Difference Between Dieting Mentality and Boundary Mentality, How to Handle Cravings and Embracing Your Cravings - with Stephanie Mara!

September 9, 2020

Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode, Chantel spoke with special guest Stephanie Mara! She is a Somatic Nutritional Counselor who supports individuals with discovering what nourishment satiates their unique body. She guides individuals to release judgment and shame around their food and body to feel more empowered, confident, in control, and at home in the skin they are in. She teaches how to cultivate a trusting and loving relationship with oneself through identifying the difference between emotional and physical hungers and provides tools on how to respond to each kind of hunger in satisfying ways. She has her Masters Degree in Body Psychotherapy from Naropa University. She is also a certified Health Coach, Mind Body Eating Coach, Yoga Instructor, and has been published in the International Body Psychotherapy Journal.

In this episode we cover:

The 4 Steps To Embrace a Craving
Just Eating Real Food
What Is Somatic Hunger?
Love to eat, hate to eat
And more!


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