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207: Top 20 MOST COMMON Questions About CBD Oil - with John Wiesehan!

February 20, 2020

Welcome back to the podcast! Today’s guest is John Wiesehan, CEO of Direct CBD Online. Direct CBD Online provides natural alternatives to prescription painkillers and medications. They sell only the highest-quality CBD oils, edibles, creams, and more to help you on your search for natural well-being. They also strive to assist our customers in making informed decisions about your health and the products and supplements you use. Enjoy!

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Read Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi, guys, today we are talking to John Wiesehan. [00:00:02][2.1]
[00:00:02] And we are talking all about CBD oil, selling everything someone could possibly want to know. We're going to answer kind of a top 20 questions today in all of your everything you'll want to know. So, John, welcome. Tell us a little bit about yourself. [00:00:18][15.5]
[00:00:19] Yeah, I am. I'm founder and CEO of Direct CBD online I really started this company in May of twenty eighteen to provide CBD products to the general American population. And it was something that I had been using for a long, long time, long time since probably about twenty seventeen when it was not kind of a household term. Nowadays, the awareness of CBD in general is really increased, as you know. But I saw a need out there to be able to get CBD in the hands of the everyday American person. [00:00:57][37.4]
[00:00:58] And you do intermittent fasting yourself. [00:01:00][2.1]
[00:01:01] And I do intermittent fasting in combination with CBD. I do inter and fasting was a little more challenging when I didn't use CBD. I actually think it kind of helped suppress my appetite a little bit, especially in the morning after a hard workout or something. But I intermittent fast. I stopped eating at 6 p.m. at night and I start eating at eleven o'clock or noon the next day. And I try to slam all my calories in about six to seven hours. It can be challenging. So I needed something to try to help suppress my appetite a little bit in the morning, especially after hard work out and out. I tried a lot of different things, whether it was a supplement over the counter stuff. And I don't want to do anything unhealthy at all. But I found that when I started using CBT, it really helped. [00:01:46][45.8]
[00:01:48] I said, well, we're gonna go right into the top 20 questions all about CBT said number one. What's the difference between CBD and THC oil? [00:01:57][9.5]
[00:01:58] Great question. And I mean, that's a super, super popular question. CBD does not contain THC. So THC is obviously marijuana and it it gives you a high of mental and physical high CBD does not. So I like to equate CBD as like, you know, when you have a headache and you take some Advil and about 30 minutes later, your headaches just kind of gone. CBD kind of has that effect where you take it in a little bit later, you're like, wow, I I I feel better whatever you're using it for. What if you're using it for sleep, you just kind of fall asleep and you don't have kind of a melatonin and over the next day or anything like that. But it does not contain THC. It does not give you a high. And that's the primary difference between THC and CBD. [00:02:47][48.9]
[00:02:49] So question number two, why don't more people use CBD if it's got these amazing health benefits? [00:02:55][6.4]
[00:02:57] I honestly think it's an awareness thing and I think it's a trust factor. I think it's a it's a very new category in kind of the population of consumer products today. And people just want it. They want to go somewhere where they can trust, trust where they're buying it from. And they want to know that, you know, the people around them are using it for the same benefit that they are. People get scared. So I think it's pot and it's not. So I think that's a fundamental difference to make sure that we know. [00:03:24][27.4]
[00:03:26] So what are the differences between hemp oil and CBD oil? [00:03:30][4.7]
[00:03:33] Hemp oil? [00:03:34][0.5]
[00:03:36] Is derived from the hemp plant, but the CBD is extracted out of it, so there's a lot of this. This is a it's challenging right now in the marketplace because of the lack of regulation. To be honest with you, hemp oil can be sold on places like Amazon and other marketplaces like that, hemp seed oil. Does not contain CBD because it takes the hemp seed and in push presses the extraction out of the seed in which which in turn takes the CBD out of the product as well. [00:04:12][36.1]
[00:04:14] Got it. So I still I'm still not totally following. Can you explain a little bit better because I still don't totally understand. [00:04:22][7.6]
[00:04:22] So I'm trying to stay super simple and basic, but from an extraction standpoint, the way CBD extract is, is using CO2. [00:04:30][7.3]
[00:04:31] And when you extract it, the whole plant out of the CBD, out of a whole hemp plant. Then the CBD comes along with it. So if you think about it, a hemp plant just like a stock, right. CBD is is the whole plant is taken into the extraction process in the CBD is extracted out of it. The hemp oil is just the seeds of the plant taken out of the plant. So it doesn't use the whole plant like CBD does. And they take out just the hemp oil out of hemp seeds. So CBD takes into account the entire plant as a whole. And hemp hemp oil is really just hemp seed oil. [00:05:11][40.1]
[00:05:13] OK. So I think we're on question number four now is. [00:05:19][6.2]
[00:05:21] Is there certain illnesses that do better with CBD oil and certain illnesses that are helped to heal with hemp oil? [00:05:30][9.4]
[00:05:33] As far as healing of illness is, I'm not going to comment to that. But what I do know is that CBD oil has been shown through testimonials and different things that we have access to to be a better supplement overall to help with the customer, with whatever they're trying to use it for. Hemp oil doesn't really have any kind of bean oil or cannabinoid benefits. So the cannabinoid system is what CBD oil really manipulates inside of your body is just like your nervous system, your cardiovascular system, you know, different systems inside your body. Your cannabinoid system is what CBD attaches to to kind of equalize the body's cannabinoid system. Hemp oil does not contain CBD, so it does not impact that system at all. [00:06:26][52.6]
[00:06:28] So can you get addicted to. Can you get addicted to. [00:06:34][6.0]
[00:06:36] Can you get addicted to the CBD oil or the hemp oil? [00:06:39][2.6]
[00:06:40] Now, there's no no research done that this product is addictive. There's a research search done that you can overdose on this product. It's kind of like B12 where if you take too much of it, you kind of just urinate the rest out, which is good. And it's not addictive. Non psychoactive. [00:06:57][17.3]
[00:06:59] Got it. And is there number six? Is there a difference in how CBD oil is made from how hemp oil is made? [00:07:09][9.3]
[00:07:10] Yeah. So CBD oil use is the CO2 extraction method from the whole hemp plant. And hemp oil is made strictly from the hemp seeds being cold pressed into hemp oil. [00:07:24][13.9]
[00:07:26] OK. And. [00:07:27][0.8]
[00:07:29] Number seven, just CBD come from the same plant as marijuana. [00:07:34][4.7]
[00:07:36] No. Comes from the hemp plant. The marijuana comes from the marijuana plant. [00:07:39][3.6]
[00:07:41] And number 8. [00:07:43][1.6]
[00:07:44] How how is CBD oil legal when marijuana is not so, CBD oil contains point zero 3 percent of THC or less, which are my which is micro dosing, which does not impact any part of your body at all or zero. So isolate CBD, which means the CBD molecule is completely extracted out of the whole plan during the extraction process contain zero THC. So what you'll find on the shelves of Kroger and CBS and big retailers like that typically is isolate, which has zero THC. It's just a little more less liberal than the full spectrum CBD, which does contain trace amounts of the THC. But again, it doesn't have any psychoactive effect. [00:08:34][49.3]
[00:08:37] So that's. [00:08:37][0.6]
[00:08:41] OK. Number 10, my job requires me to take drug testing quarterly. If I use CBD, oil or hemp, will it show up on a drug test? [00:08:51][10.5]
[00:08:54] Ice. So we've done some testing, isolate CBD. Generally does not. And we can't say with any level of certainty that it will or won't because we don't manufacture any product. So we're just a marketplace at direct CBD online. We sell over 100 brands and 4000 items. So I'm not gonna make any claims for the brands themselves. But generally speaking, most brands will tell you that isolates CBD, that contains zero THC will not show up on a drug test. Full spectrum CBD, which has trace amounts if used over time, might build up some sort of a threshold in your body. [00:09:30][35.9]
[00:09:31] But I again, I can't say with any certainty whether it will or can CBD help with cancer patients or people with Hamas. Have you seen any studies or any people that have had improvements with people who have cancer or M.S.? [00:09:50][19.1]
[00:09:51] We have heard people tell us that it has helped, but we don't have any scientific studies or anything that show that all we have our personal testimonials. But we don't have any empirical evidence to show that. But people have written in and said that it has. But we don't have any medical references that state that. [00:10:09][18.6]
[00:10:10] OK. Number twelve, well, CBD oil help, arthritis pain. And how does it do it if it does? [00:10:19][8.3]
[00:10:20] Yeah, I mean, look, CBT creams and kind of lotions and bombs and things like that that we sell that contain CBD. We have a lot of people right in that said, it has helped alleviate the arthritis pain. Again, no medical research has been done about that. But we do have, you know, personal testimonials of people who've written in the site that does help. [00:10:42][21.8]
[00:10:43] So explain. I think I'm losing track of my questions because I didn't write down the numbers next time. But I think we're on number 14. Explain the differences in the different dosage. Good question. Like when you see like five hundred, they say a thousand fifteen hundred. What? How does that how do they calculate that? [00:11:07][23.7]
[00:11:08] Yeah, it's a great question. So in a bottle, typically the larger number is how much CBD is in the entire bottle. So for example, if you have a bottle that shows 1000 milligrams, that whole bottle of 30 milliliters, which is generally one ounce or which is one ounce. But that's what most of the kind of mainstream bottles sizes are. If it says one ounce or 1000 milligrams, that's 33 milligrams per serving. So whenever that larger number is divided by 30 and that's how much. Yeah, divide it out by however many ounces are in that bottle. And that's what the amount is per serving. And really, I think we've we did some videos and things like that on dosage and kind of explaining it based on what's on the package, and I can I can send you some of those as well for viewing. [00:12:01][53.1]
[00:12:02] And how do you number 15, how do you know which dosage is best for you and should you start with five hundred, then move to a thousand, then move up or what is the best protocol for that? [00:12:13][10.7]
[00:12:14] Yeah, great question. So it is all based on the person. So I mean I cannot emphasize this enough where I made like I take I take eighty three milligrams per serving, but I'm a bigger guy. I exercise a lot. I generally have a lot of inflammation from muscle, muscle inflammation, things like that. I take a lot of CBD. It helps me focus. Helps me get through the day. I don't have any afternoon slump. I love it. My business partner, you know, he takes thirty three milligrams a day. That's just what works for him. So I always encourage people start on the lower side, you know, increase increase it to where you really feel like it's affecting you. Consistency is key. And if people got to kind of find out what their own threshold is relative to their dosing, but it's absolutely unique based on an individual. [00:13:05][50.8]
[00:13:06] OK, what do number 16, what does the high Cronin's CBD stand for? [00:13:12][5.6]
[00:13:13] Cannabinoid. [00:13:13][0.0]
[00:13:15] CBT is it affects your cannabinoid system, cannabis oil is the name, the term for the oil. So it's your Ecko cannabinoid system. [00:13:25][10.3]
[00:13:27] Seventeen. What is the difference in isolate Broadspectrum and full spectrum oil? [00:13:34][6.1]
[00:13:35] Yeah, very question. So isolate is that the CBD molecule extracted 1 percent from the plant. So it's isolated from the plant. It's the CBD molecule on its own. That's what I take I personally think is the most effective for now. Use it for full spectrum. [00:13:52][18.0]
[00:13:53] Is CBD using the whole plant. [00:13:55][2.1]
[00:13:56] So you get CBD, CBG, CBN, other different cannabinoid factors outside which you're kind of like some molecules of the CBD molecule that are in the hemp plant. So most people like full spectrum because they like all the benefits of the whole hemp plant. But you know, for me personally, I like that I sell it and then broad spectrum uses the whole plant, but it goes another step and removes all the THC from the oil. So isolate and broad spectrum, our THC free and the full spectrum has trace amounts of THC. [00:14:32][36.1]
[00:14:34] OK. Number 18, there's so many different products, including CBD, oil tinctures, water soluble CBD, CBD paste, edibles, creams, salves and bath and body products, which do you recommend is the best to use? And what do you should do? How do you know which one to use? Like, should I do the edibles? Should I do the the actual oil or the body products? [00:15:02][27.5]
[00:15:03] Yes. No. Good question. So give me just a second and grab some samples and show you kind of the differences with us. [00:15:09][6.0]
[00:15:09] Sure. [00:15:09][0.0]
[00:15:12] OK. Sorry about that. I moved earlier so that they were in my other spot. So a couple different things. So, you know, here's like a bomb. Right. So this is a naturals Portland rose bomb comes in lavender. So somebody with like eczema or some sort of a skin ailment or a cut or a rash or something can put can put bombs on their hands or on their feet or something like that. It usually helps the rejected the cell regeneration and a healing process. Some people at night, like my wife and I, we like to drink tea at night. So we drink some tea from Baskin that has CBD in it. And this is Khadamiya herbal tea and blood orange tea. Right. So it just it's really neat. Different varieties. I personally take the tinctures, which is the drops in your tongue. I feel like it's the fastest acting and it can get in my system the fastest. And I I like that. And it's really easy to take and travel with and things like that. My wife takes these Charlotte's Web sleep. gummies. So this has some CVT and it also has some melatonin to help you sleep. So there's gummies for the athlete. There's patches. So these are just athletic patches where it's it puts the CBD straight onto a muscle or an acre or pain that you have. It's more isolated in nature versus a whole body wellness type thing. We have we have bio steel CBD, which is plant based protein combined with isolate CBD, which I take this every day in the vanilla flavor. So this is awesome. Biosimilar obviously is a huge brand and the athlete sector and then trying to think what else I got. Then I have a garden of life, the brain garden of life. They came out with CBT. This is for inflammatory response. I take one of these pills every morning right when I wake up. Just to help internal inflammation. And then I have some CBT pills from Matara. This one is good morning. And this one helps you sleep. This one has B12 and caffeine in it. And this one has some melatonin in it. And again, a lot of it has to do with personal preference. If people don't like to take, you know, a tincture, they think it tastes weird or whatever, they can take a pill. Some people like the taste of gummies and want to chew on it. So people like the tea. There's a lot of different form factors and it really just depends on your personal preference. [00:17:58][165.7]
[00:17:59] All right. Two more 19. Does CBT make you tired if you take too much? And what other side effects can you have if you take too much? [00:18:06][7.1]
[00:18:08] I've never I've tried to take too much just from my own personal benefit to speak to a question like this. And I really don't ever see a side effect. Like I said, there's been studies that have come out from medical journals that say you can't overdose on it. You just kind of your body just gets rid of whatever's leftover, which is great. [00:18:26][18.4]
[00:18:29] Sunday School. All right, last one. [00:18:32][3.6]
[00:18:34] This is the final question does CBT help in the recovery of alcohol or drugs? And why? [00:18:40][5.6]
[00:18:42] Good question. So many give you two answers. So one is the first question is, is kind of the standard question, which we. Is, is the corporate talk track is we have no evidence medically that shows that there is there aren't any studies we found that show can help in recovery or anything like that. What I will say from a personal standpoint is on occasion, if there's a night where we go out with friends and we may have had a little bit too much to drink. If I take some CBD the next morning, it generally helps a hangover go away. [00:19:16][33.3]
[00:19:18] Awesome. Well, there you go, guys, the top 20 questions I think we answered. Most of the things that people ask for. Is there anything that I didn't ask you that you say people ask me this all the time? [00:19:31][13.1]
[00:19:32] You know, I would just say give it a shot. [00:19:34][2.1]
[00:19:35] You know, a lot of people are scared of it. A lot of people are scared that they think it's weed or pot. It's not. It can't hurt you. All I can do is help you. So don't be afraid to give it a shot. We have a lot of educational resources on direct CBT and I just encourage people to go there and check it out if they get a chance. And there's a there's a 20 percent off coupon code for anybody who wants to try for Furt for their first purchase on the site. [00:20:01][25.6]
[00:20:02] All right. Well, you're awesome. And you have a question that you want answered. To questions at Shantelle Ray Wacom. We'll see you next time. By. [00:20:02][0.0]

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